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  1. You can buy that hood but your order will get canceled eventually and you’ll be told it isn’t available.
  2. The seller is Spenser. He is GTXTHUNDER on these forums. He’s had a few 83s. Sold some whole and parted out others.
  3. $2300 seems cheap to me….for a brand new factory 40yo hood. That was only offered for 1 year. Gotta be the only new one left in existence.
  4. Technica package was on flatties only. So you’ll find them on 84-87 models occasionally. They aren’t super rare but definitely uncommon.
  5. Been there. Done that. I bought a Honda Prelude 2 years ago that was MINT and could have never owned as a teenager. Are you looking for a mint low mileage example? Or just a driver you can enjoy anytime?
  6. I was told I was like #18 in line for the 83 CF hood from Janner (Boosted Diamonds). They were $1600+shipping. so who knows how long the wait will be.
  7. Do the 1JZ....skip all the other stuff..
  8. Another Cars and Coffee this morning. There were 3 of us there today.
  9. First official outing in the Conquest. Took it to a local Cars And Coffee 35min away.
  10. I’m planning on it. My work schedule may hinder me. But I’ve been the last 4 years in a row and now that my car is ready….of course the work schedule is up in the air.
  11. So I made an intro video for the Conquest with a background on how I bought the car. Hope I wasn’t too long winded. But this was my first experience editing. Did all this on my cheap iphone8 using iMovie.
  12. And I need to remove these valve covers and get them repainted or powdercoated. Some brake fluid dripped on them as you can see the spots...
  13. Check out the 3 hood options... Option #1--83 Hood w/ Carbon Fiber inserts Option #2--83 Hood w/ Regular Center vent and Carbon Fiber side vents Option #3--Custom Cowl Hood w/ vents in the back
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