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  3. Well, I thought I had one, but I can't seem to find it. I'll see if I can get the printer going and make one up tonight.
  4. Not running the banshee. Its sitting on the bench looking at me. Been through a bunch in the last year so no work has really been done to either of my quests. Ive got it, the rockers and shims. Itll probably be up for sale. It was a piece of history I wanted.
  5. Got one without the leather covering
  6. No bearings in these. Thats the upper mounts. I know I have one front one. somewhere. Ive welded one up before that was cracked. its holding just fine. Contact me if you dont find em all and Ill look around
  7. That car is Scott’s. It’s on YouTube. I’m sure you’ve seen his channel since you’re buying the actual car. Should give you a lot of history on the car. S&R Motoring is the channel. Look it up
  8. Thanks bro I’ll be sure to get up under it then
  9. Noise can be heard clearly starting at about 20 - 25 mph and just gets louder after that. Never deafening but loud enough to be annoying and drowning out the radio LOL
  10. For me about six months, but he had some major organ transplant surgery little before Canada post got them to him.
  11. Once you fix the struts the hatch lever will work just fine. The hatch isn't "popping" b/c the struts are bad.
  12. Sounds like the hatch is out of whack. They can be adjusted.
  13. Nice. Looks like the Montero's used the same gasket.
  14. Last week
  15. Kinda like a growl? If so, that sounds to me like a bad bearing somewhere in the diff or the torque tube. Could also be either of the rear wheel bearings. Not sure how one could test the former, so someone can chime in there, but for the latter, one of the things you can do is find an empty stretch of road, get it up to speed where you can clearly hear the noise, then start swerving side-to-side to see if the noise changes. If it gets louder in one direction vs the other, then the side with the most load at that time has the bad wheel bearing. If no difference, it's most likely something at the diff/torque tube.
  16. Been thinking about hitting him up for mine. How long did it take you to get your struts back from him, roughly?
  17. I might have some left. probably need to replace bearings in them though
  18. Frank from strut wise.com recently repaired mine. $165 or so if I recall correctly. He’s certainly not fast, but struts work great.
  19. A while ago I started to notice a low frequency rumble coming from the rear. It's not RPM related. seems more speed related. Faster equals louder, take the car out of gear RPMs drop sound remains. Bring the car to a stop, sounds stops gun the engine in neutral engine roars but no rumble sound. Thant's all the detail I have. As always any and all responses are appreciated.
  20. Anybody know of a good replacement or refurbishment for old rear hatch struts that don't do their job anymore? Also popping the rear hatch is a two man job now that involves one person holding up the lever while the other lifts the hatch. If you know a fix for that too I'd be indebted to you.
  21. Just just check for rust everywhere. Passenger frame rail in particular. It looks solid, but rust is killer with these cars. I don't see any underneath pics.. All the wheel wells and rockers are prone. In my opinion anything mechanical can be fixed but you have to have a solid foundation to start with.
  22. I might have some. Let me dig around in my stash.
  23. Well.... I remember most of the stuff I learned during my time with the 87 like the injector clips and the vacuum advance. I should be fine looking this one over, but if anyone has any food for thought I am happy to hear it. Thanks.
  24. I decided to replace the master cylinder. We reverse bled everything, and so far everything seems good.
  25. Hey, I'm trying to find a passenger side fender. Im Located in Missoula MT. I don't care what color just looking for a straight, low to no rust fender. I know shipping on those flimsy things is just about impossible so I'm hoping to find one that is near Montana. I have one but someone has bonded the hell out of it and it is creased at the door. Thanks in advance. Send me an Email at anythingtech22@gmail.com if someone has one!
  26. I'll try bleeding everything again and inspecting that cylinder.
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