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  1. Try this link from web archive https://web.archive.org/web/20160819145300/http://starquest.i-x.net/viewforum.php?f=12&sid=087222b851334bf9ab9c27e27125aaa7
  2. Contact Steele rubber products, they can make or send you samples of seals. They claim they can provide any seal needed. When I get around to the box of extra seals/trim in my garage rafters I was going to send them a side profile of door seal.
  3. I still have the box and paperwork those suspension tech springs came from 20+ years ago. The springs are linear and not progressive like robach, so the rate is consistent. I believe they were like 20% more rate
  4. Sounds like a nice ride. Maybe even unicorn status with that milage . Pics would be awsome
  5. Very interested in build
  6. Top end performance still rebuilds rear struts if you wanna pay their price. You could do some searching, measure and have a shop cut housing and install new strut. There are pics in the suspension mods sectiom
  7. Exhaust is under passenger side, maybe just touching under floor.
  8. Are you sure the JG dynamics cam is for a 2.6? I thought they were mostly honda before Edelbroc cancelled them out
  9. Were these able to be made or found at a reasonable price?
  10. Was anything done to car before it started not shutting off? It does sound like a bad switch or alt wired wrong but if that was tried,Sounds like something is getting back fed or eci relay is staying powered. I guess you could add a switch to coil power to shut it off temporarily, the eci relay should drop when the spark is cut. If it doesn't shut off the problem could be in the relay or wiring to it.
  11. Money grabs getting planted all over nowadays.
  12. I do have a dash out sitting in rafter of my garage, I could take a pic feom back and text or email it to you
  13. Thanks, I know if stuff was prime, I had a link for him saved but doesn't work now.
  14. Is Chad still doing these?
  15. For sale forum , people parting out rotted cars. At one point I used a universal throttle kit for a card and a homemade bracket. Had it ran to brake duct area with a T pull.
  16. Welcome to the board. Congrats on the clean car. That's great it's running so well right off the bat, must have been cared for and loved. There is a lot of good info in the sections for maintenance and troubleshooting. My name is also Brian, nice to meet you.
  17. Wow , those are cool. I remember someone making them a long time ago but never seen these Japan ones.
  18. Been waiting to see the episode, saw the pic on Instagram and thought it was a joke.
  19. Hopefully water/coolant wasn't sitting in cyclinders. That would most likely require a tear down and hone or bore. Getting a copy of the service manual and doing some labor yourself can help educate what to expect when getting a shop to work on the engine. Finding a old import specialist garage that have a few old guys working there would be a good bet that they know the car.😁
  20. The procedure for the tps reset is in the how to section under fuel/ecu. If you read through and get everything prepped before you start can really help, just inspect the wires well and be careful with the old connectors and idle control. I would also check all piping connections, especially behind the mass air sensor
  21. I think 83 has a map sensor like the 86 did , it's a box above the brake booster with a vac line to it. I know those can cause similar issue when going bad or broken line. Try unplugging the mas air and see if any difference. Vac advance should be checked as well. Sending out injectors for cleaning is cheap and will tell you the condition.
  22. 2nd the MKS shaft, I swapped from another old one that started to give play now going to MKS joint and not gonna look back
  23. Welcome back, I have cruised the NW site from time to time.
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