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  1. Hey guys I was able to locate the switch assembly through Steve @ Starion Parts. Thanks
  2. Anyone have a switch assembly for sale? Thanks
  3. It is actually the same as factory height because you are also using original springs.
  4. Here's how it sits after the new struts with 19"s.
  5. Yes, I wound up using the original housing with a MR2 front insert. It requires a piece of tubing to make up for the shorter insert. I just cut a piece of pipe and dropped it in, then the insert in and welded the gland nut to the housing. My threads were bad after getting the thing open.
  6. No luck replaced several so far. I’m going to have it done at a shop.
  7. Ok thanks I’m going to try them RC Engineering.
  8. Hey guys are you cleaning stock injectors or replacing with aftermarket. Mine are leaking, rough idle and bucking at high rpm. Can you recommend someone? Thanks Greg
  9. I received the kit, I should be installing this week and will update with results.
  10. I have switched my AC over to 134A and need to replace the O-rings with the green style 134 a compatible O-rings does anyone know the typical ones that need to be replaced? I know they make a kit is that what everyone is using? https://www.amazon.com/Santech-MT2610-System-Ring-Gasket/dp/B000FJKYU2
  11. Im about finished with them, this is exactly what I did. I got a piece of the old strut insert tube bottom and dropped it in the bottom after measuring of the original housing then inserted the MR 2 front strut and welded the gland nut to the housing. You have to add tubing to the Mookeh housing it’s too short, strut doesn’t make up the difference if you want to use stock height springs. Good luck finding a longer strut insert that has the correct body length. All the specs are barely publishes for strut inserts.
  12. Exactly, I’m experiencing chips from rocks. I think a wrap preserves what’s underneath also and can be replaced when tired of the color.
  13. I’m not trying to be nosy but about what does a wrap cost like this? Or is it paint? Thanks
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