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  1. https://www.copart.com/lot/68798663/clean-title-1988-chrysler-conquest-tsi-fl-tampa-south
  2. https://starquestparts.net/undercarriage Steve has some.
  3. There are quite a few knowledgeable people on this board who will help you spend your money get your car looking and running great. 😄 Seriously, just looking through some of the restoration projects is getting me in trouble because I'm wanting to do the same! I watched that auction as well. I watch all the Conquest auctions out of curiosity. If you didn't realize it, you'll be asked A LOT "what is that?" I have a silver one that has been called a Delorean far more times than someone actually knew what it is.
  4. Following. I hope to do some of the same.
  5. Has anyone tried to reflock the inside of the center console? Our area was big in textiles years ago so that's the term I know, but it's the fuzzy finish that lines the storage area when you lift the armrest up. I think there is a spray but I've never done it to anything so I wasn't sure if it's easy and practical to do.
  6. I really liked the (late 80s?) Galant VR4. 4WD and 4 wheel steering. And it looked good. Also the early Eclipse and of course Starion and 3000, though I liked the Mopar editions of the latter cars best. Seems like they lost their direction with redesigns of each of those and were never the same again.
  7. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1987-chrysler-conquest-tsi-18/ This popped up yesterday. Looks incredibly clean.
  8. I'm here because I don't have a Facebook account. 😁 And for all the knowledge this boards members have.
  9. Just watched the coffee video. What did you do to your gauges? It looks like a digital display? And are those seats covered or restored? I looked at wet okole, etc... but nothing seems available for pre 1990 cars.
  10. Just to wrap up this thread and my original question. I went and got the same wiper blade as I used on the front and used the pins I bought online. They work, but they stick out of the holes on either side of the blade. It's fine though.
  11. Is it possible the pin got stuck in the blade and came off with it? It's a new-to-me car so the first time I have looked at the rear wiper.
  12. That Starion looks better than new. Any tips for engine and engine bay cleaning? I know some of that is new equipment, but it looks like you pulled each piece off and cleaned them individually! 🙂
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