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  1. I gotta keep the sliders, my wife is 5'1 and she doesn't care to drive it but if she had to move it or something she wouldn't even be able to reach the pedals where I drive it! I will do the gangsta lean for the first trip or two if I can, I would hate to do these changes then decide I didn't care to autocross. I thought about using like an aluminum kirkey seat, it would be easy enough to swap one of those into a fixed position for a weekend and remove for normal usage and those seats are so thin it would by some room. What I would really like to do is some laps at the local track (Hallet Motor Racing Circuit) but the car still has a ways to go before I can beat its brains in on something like that. I figured Autocross was a good way to warm me and the car up for that. I am a drag racer at heart but I am trying to open my options now that I added a car that is semi capable of turning at speed lol.
  2. Where did you get idler arm bushings? I got some duralast ones and my alignment guy didn't like them so he didn't install them.
  3. Has anyone ever been able to lower the seat? I have yet to go pull it out and see what it takes but I am guessing its probably a no go? Once I finish a couple of things on this car I want to give autocross a try with some friends. I am 6'3 240lbs and it occurred to me I may not have any helmet clearance. I have a nice carbon fiber helmet from my drag car but I might need a thinner brain bucket to be able to fit in my Conquest lol. On another note we had a mobile detail guy come to work yesterday so I drove the conquest in. He was able to polish the super heavy water spotting off of the car and wow it looks way better. Its not as nice as the picture makes it look but its not bad for a car to jack around with. The dollar to fun ratio has been pretty good. https://imgur.com/JpBctdm
  4. Great tools! Looks like it is coming along nicely. Did you have the crank balanced as well?
  5. So ever since the ISC swap it never has done the cut out problem. I have about 1100 miles on it now since I got it running at the first of the year. If I didn't have a company truck it would be my daily driver.
  6. After I had the column out of my car for a new coupler I had turn signal problems. Mine just flashed super fast, but the hazards worked just fine. I replaced the flasher with a heavier duty unit(EL12 maybe?) and it took care of the problem. It was odd how it didn't happen until after I had removed the column but fixed it. If you have eyes on your fingertips the flashers would be pretty easy to change!
  7. The larger secondary goes closer to the valve cover. For the wiring I am not sure, you should be able to look it up in the FSM for wire colors. Position of the injector probably doesn't matter as much as the correct wires. I'd swap connectors and see if it runs any better. If you have the secondary running as the primary it will be overly rich with fuel and be pretty doggy as a result.
  8. That price sounds about right. I also think you made the right choice on what to do with your day. What are the details on that car? Looks great!
  9. If you adjusted the play in the box its easy to make them too tight. They are most worn in the straight ahead position. When you adjust them to make that right they often can be too tight when turned farther to the less worn parts.
  10. Does anyone here have a megasquirt of any variety setup on a stockish car with TBI? I want to eventually move to one of Scott's setups or possibly build my own. Does anyone has a MSQ from a TBI car they could send me to look at? I have an MS3X+Microsquirt on another car so I am experienced in the platform. I would however like to see how a TBI starquest looks in Tuner Studio vs current NA v8 setup. My car is running well but the wiring is in pretty rough shape under the hood. A clean and delete with a megasquirt add might be a good project for this coming winter. Just kicking tires at the moment.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the problem, especially because the one on my parts car is thrashed ha.
  12. For those of you that have repaired cruise control issues what did you find was the reason yours quit? Mine hasn't worked since I got the car running, I have checked and verified that the vacuum pump and relay work. The speed sensor seems to work because it will effect idle when the car is moving(if that has anything to do with cruise I don't know). I also get the light on the stalk when the cruise is turned on, but I get zero function. Brake lights function correctly, cruise computer is plugged in. Before I go to the service manual with diagnosis what have you guys found to be the problem? I assume the setup down at the transmission end of the speedometer cable has something to do with cruise. I have a spare one of those to try but have yet to do so. Thanks for any help.
  13. Did it again today, seems to have taken care of the problem. I didn't get a chance to test drive very far but so far so good.
  14. Yes that makes sense, I will do the process again today if I get the chance.
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