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  1. Anyone have a TEP rear strut tower brace avail for sale
  2. In need of an '83 OEM front hood cowl
  3. ISO: Brake booster check valve & vacuum hoses and the anti-lock brake modulator check valve and hoses
  4. Can you send me the person's contact info, I can pick it up when it's been pulled
  5. I am close enough to drive there, how much does he want for it
  6. BUMP.... Still looking for good g54b turbo motor, long block or short block
  7. Looking for cruise control actuator w/ a good cable
  8. Hey Mark, messaged you and text you about cost
  9. how much do u want for it
  10. I am in search of the front cowl for the '83 Hood, don't need the side vents, if not avail
  11. I am looking for a good g54b turbo long or short block that needs work or an engine that's built and ready to run.
  12. Looks like 1 person bought the four 2.6L's, does anyone here know that person
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