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  1. I could text you pics but i dont wanna take all day learning how to post pics on here. I basically put new fuel tank in and fuel filter thats all it needed. Think the a/c works too!
  2. I have lots of pics i got it to run but no body work at all yet. I can drive it on road and it reminds me of a new one all the sounds of a new one . So cool.
  3. Thanks jimmy that means alot to an old fan like me it runs good and everything works on it as it should one of the best i have owned im very happy to have a piece of history i dont think i will ever sell this one the old club just meant so much to me im totally honored and willing to give the car back if need be some day
  4. Come get my car, he said…. OKAY, said me
  5. one fast POS then ehh....awesome!
  6. call me crazy...but i love my corolla 1.8 very reliable inline 4...many thanks to toyota for keeping my family off the side of the road. soooo much slower than the 2.6 though!
  7. Yes, price on rims would be helpful when your up and running. Also I have a few timing covers, valve covers,TB's and intakes cheap. May help get you started?
  8. I also still enjoy driving my in line 4. Love swapping turbo's. Making different setups from other cars to work on the 2.6. Think i'm gonna go down the street and do a nice burn out...do nut?
  9. God bless you and your families! And thanks
  10. Smooth transaction! Step1: Colin ask for a part. Step 2: I had it, named my price Step 3: Colin put money in my account Step4: I sent the package and gave him tracking. Thats all involved.....some people make it a lot harder and drag it on for weeks.....Not this guy....great member to deal with. Thanks bro!
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