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    Ok, I know all about offset and backspacing…. That still doesn’t change the fact that there are barely any “non-custom” wheels available for these cars.

    By Mike7447,
    Maybe it’s because I’m not looking in the right places, and I know I can custom order a set of wheels to fit the weird/quirky offset/backspacing limitations that the car forces on me, but who has had any luck finding an under 1000.00 set of 17” wheels for this car? the fronts at 16x7 have 5” of backspacing, and the 8” rears have 4.25” of backspacing. There are plenty of 17x8 wheels out there that have 4.5” of BS, and if I had to, I could make up for that with a 1/4” spacer, but the fro


    By mitchell89,
    Looking for a light weight flywheel or a shock one for my 89 quest thanks  

    How can we bring life back into starquestclub?

    By Mech,
    Facebook is responsible for this, and I'ts a horrible platform. all the knowledgeable old timers aren't on social media, so all the younger guys asking questions ask on facebook don't get quality answers. Theres no more group buys anymore...i really miss the old days on SQC. 

    AC weak fan speed on highest setting

    By Mech,
    When running the A/C, The highest fan setting seems a little weak. When i put the fan on the feet setting, it blows much harder, when I put it back to face/body setting it blows hard for a few seconds, then goes back down to half speed again. It does this consistently when switching back and forth from face to feet. What is causing this?

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