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    OH NO!!!

    The data center where the site was housed on a Virtual Machine was shut down. The person who was in charge of the VM never saw the emails about migrating because it was flagged as spam and went to his junk folder. Long story short, they turned off the lights and locked the door without SQC being migrated to a new server.

    Unfortunately the most viable backup to use is from Nov. 2015 so we lost numerous posts and registered members. If you joined after that date you will need to register again.

    The new site requires you to use the email address in your profile to log into SQC and whatever password you had back in 2015. If you don’t remember your password there is a “Forgot your password?” option at the bottom of the Sign In block. If you don’t remember the email you used in your profile contact one of the Moderators for assistance or email loginhelp@starquestclub.com 

    eBay: OEM NOS inner shifter boot

    By TexasQuest,
    Ram 50 starion Raider montero mighty max d50 plymouth arrow shifter bushing NOS | eBay

    Not Exactly a Newb, But Here I Am Anyway

    By THX181,
    Hello all, Bought my '88 Quest like 4/5 years ago from a kid on here, drove it from the Carolinas to the Denver area. Posted a few times. Decided check back in, stop lurking, introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. 1. Hatch adjustment? As in is there a way to lock in the proper adjustment? I've adjusted it at least three times. It keeps slipping rearward. Maybe adding some really aggressive star washers?? 2. I swapped in the crank driven cooling fan (and thermo clutch) from a no

    Knocking noise at 3k rpms

    By Moose,
    Alright guys, hopefully I'm in the right forum for this. Would just like a little advice with this g54b. So I've put about 1200 miles on it since I got it running after sitting since 2003. Seemed to run ok, little hiccups here and there. I parked it for several months now because my pinon seal on the steering box went bad so it leaked all the ps fluid out so got tired of putting ps fluid in it all the time. Got that fixed, got it started, had a lifter tapping, nothing too crazy, checked the valv

    Swapped a new sensor into my secondary fan rad sensor and fusible links started smoking

    By The_Ginger_Stig,
    I've been having a ton of cooling problems in the Arizona heat, gauge gets close to 3/4 and I have to panic park and wait . So I figured replacing the secondary fan sensor that was broken (it spun inside the housing) would maybe help alleviate some heat. I ordered a 180 degree thermo-sensor because the goal was to get both of the fans to come on to try and cool it down a little. While I was checking the secondary fan by simply grounding out the connector I noticed something weird. The AC fan tur

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