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  1. I made the garage a spot for me and the boys to stay. And we spend most of our time in there rather than inside the house. I'm sure my wife enjoys the peace and quiet.
  2. And here was a super cool photo someone took with the sun shining down the side of it.
  3. Went to Cars&Coffee this past Saturday. I always try and browse the FB page and see if I can find photos of my car, as there are always many people taking photos. I found this photo of me waiting in the line to pull in...
  4. I like my Toyota dependability 😬
  5. Chad’s intakes are available on Motocam’s website. at least they look identical to Chads.
  6. And I see where you called it a “rewarding investment”. I wouldn’t expect to ever get your money back out of one of these. These aren’t the cars you can buy, then engine swap them, and then sell for profit…… If I could just break even, I’d sell mine immediately to do so.
  7. Hate to hear that… I recommend a JZ swap. Here is my build thread:
  8. The quarter panel after the cut and polish: And me representing the LudeQuest shirt and hat (I never wear hats so I had one of the kids take this pic so my wife would roll her eyes)
  9. These few pics are from my friend Lu stopping by as we headed to a car meet (video was posted above). I moved the Prelude out so he could pull in for a few photos.
  10. Sorry guys but I riced out the engine bay with a LED strip. After going to a few night meets, I felt the bay needed some light for the night meets. And I ditched the K&N filter with 4 inlet, and just installed a Turbo-Guard Screen to clean it up even more.
  11. I took the Conquest out to Cars&Coffee 3 weeks ago. I haven't been to one since February when I posted up those videos. I've been to a couple of small meets but nothing big. So once I got home from the Cars&Coffee event, I started browsing the FB group looking at everyone's photos to see if I could find any of my car. Here are the only two I found: This one was from a guy who sets up at the entrance and takes pictures of all cars. His album had over 1,000 photos so I knew I could find this one. And I saw this picture randomly while browsing someone else's photos.
  12. Firstly, I know that cloth is 1000x more comfortable than that hard leather. But, how much time do you actually spend inside of there? Not much I’d guess. So is comfort really a focus? But then again, if you were to truly enjoy the car and put miles on it as you should, then you want it to be as pleasant as possible. I saw that cloth set when it was on eBay for $2500 OBO. I wondered who actually bought it. Lastly, that tan leather was amazing against that blue car. Nothing could have improved that. Also, considering how uncommon tan interiors are, it was really special. Only you and Kev have these amazing blue cars with tan interiors. To end it, get the tan leather recovered one day and revert back.
  13. That’s exactly what I prefer. Free. Stay an hour or less. And in the evenings. I’m not the guy bringing a chair to sit beside my car and wait for people to talk to me about the car. That strikes me as awkward.
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