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come get my car - Red '87 Tsi


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I'm sad to say it, but I'm going to have to get rid of my '87 conquest, so I hope we can find her a good home.
She needs a bit of bodywork on the passenger rear quarter, hood and front roof line, and the engine hasn't been turned in over 20 years. I have the back half of a replacement quarter that can be welded in, and replacement drivers side window that needs to be installed.
Anyone in the midwest interested?
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"Thanks for saving Ryddler's car"

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Thanks jimmy

that means alot to an old fan like me

it runs good and everything works on it as it should

one of the best i have owned

im very happy to have a piece of history i dont think i will ever sell this one

the old club just meant so much to me

im totally honored and willing to give the car back if need be some day

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Curious of updates on this..  Pics etc.. sorry this guy has been outta the loop for a long time but someone reignited the spark in me 


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