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  1. I think you can still buy them from ground control. I think Techno Toy Tuning had coil overs with eibach springs like ground control. Cosmo still has coilovers as well.
  2. Nice!, sounds like a sick set up with awsome power
  3. Welcome, great to have another on the road getting fixed up. There are many resources for repairs and mods here.
  4. Have you checked strut mount or strut nut in center of mount? Had a friend with a similar issue years ago and it was the strut nut on the camber plate was loose and was creating the same issue but no noise when in air.
  5. Car looked great, Lucky buyer. How much did it end up going for may I ask?
  6. Happy new year , glad we starquesters are still around and the site is still up. Hope all of you are doing well.
  7. I believe to use the S14 spindle you need to swap the whole strut assembly . The hub mounting points are different than the starion.
  8. I saw the Hotrod article about it with the LS head , seems pretty cool with the iron block and all the potential with the different LS head options. With turbos and different stroke options this could be a great swap for cars and trucks
  9. My current 89 has had about 400 in the past 5 years and about maybe 20,000 total since 2001 when I bought it in disassembled with about 80k on it.
  10. There has a been a big crack down on aftermarket parts like EGR plates, especially on ebay. STM or MAP performance still has them.
  11. The steering coupler would be a problem , they have been broken in the past with people de powering the pump seeing that that coupler is rubber and somewhat rotted by now. The MKS universal coupler would help. I believe you can still get the manual truck boxes from the gear box rebuilds and shorten steering shaft, Just by all means keep your old box if you swap, starquests steering gears are only for our chassis. Many have been lost with core trade ins .
  12. There is a lot of right ups of maintenance and manuals available here. You could look for a mom and pop import repair shop. Older import mechanics will most likely be experienced in these engines. Maybe some Florida members can chime in.
  13. These are awsome, I started a similar project years ago with rear control arms but it never got finished. I am also curious about the 8.8 rear
  14. You can use a small mirror to see back side of engine. The circular plug is just about in middle of back of head. Wipe it down and run it to see of it leaks. If the valve cover has not been modified for arp studs it will not sit flat when bolts are loosened. There is a plate under the vent at back left of valve cover. With valve cover flipped over the parts of that plate will have to be removed so top of arp stud can fit into that space.
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