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  1. Rear calipers are gone. Fronts are available on RockAuto Oreillys doesn’t have front or rear in stock. I just looked. Not sure what you saw...
  2. This annoys me. Someone post a WTB ad on 12/17 and then never comes back after 12/19.....last visit was 12/19.....
  3. 1988 Conquest SHP. Yellow. No engine. No original wheels. Has Honda Steelies on it. Has 5spd trans. Black interior. NO TITLE. Missing oem wheels, taillights, engine, and front seats. $550. Gaffney SC 29341
  4. That car is Scott’s. It’s on YouTube. I’m sure you’ve seen his channel since you’re buying the actual car. Should give you a lot of history on the car. S&R Motoring is the channel. Look it up
  5. Good grief. Do people look at dates when they are searching old threads?
  6. Thats exactly what mine does...Its only a problem because my Ebrake doesnt work..Cable must have slack..There is no tension whatsoever when I set the ebrake.
  7. I know of another member here whose car slips backwards when parked on a hill. With a manual tranny, even when in gear, the car will slip gradually...Like its gears/teeth slipping gradually.. Anyone else have this problem? My Ebrake cable dont work, and prolly needs adjusting or replacing..So in otherwards, I cannot park on a hill at all... Curious if this is a common problem...
  8. I see this guy listing MULTIPLE TPS...Everytime 1 sells, he just lists another... I dont know how he has that many...Is this someone here? Either way, I guess $34 shipped is a decent price for a good used one that has been sweep tested. Figured Id post it here for people to see... http://www.ebay.com/itm/STARION-CONQUEST-TPS-TH249-MD614078-ADAPT-TO-TH315-3510232801-EWTD6Y-/272040290829?hash=item3f56dd6a0d:g:eToAAOSwu4BV1Mwn&vxp=mtr
  9. I read it. But sounded like opinion rather than fact. Thanks for helping me. I left it in and gauge is working perfect.
  10. Bet these won't last long. Good luck everyone!!
  11. I have a mk1 and was able to use everything that was original, boot and all...if I remember correctly
  12. Think mine may be bad.. Need a good/tested working one.
  13. Same problem here.....mine squeaks but I dont feel anything...Figured I need to spray wd40 somewhere...
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