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  1. Welcome newguy! When you say you are restoring what is the goal? Just get it running well then minor mods? Does it run now? Paint job? Or rust repair ... interior isn't so good? Pictures please 😎 We are here to help and advise as best we can
  2. I never knew there was different part numbers. Anyways, for the lube I have been using Honda M-77 Moly Paste that is made for motorcycle splines in shaft driven models. Also used this for the clutch disc splines.
  3. Welcome to the addiction! Hopefully it is just a pump. If not we are here to help
  4. I was 18 when I bought my first Starion. At the time I didn't intend on it being a project car... 25 years later I'm still working on it all the time LOL The fusible links are in the engine bay right behind the battery on the fender side. If you look at the wiring diagram on starquest garage it's shown on the top left of the second page in wiring diagrams. Did you test the positive side of the coil with the key on?
  5. 🤣We don't think you're dumb! All of us started somewhere. I'll take a look at the schematics when I get a chance. This has to be something simple ... finding it is the hard part.
  6. With the key on do you measure 12V on the coil positive terminal? Found this on another forum Mallory Promaster Coil Part # 29440: Product Suggested Resistance: Primary: 0.6 ohms Secondary: 12.3K ohms If you only measured 0.2 on the primary that is definitely out of spec. Easy enough to swap it out for the blaster coil and see if it makes a difference. I would test it first just so you aren't wasting your time. On the blaster coil you should read Primary Resistance 0.7 ohms Secondary Resistance 4.5k ohms
  7. Grab the wife who wants it gone so bad 😉
  8. I'm sure it is frustrating! Plugs are kind of wet? It still sounds like a fuel problem to me. I would put some gas in a spray bottle and give it a good dose then see if it tries to fire up and better. Have you had a timing light on it to make sure that is correct?
  9. Yeah 850cc is correct ... hmm ... are you sure they are BOTH squirting?
  10. Starion Conquest Fanta Coke Edit: Still nothing. I miss the old days
  11. Sounds like it's not getting enough fuel. Are you sure the Trilogy injectors are the right size for an 86? Will it fire if you spray some gas in the throttle body? The engines require a lot of fuel at cold cranking.
  12. What MSD setup? 6AL ? Or just Blaster coil? Or? Not sure what you mean by a hub? Possibly an ignitor failure. That is a pretty common issue.
  13. From the service manual. Could be a bad resistor I suppose. I have heard of them going out before. If it runs on spray then it must be getting a tach signal to the ECU. Probably a wiring issue if I had to guess.
  14. Welcome aboard! That car has indeed been well loved before you. Great buy! I hear you on the member locator. Unfortunately that hasn't worked in a long time now. Hopefully some members local to you see this.
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