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  1. I can. I'm sold out right now. I have to order more rubber and cut them. I also need to find a packing slip to know what thickness material I ordered previously. I'll see what can fi this week and post back with an update.
  2. Right before the board went down someone was messaging me privately about making these. They had sent me some drawings and I was going to work on it in CAD and order some Viton as I have in the past for the drain plug gaskets ... but then the board went down and I forgot who was contacting me. If someone has an old torn gasket then can send me I can see about drawing it up and getting them made. I have to crawl up in my attic too ... I have a spare gas tank up there, I might have one on there. Anything I make though won't have the tabs on it Kev was talking about. It would just be a flat gasket.
  3. This is the way the cars should have worked from the factory. I have Euro taillights in my car, so I already did this essentially for those, but I do like this setup much more. Well done.
  4. Just curious varzaman ... where'd you have your tank redone? I used a local place here in PA when I had mine down and was very happy, just curious if there are "other" places that also do a good job.
  5. I'd be interested in that "turbo" hatch if it's still around.
  6. Where are at in FL?
  7. I'm glad it's back, but I have to be honest with you guys ... I'm a little ticked that my 39 page restoration thread is now 8 and all the tutorials and How To threads I created that took me hours to photograph and build are gone. And I'm sure mine aren't the only ones. I find it hard to swallow that 6 years are just gone. This community has suffered enough loss between member deaths, the SOS manuals, Dad's shop, and now years worth of data gone. Just feels like another nail in the coffin of what is this platform. So like I said, glad it's back but I'm not "happy".
  8. Really, I was just looking to see what all people have done to refurbish these. There's a not a ton of info on rebuilding these units when you do a search. I appreciate the other filter option ideas ucw458. I'll have no problem getting the old foam out, it was pretty much just falling out and crumbling when I took it apart ... thus the reason I posted up. Thanks for the help guys.
  9. Well, that's what I was afraid of. I was gonna buy new stuff anyway, I guess we'll have to bump that up on the priority list. Thanks for the help.
  10. Last weekend I started installing my new hydraulic brake lines and I noticed that mine line doesn't reach the mounts on the shock. It barely reaches the front mount, and it should go to one of the back side. When I took all the old stuff off I noticed the previous owner had just zip tied the 4 inch solid brake line to the shock tower. I figured he just did a hack-job install. Now, I see there's a problem. Tsi Tom pointed out to me that there's a notch in the base of the shock so they can't be installed 180 out. Do I have 2 drivers side shocks? Car is an SHP if that bears any influence. Thoughts about what's going on here? http://imageshack.com/a/img633/6425/fyAm5d.jpg
  11. I'm in the midst of a restoration and I took apart my cruise control today. The little foam filters inside are completely disintegrated. I did some searching on here and I found an old thread where Starfigtherpilot (I think) posted up and said you could use aquarium foam filters ... My question is, since I've never had fish before and I'm not familiar with these filters ... how did you guys cut them out? Scissors, Xacto, some other way I'm missing? http://imageshack.com/a/img903/8876/0ulpbz.jpg
  12. I got a Best Buy right down the street, I might have to check that out b/c I still need the doors as well. Thanks for the tip.
  13. One of the easiest motors to pull in my opinion. Make sure all you accessories are disconnected as well as the wiring harness. Unbolt the tranny. Hook up your picker and lift straight up to get it off the driver/passenger motor mounts and then pull it forward and up and she should come right out. Just go slow as you would with any engine just in case something is still connected.
  14. After having an Eclipse for so long (which everybody and their mother had), I was really drawn to the rarity of the car, and the challenges that come with building something like that. I've always been drawn to stuff like that - like the Omni GLH-S, Galant VR-4, Mustang SVO ... the list goes on.
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