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  2. I was told that this is a factory olive grey car but it's definitely been repainted(poorly I might add) hence my having the car vinyl wrapped until I have the extra funds laying around for a proper paint job. Thank you for the welcome. Definitely excited to find that there's still some activity in this forum since I don't have facebook
  3. Congrats and welcome. Is that stock Silver, Palmero Grey, or an aftermarket repaint? Looks too dark for OEM silver.
  4. Yep. I have had it called a DeLorean 3 times already. (It's silver.)
  5. I feel as if I'll enjoy it for a long time. I intend on doing a full restoration, going to the gas station/car wash/beer store never gets old hearing people ask "what is that? Where did you get it?" Hence my username haha
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  7. I've got Falkens on my truck and a previous Grand Cherokee and like them. Haven't thought about their car tires but might be worth a look.
  8. The Patriot headers do not fit on either side, waste of $375.00. Plenty of room for headers but haven't found anything shaped right that fits. Should have just bought a kit and made my own headers. The passenger side I will use my modified BBK mustang header and I cut up the drivers side header to make one that fits. Also received my driveshaft and working on the adapter. But in general have other things that needed my attention so quest work has been slow. I had to move the 3 horses from a temporary crappy farm to a more long term farm. I think the old truck looks great for a 2005 that sits outside its whole life. Cam, tuned, FICM tuned, Billet turbo wheel should be 450-500 RWHP on the race tune. I don't have $110,000.00 to replace her with a new King Ranch so she better last a long time. Also getting the old mustang ready for Carlisle Ford Nationals this Friday. This is my only new car I have had so far in my life. Wife and kid know that this car was before them and comes first. But the sad part is she has been severely neglected. I think this is the first time I have waxed it in 6-7 years, the bugs were practically part of the paint it's been so long. Its been 11 years since I did the 6 speed conversion using a Camaro TR6060, probably the only one in the world. Close to 20 years since I did a mild wire tuck and smoothed and painted the engine compartment. Car was still under warranty when I pulled the factory 145hp 3.8 V6 for the supercharged 3.8 V6. Back in the late 90s early 2000s 400 RWHP 450TQ were impressive now days that's a 5.3 LS with a cam.
  9. Does anyone here know of a strut insert that would give the correct height similar to factory. I am using a recommended Toyota MR2 front insert and it’s way too short to use a factory coil spring. I am try to put off expensive coil overs. Propose101 says you can use longer inserts but doesn’t tell you what works. See below for differences. Any help with this would be much appreciated, I have the car tore down currently. I was supposed to go to the NSRA Springfield event but this happened, I think if you are going to sell a product you should list what works and what ride height would be achieved. I will possibly create my own after this debacle.
  10. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it for many years.
  11. Thank you for the welcome. One of the things I actually love about the car is that it is a GREAT driver. I'm not sure what brand the coilvers are I can get back to you on that. But I was blown away by the ride quality. Zero issues driving this car all day long without feeling fatigued. Definitely can't wait to do a rack and pinion swap in the future. Since those photos I've actually had the car vinyl wrapped another color, done a headlamp upgrade and installed a downpipe
  12. Congrats that's awesome! I was in the same boat, I seen them on the road in the 80's and thought that's the start of the pro touring look! I had to have one so I went to the dealer and test drove one, it was $21,000 in 1988! I passed and bought a rust free Texas car. I wanted to ask how the coilovers ride, I want stock height but a good ride. Thanks and enjoy great looking ride. Welcome home! Greg
  13. Mine currently wears Bridgestone Re-71r's. I just got her a new set of wheels though and giving the Falken Rt660s a try. The Bridgestones were awesome in the dry. No experience with them in the wet though
  14. Hi everyone! I'm going to apologize in advance for the long winded introduction 😅. The year was 1996, I was 7 years old and a friend of mines dad had just got rid of his Nissan 200sx and replaced it with a Starion. He took us to get ice cream and I remember being captivated by the sound of the turbo whistling and just the way the car looked over all. As I grew with age I vowed to own one eventually. Problem is living in Canada I had never seen one on the road or for sale anywhere. Until June of 2022 when I found mine and had to have it immediately. My delay in joining SQC was because I severely underestimated how different these car are compared to everything else I ever owned. And mine is far from perfect, she needs little wiring fixes here and there but overall she has "good bones". Engine was rebuilt by a mitsu tech, removed balance shafts and jet valves, replaced pretty much every vacuum line in the engine bay. The car already has a good set of coilovers along with upgraded swaybars. I probably over paid for it but love at first sight hit hard. She did come with a spare g54, spare transmission, some kind of crazy custom fabbed t3 manifold and BOXES of other brand new parts. And now to introduce my old girl!
  15. I finished my design! Im going to compare sendcutsend to local machinist for pricing here's how she looks with a caliper mounted https://photos.app.goo.gl/UhSrn5461KHvJsQa6 I'll rock these for a bit and later start on the ls430 caliper bracket in some time. I probably should have started to design with those as it may have been easier to make in fusion 😜
  16. Last week
  17. Looking ahead a little bit at tires for the Conquest and I'm curious what are the popular choices among this community. Can you answer with what you like and your reason for choosing that tire? Tire rack is pretty good for doing research and they have reviews by buyers but very few, if any, of those have a Conquest/Starion Thanks, Mark
  18. No specs, this started when I purchased the Mookeh empty rear housings. It says to use the MR2 front inserts. The problem is they are almost 2 inches shorter so the factory coil spring will not fit. I do not want to lower the vehicle from factory. I am trying a longer rod length from a different vehicle to get a longer overall insert. The body has to remain the same length to fit Mookeh housing which is 13.125”, the piston length must be longer to accept oem spring.
  19. Do they give dimensions for the mounting holes?
  20. I noticed the shipping price too. Those things are small, can't understand whey SPA thinks it's going to be 40 bucks to ship. EDIT: I bought mine anyway. Its on its way. Lol.
  21. Has anyone ever used these on their rear struts? I have the Mookeh housings with the MR 2 strut inserts and they are about 1.75 inches too short. The spacers would raise it about 2 inches. I’m just not sure if they would fit the top of the str
  22. They are about 46 minutes from me. Wonder if I could go pick up and save the $40 shipping.
  23. I'm glad to hear some of you have positive experience with these. I debated getting one last time they were available but didn't. Gonna pick one up this time.
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