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  1. So what you are aiming for is the inner lights to be brake function only. Outer lights to act same as OEM. Correct? This shows the 2 bulbs are wired in parallel after the tail light connector. Is this where you separated it to wire in the outer bulb connection above? You probably covered this above, sorry if you have answered already. I'm just pressed for time and haven't read through.
  2. I'll have to read this in detail later, but aren't the bulbs connected at the light assembly? Maybe you split that already.
  3. I hope you don't expect a response to a 6 year old thread. Just FYI
  4. I currently run EBC reds on the front and green on the rear. Helps with my brake bias for autocross use.
  5. Holy $#@! Welcome back Bill! Never thought I'd see your face here again. Glad to have you though
  6. Are you running the Banshee now? If so, what do you think?
  7. Clean them up and use a dab of black RTV if you're worried. Should be good to go. I made my own for the pickup when I tore it upon disassembly.
  8. Sounds about right. I've had this thing forever. I remember being so excited about it until I tried to set it up on the test bench and saw how much it didn't preload the lifters. Without looking up my notes I want to say it was roughly 100 thou shy of being in spec. I'd sell it if I wouldn't feel guilty about screwing someone.
  9. Welcome Moose! When you get to changing the vac advance it would be a good idea to go through all the vacuum lines. It's a PITA for sure, buy at least then you know. The underside of your hood should have a diagram for what goes where. Those lines often get connected incorrectly over the years.
  10. The 284-RH seemed to match the cam card when dialing it in. The problem is with lifter preload. I just can't bring myself to use the shim method. The 284-H I currently have in there definitely made more power up top, but is noticeably less torque on the low end. You know, to give the stock cam guys a chance
  11. Nice to see some life on this topic! I have the RPM cam that Mach 5 originally purchased. As well as a Schneider 284-RH and Monsta Banshee wrapped up and sitting in the toolbox. If you ever wanted to borrow any to check it out I'd be more than happy to send them over. After my (self induced) issue with the RPW cam I have just swapped back to the Ol' trusty Schneider 284-H for now.
  12. I remember that! Seems there were amendments in the replies to that thread. I think something similar is up on sqperformance too.
  13. Sounds like possible progress! I hate second guessing myself and creating so much extra work. All part of the fun I suppose
  14. I have debated doing the same thing with mine. That way I won't know who buys it and I don't have to feel as bad. Same for the roller Schneider 284 I have. They just don't work. Will it run? Sure ... but
  15. Hate to see these stories. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors! Maybe now you'll have a bit of time to work on your own quest? Or if you get bored, come on down. I have plenty of work to do on mine!
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