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  1. Found one at Starquest Classic Parts. It should be installed in the next 3 to 36 months!
  2. Thanks, I may even be making some real progress on the six month project I bought 13 years ago.
  3. Looking for a 16G in good condition. Thank you.
  4. Great swap! Daydreaming about this swap if I was going to swap. We have three M52s in the garage and three more in running cars. Are you going to turbo? We have the 3 litre upgrade parts if not.
  5. I checked six months ago and they were not listed. I know there are other options but to me Ground Control seems like the highest quality out there. Thanks 860tuner and Kev.
  6. Looking for a Ground Control set up. I have Cusco front camber plates and rear spherical mounts to trade or straight up $. Located in Connecticut but will pay for shipping. Thank you
  7. I seem to remember they were the same pads as a Toyota Tacoma, I could be wrong.
  8. Hello, does anyone have the coil spring perches for front and rear for sale? Shipped 06331? I would appreciate it.
  9. The are not "bent" they are each uniquely engineered to the highest degree of precise geometry needed for a one of a kind Supercar!
  10. Very cool, does that rocket need even bigger tires in the rear for traction?
  11. Very slick, how much steering feel does it give you versus the original?
  12. Very impressive, I've never had anything powder coated, I will have to start!
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