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  1. Had this same issue, my car sits most of the time and had to change it twice over the past 10+ years while in and off the car on a shelf. I was lucky enough to have s friend that had a performance parts place and gave e his dealer book and suggestions. Definitely cheaper and easy to swap diaphram
  2. I have blown air through line with filter disconnected with good results, just use something to catch the gas that may come out. I had done this in my early days with no catch and had the line at rear before pump whip and spray gas at a halogen light.
  3. Damn shame, but understand the fam relations. Still was good stuff on it
  4. 3 wire bosch part # 39010B0 or 13913, ther seems to be a bunch of revised part numbers for single wire and still stocked at most auto parts stores
  5. The AEM wideband won't last long in that spot, it should be about 30" downstream. I have mine in the B pipe next to trans. I believe I have genetic bosch part numbers for single and 3 wire sensors in my quest notebook in garage. Part guys usually have trouble with generic parts unless they let you raid the warehouse
  6. With the stumble try the TPS/ Idle reset and test the TPS. If there is a bad spot it can cause a similar issue and can be done with a cheap analog multimeter from harbor freight. The instructions are in the How tos. The seat belts can also be the switches in the doors, when the boot wears off it can corrode on inside. Your really do have to disassemble a decent amount of interior to get to switches, they should be cleaned and track mildly regreased.
  7. There is still pads and rotors available for rear, but rear calipers are hard to come by. Rebiuld parts are still around for rear calipers, but the special pistons seem to be only available in Australia right now. There is a write up somewhere on internet that bores out piston cup for a mr2 caliper style one.
  8. Save it if you can. Looks clean but price could come down a bit considering parts chasing. Watch that EVO as a daily, mine is a 06 low miles and just started chasing rust, there is no rust protection. Mine was is an 06 and was purchased late that year, was only dailyed close to home by my wife for first 2 years.
  9. I was curious as well but didn't think the cost justified the use, especially with the hub bolting
  10. I still have a HKS and Schneider 274 cam card if that helps. TEP specs as well. I may have saved some of the cam threads as well, will need to check.
  11. If it's not cracked it may be the gasket leaking a dripping on bulb mounting area. MKS motorsports has new taillight gaskets. If your worried about leaking you can use some painters plastic on the rear under your car cover. I do this to the hood vent of my evo when stored.
  12. Awsome we back up and 6 years younger . I was definitely missing this place.
  13. Interested in poly mounts, trilogy injectors, and fuel rail/tbody. I have paypal and be in the 06040
  14. Yes,duration: 274 intake ,274 exhaust Lift: .434 intake , .434 exhaust Lobe separation: 114
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