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  1. Awesome! Any idea what their solution to the steering shaft connection is?
  2. If that's true they will sell a LOT of these! I'll buy 2!
  3. Definitely keep us updated on the progress! If the kit with their rack is a win then I'll be next in line!
  4. Definitely on the radar for when I get around to doing the rack swap on one of mine.
  5. Welcome Aboard! Before falling into this world I had a 91 Talon back in the late 90s. Definitely fun cars too!
  6. Welcome! Sounds like general tune-up as stated above will get you going in the right direction. That's a lot of information without real specs, so it is hard for us to really tell what might be going on. Mention of hi output injectors is a bit concerning too. Without something to tune with it shouldn't have anything but stock spec injectors or it will (usually) run rich.
  7. I've run Mobil 1 15-50 for over 20 years with no issues. Mainly because of the ZDDP content too. That Valvoline 20-50 should be fine in my opinion.
  8. Definitely check out the vacuum advance with it's associated lines too. I believe there is still a good write up in the FAQ section
  9. Seems unlikely. I would think if that clip was letting things move more than it should you would see damage/wear on parts that would be obvious. Who knows though
  10. Been a long time since I saw one of those with both ports attached
  11. Check out this thread. D_Venable talks about adding a washer. This is what I did when running the cosmos and it cured my issue https://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/97622-coillover-clunk/&tab=comments#comment-950759
  12. Will it make the clunk with the front on stands? I'm guessing it won't ... but if it will then get a buddy and start a game of follow that sound. May be able to do that with it on the ground too. I had an issue with the cosmo coil overs where it would do something similar. The fix was a 5/8" washer on the top hat.
  13. Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a wonderful day with friends and family!
  14. I was thinking the same thing after seeing 350hp/500tq numbers. Once they do some forced induction dyno runs I'll be watching. Maybe we will be surprised. It would be a nice option
  15. My 86 has 82k on the clock. Bought it with 42k in October 98. Doesn't get driven much although I wouldn't hesitate to daily it. Most of the time it doesn't drive is because I broke or or "I'm improving it" lol
  16. I plan to be there. Maybe even with my car ... finally
  17. I'm not sure the underside was that clean from the factory. Looking AWESOME!
  18. Smart! I had a fuel pressure sending unit die on me a few years back and it was spraying the engine bay. I was at an autocross and heard it ping when boost came on. Looked at a log and was WAY lean. Sure I smelled gas in the paddock, but with all the cars around I wasn't thinking it was me. Close call for sure
  19. Interesting indeed! I would have though the gloss white would be much dimmer. Appears not
  20. Oscars kit was the go to years back ... when I was broke. Once I finally get body and paint done on the starion this will be top of the list. Makes me a little crazy that a car with no mechanical or running issues has been down almost 2.5 years now for "a paint job" ... that turned into a resto. Next project is LS into the Valencia. Big brakes are definitely going to be needed there too
  21. Good Find! I've been wanting big brakes for years, at least in the front I think would make a big difference on the autocross course. That revolution kit is pricey, but if it is actually plug and play then it's worth it!
  22. Where's the fun in that!? 😆once i get closer to being ready for something like this i'll have to inquire. By that time MKS may have one available too.
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