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  1. That's a pretty expensive hooker----> wife
  2. It is good family time :-) I'm useful to have around.. Know my way around a car.. I can weld and solder. Certified pastry chef so after all the car work we can unwind with pastries :-P...Coming along quite nicely, we will be posting pics of the progress.. I know he has put some up recently under jest3r. We have gotten some helpful suggestions from this forum already. We install the new altinator tomorrow and crank her up !
  3. Hello from western MA... Or as we like to call it.. Taxachuesstts.. The jest3r originally had created this account, but he was able to get into his original account from years ago... So I hijacked this one and I finally had some time from working on the car.. And work.. To actually introduce myself on here... I'm the wife.. Car companion.. Right along him with this dream.. This is going to be a fun project. We are currently working on a 1989 Mitsubishi Starion Baltic blue.. It was defiantly a "chasing a dream" adventure we had when we took the trip to obtain this vehic. He originally had an 1986 Starion.. Due to events we had to part with it... Fast forward years later.. He finds his dream car 89 Starion Baltic blue owned by mr. Scott. 9 hours later and a never ending source of caffeine, we bopped on down to drive this beauty of a car back up to our area. We have already begun replacing many parts that were either faulty or just were the original parts.. Far beyond rusted.. We are keeping it stock as much as we can.. We addressed many issues with the smoke coming out of the tail pipe.. Once we install our new altinator and get the car cranked up .. We hope a lot of the issues we were having before have improved.. Bunch of parts just got installed a few days ago.. The jest3r will be sharing the engine pictures.. You guys have already been wicked helpful with advice on repairs. I enjoy the vibe.. Great Community thank you for letting me be apart of it.
  4. She was just about 16k when i got her off of Mark.. i tried like hell to get that damn car back on the road for about 4 or 5 years. I had a moment of weakness a few years back, and sold her at 90% complete because i lost my garage. The guy did a great job bringing her all the way back, I was almost proud to see her the way i had envisioned when i first laid eyes on her. Nice to see you posting again Mark! (sorry for hijacking the thread)
  5. Western MA checking in! We seem to have a growing number of people in the area
  6. 1of159


    Just started here myself! Loving the fact there are some active people from my neck of the woods... anyone else from New England? Shout out !!
  7. Howdy all! I litterally JUST got back into the starquest game (I will be picking her up in about a week). so i figured i would start prepping early / start getting to know people. I started trolling this forum somewhere in 2005 and made the plunge a few years later when i saw an almost new 86 ESIR starion for sale that had been taken by the owners son and crashed (rear 1/4 damage only), then kept in storage for more then 15 years.. I ended up buying the "barnquest" and even gave her life! But i was working more then anything and i had too much on my plate.. i had lost my way to store the car and i had just put too much money into a car that never quite ran correctly. My knowledge of these cars, and this site are about 5 years old, so might be a little slow at first... but i am a quick learner! i should be posting more info/pics as i get them.
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