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  1. Save the image to your desktop and drag to post. Jimmy
  2. Your old account is still here. I can combine the two if you want me to. Welcome back. Jimmy
  3. It is owned by Bob Price aka Ryddler and always has been. Jimmy
  4. With this version of the site you can drag and drop pictures without hosting them anywhere. I drag them from my desktop. Jimmy
  5. I sent Ryddler a message and asked him to update the home screen. Jimmy
  6. I'd run it by Ryddler before changing it. Hit Bob up and I'm sure he will be willling to do it. Jimmy
  7. Randy, You can just drag your pictures over. Jimmy
  8. Freebird it is great to hear what you've done to his car. Jimmy
  9. Caliber308 aka Bill Courtney has passed away and his wife, Gwen, is selling his car. Asking price is $10,000 which in my opinion is a great price. You can contact her at 406-696-9218 if you have any questions. Car is located in Arizona. Jimmy
  10. Cal308 passed away in October 2022 in his sleep. He was very knowledgeable about Starquests and will be missed. May he Rest in Peace. His wife, Gwen, wants to sell his car. I posted it up in the Cars For Sale Forum. Jimmy
  11. You will always get the O2 code until the engine warms up. Jimmy
  12. Mark was one of the OGs and contributed much to our community over the years. He was the best at polishing rims and selflessly shared this knowledge willing and without hesitation. May he Rest In Peace. My prayers are with his family. Jimmy
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