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  1. I'm not sure the underside was that clean from the factory. Looking AWESOME!
  2. Smart! I had a fuel pressure sending unit die on me a few years back and it was spraying the engine bay. I was at an autocross and heard it ping when boost came on. Looked at a log and was WAY lean. Sure I smelled gas in the paddock, but with all the cars around I wasn't thinking it was me. Close call for sure
  3. Interesting indeed! I would have though the gloss white would be much dimmer. Appears not
  4. Oscars kit was the go to years back ... when I was broke. Once I finally get body and paint done on the starion this will be top of the list. Makes me a little crazy that a car with no mechanical or running issues has been down almost 2.5 years now for "a paint job" ... that turned into a resto. Next project is LS into the Valencia. Big brakes are definitely going to be needed there too
  5. Good Find! I've been wanting big brakes for years, at least in the front I think would make a big difference on the autocross course. That revolution kit is pricey, but if it is actually plug and play then it's worth it!
  6. Where's the fun in that!? 😆once i get closer to being ready for something like this i'll have to inquire. By that time MKS may have one available too.
  7. Interesting. They need to define "all". If it has rod ends that are plug and play as well as a good way to adapt to the stock steering shaft, I'm in!
  8. I want details on the NDD modified power rack. Definitely interested in this!
  9. Welcome Aboard! I haven't seen GreenStar around in a LONG time. Very cool to see the car is still in good shape and now with a new loving owner
  10. Hmm... that's less than 2 hours from me. I wonder what transmission is in it.
  11. Same thing I thought. I built a 15 x 20 paint booth in my shop and still have some issues Props to you Evoz!
  12. Maybe I'm not following. Is the missing piece of the case what you are calling the spacer? Looks like a chunk out of the casting. Probably happened when someone replaced the bearings before and went a bit hard. I wouldn't hesitate to just run that after a flush. Just to make sure. Unless I'm missing something?
  13. The baffles on the back side near the VC breather port should be obvious if it have been modified to clear the studs. Used to be pics in the FAQ section... I'm not sure now. Welcome Aboard! I see you are only a few hours from me.
  14. Pretty sure there was never a kit for this swap. What did you break? Is the car already 4G swapped?
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