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  1. Nice work, I have had an issue with mine idling low on occasion and haven't looked into it much yet. It seems to be isolated to driving at night. The ISC will catch it and pull the idle back up but the abacus of a computer in these things is a little slow to do so lol. Before I dig into it much I need to do the normal TPS and ISC reset though.
  2. That's great, does anyone want to by mine for $25K now? Only 194K miles on the odometer lol. Never wrecked, probably raced, but only on Sundays!
  3. I didn't look at your location. Arizona is the best place for heavier oil but still doesn't mean that it is needed.
  4. If you saw the bicycle chain that runs the oil pump on these things you would not want to run 20W50. 20W50 is harder to pump especially when it is colder. I can't see a need unless your engine is just slap wore out and has no oil pressure.
  5. So I ran some errands today and tried to unbuckle it every single stop I made.....smh.
  6. I got out and fixed my drivers side auto belt. I had a known good motor from my parts car and cleaned it up and swapped it in. It works great! My previous 87 I had in the late 90s didn't have a working drivers belt either so it was nice to fix this one.
  7. Not sure if you ever got around to this or not but I just had a diff apart. You have to remove the ring gear and carrier to pull these out. As long as the replacement is the same thickness as the old one its just an R&R deal that is not too difficult that will not require resetting anything. Its not a bad job to do with the whole torque tube and diff assembly removed and on a workbench.
  8. Does anyone have any experience with some of the cheaper double din CarPlay radios on Amazon? I am not a big car audio guy but my Conquest has been on the road a year now and still doesn't have a radio so I need to remedy that. I'm not looking for amazing quality or anything, just something I can listen to podcasts and music on. This thing was mid radio hack or something when I bought it. I sourced a length of wire and the stock connectors but I have lots of work to do just to be able to put any radio in it.
  9. I got my spare torque tube and rear gear setup al cleaned up and inspected. Its a lower mileage unit from my parts car, torque tube splines and everything looked really good I cleaned it up and put it all back together ready to swap. Once I have this installed the entire drivetrain from my parts car will have made it into my primary car. It had 116K miles vs 194K on the primary car. I got the Conquest, The Barracuda, and my Jeep out this weekend. I had someone inquire about buying my Conquest at a cars and coffee I stopped at on new years day. I am awaiting to see if that turns into a real offer or not. I have a number I would sell it for that isn't out of line for the market but can't decide if I would really let it go. I need the space more than the money. As far as your convertible project, could you imagine the extra nightmares with a drop top Starquest....yikes! lol
  10. https://www.motocam360.com/products/starquest/product/120-sq-crank-trigger-wheel That setup will not need anything to be rebalanced. Looks like you will need to fabricate a sensor mount though. If someone is telling you it needs rebalanced after adding a trigger wheel I would be concerned. Especially on one of these engines lol
  11. This engine will be much easier to run from an engine management point. This 3.6 could be run from a carb, throttle body, or port injection. I see your point though. The 3.6L Chrysler Pentastar crossed my mind for a swap before. My Wife's 2015 Grand Cherokee with this engine ran a 15.75(4900lbs) a few weeks back when I made her take it down the track lol. That engine is probably no heavier than the G54B and you can mate them to a manual trans using stuff from a wrangler.
  12. David Freiburger who does Engine Masters on Motor Trend has already asked blueprint if they can dyno one.
  13. Its interesting, Blueprint is a solid company and I am sure they would run great. I am curious what it will cost, it sounds like it is made from existing items they offer so it may not be as bad as you would think. Personally if I were to swap one of these cars it would be with a LS or Gen III Hemi. Ideally a Gen III but I think the LS would be easier and I am not a GM guy at all but they are good motors as much as I hate to say it lol.
  14. I suppose mine has been so reliable because I haven't tried to make it faster yet. Although Saturday night I was getting on a long uphill highway ramp. I was wide open, 8psi, 11.2:1 AFR and it was 35 degrees out. I made zero progress on the SUV in front of me and I ran it to the top of 3rd. I am back to wanting to put a super 16G on this one like my first 87 had back in the late 90s.
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