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  1. My cheap China 175 heads will be disassembled and inspected / corrected. The castings look really nice, but you pick up on weird things like valves are at different heights. They will get some blending where they machined the seat like all as cast heads are and maybe back cut the intake valves. I think im sticking with the stock GT cam so the springs and retainers should survive the mild cam. 2.02 valves will need to be checked for piston clearance. Once I have a head on I will check leak down again and see if these rings are sealing. The more I look at this engine the more miles I think are on it. To help these larger heads breathe I did buy a Explorer GT40 intake manifold locally. I didn't realize just how much taller this intake was but its tall. It also doesn't put the TB at the most ideal place, the stock intake looked natural in the engine compartment and the TB cable fit perfectly. The GT40 fuel rail puts the fittings pointing towards the factory fuel lines. I will weld some -6 fittings where the quick connects were and use my push lock hose. working on trans mount, header fitment, heater core hoses, wiring, clutch hydraulics. I will be rebuilding calipers also and powdercoating while working on the front clip. I would expect things to go slow for now but I will update things like my parts list as I make progress.
  2. Speedmaster had the black Friday sale, not as cheap as it was last year but not bad. $650 for china aluminum heads assembled shipped to my door, That will take 50lbs off the front and will add some power. I probably should have ordered the stroker kit for $500 and hade a 347 but I have been spending money like crazy on other projects. The oil pan needed a dimple for the rack & pinion line. I used a bearing cap for a trailer, also went side dip stick to clean things up. It did not turn out as good as I wanted but I was in a rush and it was late. Slapped the tank and rear in the car. Feels good to get all the parts back on the car instead of scattered all over the barn. Probably will rebuild calipers and powdercoat brackets next.
  3. I'm not a fan of installing grossly oversized fuel pumps even more so if you are going to choke them with small fuel lines and starve them of power with undersized wire and relay. I went with a 255 LPH fuel pump that I know can live a long time pushing fuel through this size fuel lines and I don't need to re-wire the car. My 255 in my mustang is pushing 26 years with no issues. The MKS bracket didn't make sense to me at my power level so I built my own. Also used a mustang filter where the pump used to be. I was pretty happy with everything It only took 2 hrs and fits nice and doesn't leak.
  4. Wow I think their price list is from 1990, stop putting more thoughts in my head.
  5. It was just a few nights ago I was looking to see what people were doing for short half shafts for the 8.8. I have a few aluminum 8.8s around and it would be the logical upgrade.
  6. BlueCuda - I have been out of the detail scene for decades so I have no useful information. I used to get the stuff from the car wash so industrial strength, and you could spray it on a clean car and see the black streaks roll down the car. Stuff was simply amazing.
  7. Progress has been good. Need to finish my intank fuel pump and get the tank installed before the rear gets installed. Some pics of my nice rear and the rack set up.
  8. Watching him detail I got to say I was not impressed with the cleaning and degreasing foams but that compound Is amazing. I tried to buff out my red car and no matter what I used I seemed to have a haze to. I was using my stupid expensive 3M 3 step system with multiple pads and never got close to the shine he got, and my paint was in significantly better condition. White foam should not stay white after being sprayed on a car like that.
  9. Got the hella h4s on order. The Holley is a bit rich for me.
  10. I have some plastic probably ebay lights on the car now. I think eventually I will build lights like Corvette but for now do I go sealed beam and role like its 1987 or is there a nice housing with led lights that works decent without blinding everyone. Let me know what you got good and bad.
  11. Doing all the simple stuff for instant gratification. Front struts installed my new tokico blue inserts, machined .190 off the spacer to get the gland nut a .050 gap between the housing. Wiring harness back in position and fastened.
  12. It was worth the wait for the paint at about 1/4 the cost of PPG. since this is just an engine compartment I did lay everything on thin with most parts getting one coat of clear. All the nooks and crannies used up more product than I was expecting.
  13. Man if they would have just closed the window. I can see your vision, It looks like a good deep clean and she will shine.
  14. Just the way they look
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