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  1. The are not "bent" they are each uniquely engineered to the highest degree of precise geometry needed for a one of a kind Supercar!
  2. Very cool, does that rocket need even bigger tires in the rear for traction?
  3. Very slick, how much steering feel does it give you versus the original?
  4. Very impressive, I've never had anything powder coated, I will have to start!
  5. Always start with the battery, even if it's only a few years old. Then the terminals must be clean and tight, and then check your fuses/links and everything else....
  6. COOLANT!!!! Please let me know what you have and how much. Shipped to 06331, thank you,
  7. The PO of my car had all the parts to make it Carburated (SP) with a mechanical fan and no intercooler.... I got all the parts if you want them....
  8. Reinstalled the steering column and box, aligned the steering wheel. Pulled the front cover off to replace the chains and gears. Will try and work on it this week. Ordered the new brake reservoir cover and diaphragm from 3SX. I am going to pull the intercooler and make sure there isn't any debris in there.
  9. Just watched the latest OUSC and congratulations on your bundle of joy!! Build your family as well as you've built your car. Don't tell them but I recorded all the episodes and then just fast forwarded it looking for yours.....
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