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  1. I get that. Probably the only thing really holding me up right now is the 2 trips and cost of fuel. ... maybe the angry wifey ... maybe she'll get over it
  2. I ran into this with my car too. I'm 6'2" and didn't fit with my helmet on. I took the seat out and removed the sliders. Then made custom brackets to drop the seat 1-2" and also moved it back a few. Now it's in a fixed position, but I'm the only one driving it anyways. So all good
  3. Basically just said the same thing as above. Hopefully I can take you up on the offer before the end of summer!
  4. But it is worth every penny! Then you know for sure what is going on with your air fuel mixture.
  5. I just responded to your facebook post too
  6. Rear 8s have definitely been ran in the front before. Sounds like our local SHP hoarders are holding out on you!
  7. I always intended on just replacing those links with a fuse box. I understand the links act different than a fuse, to an extent. A good CC class time delay fuse will definitely protect other wires from burning though without being a hassle.
  8. Ouch, I'm surprised it can even get in there with air cups! I just put $20k into fixing my my driveway so I feel your pain.
  9. Easy there fancy boy! Air cups and BT control? Sounds pretty freaking cool to me. Stand outside at the show and make her dance
  10. If the sleeve is still in decent shape you can run a new cable through and attach the end after
  11. Less than 3 hours from me ... if my workplace wasn't closing the doors in July I'd be on my way this weekend! I assume the white car does have a title? Depending how things work out over the next few months, I may be back in touch.
  12. Seems the writeup is still there, but my links are broken. Link address does appear to still work if you copy/paste it into the browser. Maybe I'll find some time to fix that Poly Bushing Install
  13. Those axles definitely don't look original. Even if there wasn't a sticker, they are way too clean. As for greasing the bushings I know there were specific ones that got grease on one side and not the other. Wonder if my old write up still exists ...
  14. I just reached up underneath and unplugged it. Then the nut came right off. I may have had the radio bezel out though, it's been years. Replaced mine with an aftermarket socket because I had 12V plugs that didn't work well with it. Putting in a USB plug is a GREAT idea! Why didn't I think of that ...
  15. I think it all has to do with some Brandon guy.
  16. Have you tried to bleed the steering box? I know mine acted very odd when there was air in the lines. Easy turn, then difficult and it would be a little jumpy as I assume assist was coming on and off. Can't see the coupler doing that. Does it do it with the engine off and wheels off the ground?
  17. Should be some links in the MPI forum. When I originally set mine up fuel only on TBI it was relatively quick and easy. Hit me up if you need help. I'm sure I have a slew of tunes from TBI cars over the years
  18. Usually vacuum issues from what I have seen. Mine had a cable with most of the sheath gone, but still worked.
  19. Might be worth taking measurements and just hit up McMaster-Carr for some flanged rubber plugs.
  20. Looking now it's more like 3 hours north of you in Decatur TN. Still not too far off. You are down near Jimmy then.
  21. I would be interested to see what others have done too. My antenna is still there, but just to plug the hole. In my current paint/resto phase I debated using bumper repair to fill the hole and smooth it over.
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