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  1. ISO: A/C vacuum hose that goes from compressor low pressure / vacuum side toward evaporator
  2. would like the a/c compressor and the hoses, shipped to 32239, if still avail
  3. hey niko, hope u r not cutting this off @ 25 sets, I will get the payment to u by the deadline
  4. Does anyone have one avail or know someone willing to sale Thanks in advance
  5. Uuhhmm.... how expensive was it
  6. Do u still have the twister style leds
  7. Do u still have the twister style leds
  8. Very nice , but when r u going to put a reflector around that outside lamp, just asking , anyway u will be hearing from me soon
  9. Trump f / pres ' , ohhhh hellll no , do u not remember his reality show , the working class American would suffer greatly w / him , that fool is an arrogant , elitist , snob , please just say no , say hell!! no!!
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