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  1. I think I’m right. buckskin is paint. paint code is “L83 Light Buckskin” for 1989….
  2. I think the “PV2 buckskin” is referring to the exterior. Not the interior. google “PV2 buckskin” and it pulls up paint codes. cause I have a window sticker that says “PY1 Yellow” in the same exact area. And it was for a yellow 88 Conquest.
  3. Dealer paid $5500 off FB Marketplace in December…..
  4. Nice 14yr bump. is Turbo Lab of America not taking in any new business?
  5. Doubt it’ll bring $25k. It’s a red 87. And the market is trending downwards….
  6. Preludedude


    Red 87…..blah Plus, a dealer bought it. It’ll be flipped to some idiot who doesn’t follow the market closely….
  7. As awesome as the car was, and time invested, and all the effort……. Not having it in my garage doesn’t change how I normally spend my days. The impact of the lack of material things is much smaller than we anticipate….
  8. Even my kids said “dad, you should have cried for more views” It wasn’t too big of a deal. Simply time to move on. Did you watch the packing up video? I thought it might be kind of boring watching me pack a tote. But I thought SQ people might relate a little to some of the things I had saved…
  9. Only need $26k. Which is foolish considering I just spent $35k over the past 2 years for parts/labor on the swap…
  10. Listed the car on eBay today for visibility… https://www.ebay.com/itm/225852837285?hash=item3495e0cda5:g:96MAAOSwqftlRSZG&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwJOaqJS9cmuCHgOQf9Lhu4EbUdONClraVH6um9TF1tdPWxBMn0Vv2hNWRN3gB%2FOfvzOb2kcjpVE764DwM4Xe9vzF0wGEpjZb54evQsapEytZe%2BroxI%2B6EIDfq1in8A%2BloC5EhRXUNqIoUDTbgD3L%2FKZnQHQOZ%2Fy633XJhf34JgW3mN7ZAr2LdgjHanmKMyEJY3TQyOkpgO2xIeyNCSWgUEtG0ZdblNxUlF6496Emqjhl4qo3puULvvLAbTv9627Emg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7CS1efyYg
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