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  1. I believe "Dad" on this site may carry them. Anthony Vernon on Facebook 3D prints one also. Jimmy
  2. The inline filter near the fuel pump is no longer available. If you still have the old one it may be possible to clean it and re-install it. Some people just eliminate it or replace it with an external inline filter. The in-tank filter can be purchased from www.mksmotorsport.com aka Mikie Sorrell. Mikie goes by 19cTurbo on this site but is more readily found on Facebook. Member "Dad" here may still stock them or can be found on FB as Randy Gains. Jimmy
  3. Only picture I have of the rear switch location. Jimmy
  4. These are the best pics I have of the front limit switch. Jimmy
  5. DeezNuts aka Daryl is still around. I saw him at the PF meet this year. Jonboy aka Jonathan Burgess on Facebook is around but doesn't post often. Pure_Insanity aka Grant Barnes lives in Lawrenceville and touches base every now and then. Jimmy
  6. GoldStar check now. I adjusted your information. Let me know if you can't post in all forums. Jimmy
  7. You can blow the motor up or turn into a toad
  8. Ryddler is working on a static snapshot from June 2021. Once that is complete we should be able to find the topic on Cams and copy it manually back to the forums. Jimmy
  9. It takes 10 posts to be moved up from Rookie. You should be able to post in all forums after that. Jimmy
  10. Ok guys, here it is, the be-all...end-all vacuum line removal thread, enjoy The list of ports (22 in all) 1. Vacuum Retard Diaphram (directly on top of the distributor) 2. Top Port on the TB, right where the OVCP meets the TB 3. Secondary Air Cleaner Assembly (black box on the drivers side of the VC) 4. Thermo Valve (2 ports) 5. EGR (3 ports) 6. SACA Solenoids (5 ports) 7. Main Vacuum source (3 ports) 8. Bottom port, this feeds the vac storage, cruise, and runs to the vac pump in front 9. Vacuum Storage (not pictured), mounted to the side of the shock tower 10. Cruise Control (not pictured), mounted to the front of the shock tower 11. Vacuum pump (not pictured), mounted right beside the drivers headlight 12. Purge Control Valve (2 ports), directly under the aircan Now, depending on what you're wanting to do with your car, your position on the environment, and whether or not you need a smog test to get a state inspection, it's possible to remove some of the vacuum lines and clean up the engine bay a LOT. For a pure race car you'd probably just need 1 stock line (slightly relocated), that'd be a line running from the top of the TB (labeled #2), to the Vacuum Retard Diaphram (labeled #1), this is the only line that is an absolute necessity. However, if you want, for example, your inside head & foot vents to work properly, you'll need to keep the line running from the bottom of the TB (labeled #8 ) going to the Vacuum Storage canister (labeled #9) (+ the single, small vacuum line running from it's nearest "T" into the firewall [not pictured or labeled]). Since this comes up frequently I'll address it here, the vac port you use for a BOV is labeled Main Vacuum Source (#7), you'll use the one closest to the firewall if you're looking at it from the drivers side fender. If you need a smog test to pass a state inspection you'll probably need to keep everything, each vacuum assisted item has its place. If you've removed the catalytic converters you won't be needing the Secondary Air Cleaner Assembly (labeled #3), it supplies fresh air to the catalysts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Contact Mikie Sorrell at mksmotorsport.com he may be able to hook you up. Jimmy
  12. It wouldn't be the first time I banned me
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