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  1. Caliber308 aka Bill Courtney has passed away and his wife, Gwen, is selling his car. Asking price is $10,000 which in my opinion is a great price. You can contact her at 406-696-9218 if you have any questions. Car is located in Arizona. Jimmy
  2. Cal308 passed away in October 2022 in his sleep. He was very knowledgeable about Starquests and will be missed. May he Rest in Peace. His wife, Gwen, wants to sell his car. I posted it up in the Cars For Sale Forum. Jimmy
  3. You will always get the O2 code until the engine warms up. Jimmy
  4. I would guess they are non-turbo engines. Jimmy
  5. Mark was one of the OGs and contributed much to our community over the years. He was the best at polishing rims and selflessly shared this knowledge willing and without hesitation. May he Rest In Peace. My prayers are with his family. Jimmy
  6. I'll hit Ryddler up and see if this can be done. Jimmy
  7. I updated your account so you can post on all forums. Jimmy
  8. Over time the TPS will develop a "flat spot" and no amount of adjusting will help. It sounds like yours has done this. It is hard to find a new OEM TPS but MKS motorsport offers an alternative that will work. https://mksmotorsport.com/?s=tps&post_type=product&dgwt_wcas=1 Jimmy
  9. Are you bringing this beast to Pigeon Forge this year? I'd love to see it in person. Jimmy
  10. Do you have a fuel pressure gauge you can use to check the fuel pressure with? Idle should be around 38 psi iirc and increase one pound per pound of boost. When you pinched the line the pressure should surge and increase significantly. On the CTS, does it have the original connector or has it been replace with two individual ones? The original is fool proof and can only be connected one way. If it has been replaced with two separate connectors, hooking them up on the opposite prongs will cause it to not work properly. Jimmy
  11. I noticed you said the TPS is 4.74 volts and won't go to 5 volts. It should be .5 (point 5) not 5.0 volts. Have you checked the resistance of the CTS ( coolant temperature sensor)? The resistance check procedures can be found in the FSM on page 14-64 which is the fuel system section. Here is a link to an online manual for the fuel system: http://www.starquestgarage.com/manuals/service/conquest/1988/88_conquest_service_manual_-_group_14_-_fuel_system.pdf Jimmy
  12. I had battery drain with an 89. Removed the ETACS, cleaned the metal on the floor when it sat, cleaned the contact points where the connector plugged in, and the battery drain stopped. Jimmy
  13. Same story as in the past. Some want to keep it at Vacation Lodge on or about the 4th of July and some want to move the date and location. I know there are some OGs who can't get off work before that weekend due to the work load on their job so that should be a consideration to not make it any earlier. Some want to spend the fourth with family and friends and not come on that weekend. I forget the second location suggested last year but maybe we give it a try. We have tried other locations but always seem to come back to VL. There is a lot to say about the convenience of being close to a lot of activity that is available near Vacation Lodge. Personally I can make any weekend with no work restrictions and don't care about the location as much as I care about seeing the people. Y'all decide, I'll be there. Jimmy
  14. 1988 Service Manual online at: http://www.starquestgarage.com/manuals/service/conquest/1988/88_conquest_service_nav.html Jimmy
  15. From Jess N. This is a list of all the bulbs on our cars. I did this to help fellow starquesters who want to upgrade to full LEDs Like I have. It does have benefits, less strain on the electric system and I have almost eliminated the blinker voltage drop with this as well. Plus LEDs are brighter and more bad tail. I Wish one was made up before I was doing this, it makes it much easier when buying so you don't buy incorrect bulbs. Hopefully helps anyone who wants to use it. *******ALSO I USE ONLY "3030" SIZED LEDS They are brighter and use less amps then a lot of the others out there currently******
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