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  2. Text me at 7023014362 when you can for the flywheel  thanks again 

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  5. I’ve got the last lightweight Competition Clutch flywheel NIB sitting in my garage but I won’t be home for another 10 days, pm me then.
  6. There's also some people, unfortunately, that just aren't on the boards at all. I know 4 people I can think of off the top of my head, all in my general area, with nice, show worthy, running Starquests. I know that sounds crazy for how rare these cars are, but only one of them has a screenname here and they're not an active poster. So, there's that too - some people just aren't into sharing what they know and contributing. I agree with what others have said too - we need to find a way to loose the ads here.
  7. This style spacer is what I use. Not the exact spacer. I have no idea where I bought them way back when. https://wheeladaptersusa.com/products/5450-5450aw1?variant=47087645458721&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhb60BhClARIsABGGtw9kOUVBIWVJTPGyLlQHQQKuEvmAxFqSSe0NTdSatdHqyREMUoBDbAoaAqtxEALw_wcB
  8. I have been looking for wheels to fit for a LONG time that aren't custom 3 piece. probably 10 years ago now I settled on a set of mustang knock offs. 17x10.5 rear 17x9 front. Both with +26 offset. I used a 25mm spacer in the rear and a 15mm in the front. I was also nervous about spacers for track use. Hub centric rings were also added. So far so good! I don't love them. It allows me to run the tires I want, but man are these things HEAVY Here are the rears I run. These are available in many sizes. https://www.americanmuscle.com/mustang-2003-cobra-style-chrome-wheel-17x105-rear-only-28119.html
  9. Maybe it’s because I’m not looking in the right places, and I know I can custom order a set of wheels to fit the weird/quirky offset/backspacing limitations that the car forces on me, but who has had any luck finding an under 1000.00 set of 17” wheels for this car? the fronts at 16x7 have 5” of backspacing, and the 8” rears have 4.25” of backspacing. There are plenty of 17x8 wheels out there that have 4.5” of BS, and if I had to, I could make up for that with a 1/4” spacer, but the fronts…..The 7” wheels out there measure 4” back spaced. ( I’d have to either: A. run the 8” wheels up front w/a 1/2” spacer, or B: run the 7 with a 1” wheel spacer to maintain the correct wheel stagger. a 1/2-1” wheel spacer seems sketchy to me since I’ve never used one before. thoughts?
  10. Looking for a light weight flywheel or a shock one for my 89 quest thanks
  11. Well in the SQ group chat, thats just a fb message with ton of people, everyone uses their nickname and you can click on them to see who they are lol
  12. I dunno, it might be pretty simple. Thinking back I remember a post somewhere talking about hot to either fix or replace the actuators from McMasterCarr parts. Doesn't help your valve problem though
  13. Throwing my 2 cents on here as well ... I think another thing that muddies the waters between here and FB is people don't always realize who each other is/are. For example, I'm on FB as well, but under my actual name. Here, I have a screen name I use on every forum. So, anytime you give advice or technical input on a forum it helps to have credibility, but I could be talking to someone like Texas or psu_ on FB and never know it. I'm not sure how that relates to driving more traffic here, but I do agree that the frequent crashes and then the ultimate crash really hurt. I felt like prior to that incident this board was very active. Honestly, I considered leaving after crash myself, but kev kinda inadvertently talked me out of it. So here I am.
  14. Thanks. I just tried some random dates (around 2011) and must have picked the wrong ones.
  15. It's got more than you think, you have to mess with the URLs a little bit to get it to work, I go over it a bit here:
  16. I was hopeful that the Wayback Machine had archived the site. It has the original forum topic page, but if you try to go to Virtual Mechanic, etc... it doesn't have those pages. ☹️
  17. Yeah ... the vacuum actuated everything was unfortunately kind of standard for the time though. With a little ingenuity and a LOT of time you could definitely swap in solenoids. Probably not worth the amount of time it would take to spec it all out, fabricate, then trial and error until it is working though.
  18. I still lurk….although I sold my CQ in November 2023…
  19. At least this shows a bunch of us are indeed still around here! Best part of this thread is seeing some of you posting again. HELLO ALL! 🙂 I agree that FB has it's place. Just not for the real issues and expect quality answers from decent humans. I have told 100 people on FB to come here and look through sections. I doubt if 5 of them followed my advice. Everyone seems to want to be spoon fed instead of do a little research themselves.
  20. No idea, but that's what it told me. So I resized to that spec
  21. I do just this, whenever possible. Although, I mostly just lurk on fb...or really just look at the messages that pop up in my feed...which is infrequent because I mostly use fb just to browse marketplace. It's a good platform to say 'Hey, I took it out for a ride today' and toss in a picture, but using it to solve issues, nah. Case in point, I now have eight old cars on my property, of different makes/models, thanks to my kids. I'm subscribed to FB groups on all of them, but never once have I found any useful information on troubleshooting/repairing. I have better luck finding information in forums and/or youtube. I do wish it would evolve to the 'community' being mostly FB (like the BS forum on here) but the technical issues/resolutions handled via forums. Although, I agree with some of the earlier posts in that the crashes, and especially the data server issue, drove many away for good. Haha, good point! That just goes to show that many have the same frustrations.
  22. Just to update this; deleting the sub condenser seems to be fine. All you need is two new lines to do the normal non 88-89 A/C line routing. I haven't had any major cooling issues, and I even have my transmission cooler up by the main condenser.
  23. Not really a newbie - have been on this forum way before the crash occurred under the user name Paul87Quest with many a posts logged.  Glad to be back after finally discovering that Chrome was locking me out of reviving my old user account, but using Edge worked.


  24. clicking the topics just brings it back to the homepage?
  25. Could probably script something to pull the images from photobucket and change the links
  26. It is what web archive was able to scrape (should be most posts too). I paid for it a few years ago and was finally able to get it to be useable. There are 2 downsides though, 1) if the picture required to be logged in like attached to the post, it wont have it. 2) other photos tend to be photobucket and a lot of been deleted and/or may be deleted. Ideally need to use an extension to view them without watermark and save them. I believe I can edit any of the pages that are on this read-only copy. I should be able to replace linked images with a uploaded copy directly into it. (have not made this venture yet lol)
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