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  2. I'm sorry, i do not have the taillights anymore.
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  4. And probably a proxy in between the sale.
  5. Hit up Steve at starquestparts.net He should be able to help you out. I have a few sets in various forms of repair here, might be able to come up with a decent one. I assume conquest style lens?
  6. Hate to hear this. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times over the years. Definitley a good guy. Him and his family will be in my prayers!
  7. Will do. He’s a good guy, that’s a shame to hear.
  8. The price isn't just $2200, it's $2200 plus shipping from Japan to the US.
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  10. Is this BOV something you'd be interested in? I've had it for years, was planning to run it for the period correct coolness but my car came with a perfectly good Greddy on it so I'd be okay with letting it go. I have tested it and it works. Would look amazing polished up with some new stainless hardware. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  11. I'd be glad to buy it, damaged tail light and all. 😁 But seriously have you checked www.starquestparts.net?
  12. I was contacted today by Nick Ventmiller, He is Marks son, Mark has been a long time member of this community, He was know for polishing rims, supplying rims, No one could compare to the work that he did. Mark is in Hospice care and doesn't have much time left. Nick said he met a ton of people and loved the Starquest community. Please keep Mark and his family in your Thoughts and prayers. Dad
  13. I just broke my passenger side taillight lens. I accidently hit it with my trailer. It is a 88' TSI Widebody with 17K original miles. I am just sick over this damage. Do you still have the passenger side taillight available? Please !!!
  14. I just broke my passenger side taillight lens. I accidently hit it with my trailer. It is a 88' TSI Widebody with 17K original miles. I am just sick over this damage. Can anyone help? Please !!!
  15. Yeah, since D2 and KSport have gone up 50% in price, $2,200 isn't too bad in comparison.
  16. 2200 is a decent price. Especially if they are good quality coilovers.
  17. It was a black and green unit about 4" X 4" by 1" had a direct plug in harness for my quest . I couldnt tell ya what generation.. I bought it used back in 2001 - 2005 at some point.
  18. What generation is it? I'm only interested up to the 4th generation www.hks-power.c0o.jp/en/product/electronics/timer/tt10/index.html
  19. StarionTroy I had an HKS turbo timer if I can find it I'll let ya know .. Tux how much you want for the boost controller and Timer ?
  20. I came across these myself! I was beside myself. But they are costly
  21. I usually am on the Japanese websites like Mercari and Yahoo Auctions, but I am never really looking for new stuff so I filtered all of it out. Today I didn't and I found that DG-5 actually MAKES coilovers for our cars. For those that don't know, DG-5 is a suspension company that used to be Kei Office (or Erfolgkei), the legendary race car driver Keiichi Tsuchiya's brand. I've looked into them and they seem to be a really high quality street/track coilover. Unfortunately as how things are, these high quality coilovers are expensive (around $2200 given the exchange rate from Yen to USD) and would cost even more to ship. I doubt anyone will actually buy these over D2 or K Sport given the price to get these, but I'm just putting it out there that there's a higher quality coilover for our cars than what we all thought previously. For anyone interested, here's a link to DG-5's website where you can see them: http://www.dg-5.co.jp/lineup.html And here's where you can view listings for them on Yahoo Auctions Japan: https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?va=三菱+スタリオン&exflg=1&b=1&n=100&s1=new&o1=d&mode=1&auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&exflg=1&p=三菱+スタリオン+DG-5&x=0&y=0 You'd need an independant proxy other than Buyee to ship these however, as Buyee will not ship anything filled with fluid.
  22. That car had a good amount wrong with it, like the shift boot, the rear seats not matching, and various other condition issues like the marks on the airdam. If it was 5 years ago, that would be a 10k car max. Today, a 20k car simply for the miles and lack of rust.
  23. Like I said, I'm looking to make a HKS themed car, so I'm not interested in any of the Greddy items. Hopefully someone else will see this thread and want them! Thanks for posting anyways, if you ever feel like selling those hardpipes, let me know.
  24. I've got the HKS intake plumbing and bypass valve, but not really looking to get rid of it at the moment. I do have period correct Greddy/Trust parts that I don't mind getting rid of I have: Greddy Profec-A (fuzzy logic) boost controller, all wiring, sensors, manual Greddy Rebic III auxillary fuel controller with wiring, manual Greddy fuel injectors, bosses welded into an over valve cover pipe Greddy Rebic III simulator with connector cable to connect to rebic III, manual Greddy Turbo Timer The Greddy parts were pulled from my car, working when I moved to MPFI with AEM
  25. I've been planning on building a period correct Starion for a while now, and decided on an HKS theme considering they're one of the only high quality manufacturers that made anything for these cars back in the day. If anyone has anything like engine electronic devices (PFC F-CON, AIC, EVC, GCC) or even old merchandise like stickers or t-shirts, send a PM! Only really interested in things from the 80's, and especially anything HKS SPORTS branded.
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