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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but I already got one off of someone on Instagram, and for a great price too. Thanks for letting me know though!
  2. Will be willing to buy 2 87 knock boxes at if anyone is selling them cheap in the meantime. I'm itching to get this car back on the road...
  3. Just went through the 2nd stock knock box on my 87 and I'm sick of it. I'm assuming these mount up to the same holes that the 87 one does, right?
  4. I was actually thinking of doing my own thing with the font other than buying decals off of Nate. Thanks for the help anyways
  5. Anyone got the font used on the back hatch of the Conquests? The same one as on the banner for this site.
  6. My steering can also lock up but only when the car is cold, and usually completely frees itself after working the wheel a bit. Any knowledge on that?
  7. How far are you along with correcting the factory boost gauge? I was really interested in that project
  8. Hi! I was a member with around 100 posts from before the crash. I've owned my 87' Starion for 4 years now. Here's a pic of my car for anyone interested.
  9. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/w1043470847 Check this out! Pretty cool repro hatch spoiler in tinted acrylic like the ones made back when these cars were new. Starting bid is around $280 and I doubt anyone will bid on it. If anyone really wants this even with a hefty shipping cost I'd suggest having https://jessestreeter.com work that out instead of Buyee.
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