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  1. Hit up Steve at starquestparts.net He should be able to help you out. I have a few sets in various forms of repair here, might be able to come up with a decent one. I assume conquest style lens?
  2. Hate to hear this. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times over the years. Definitley a good guy. Him and his family will be in my prayers!
  3. Welcome Back! You should be able to adjust the trigger offset in the ECU and take care of that. There is a maximum offset that works. Sounds like you are in the ballpark enough though. Set it all to static 10 BTDC in the ECU and adjust the offset til it's spot on. Good to go
  4. It was done many years ago. I think if you search youtube it may still come up. No idea what the specs or range were though. I also am not on board with electric cars, but hey, if you want to then I'll watch
  5. Did you ever find one? By the way you aren't far from me. Hello neighbor!
  6. I used Lucas Red n Tacky also. Been great for many years.
  7. Does that fit the bushing sleeve well? Looks like it necks down an little after the first set of threads and there would be slop in one end. After it's tightened down it probably doesn't make a difference I suppose.
  8. I think most of us have cut the oem rubber hose off the stock hardline and used that with 2 clamps, then either put a threaded fitting on the pump end or just hose clamp on a barb. What you are talking about is fine. I would recommend getting rid of all the stock rubber line while you are there. Just for peace of mind. You can take a dremel and cut the outside of the metal jacket where the line turns into a hard line. 2 cuts the long way 180° apart. Then bend back that jacket. Carefully cut if off and you are left with basically a barb style fitting to slide a new hose on. There used to be a write up around on doing that ... not sure if it's still here.
  9. I also run a gates hose and I agree. It isn't ideal. Maybe look for something that is rated for ATF. I never took the time .. yet I would NOT run silicone. Pretty sure I tried that on something similar and it would sweat though and get very soft Edit: Yep. Here's the picture proof https://www.instructables.com/Why-Silicone-Hoses-Cannot-Be-Used-for-Oil-and-Fuel/
  10. Pretty cool! I wouldn't mind having one just for nostalgia's sake.
  11. I'm sure I have at least 3 of these collecting dust. I'll try to remember and take a look tonight. If I do have a good one it's your for the price of shipping. Edit: Says they have them in stock here. Who knows if that's accurate though. https://www.mitsubishipartswarehouse.com/oem-parts/mitsubishi-distributor-advance-md611360
  12. I know mookeeh does sell a strut with shorter stoke for this purpose. Unfortunately I'm not much help on the rest.
  13. This should get you started. https://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/149466-mr2-strut-parts-list/ There used to be a lot of info about this on here, but some of it is now broken. If you look through the suspension section under modifications there is probably more
  14. Awesome! Any idea what their solution to the steering shaft connection is?
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