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  1. No need to remove extra parts. I'm not sure it would help anyways. Crow's foot or at least line wrenches are mandatory. Getting the hard line back into the top of the steering box is a serious PITA.
  2. Hey I know that guy! Very Cool Randy! So Elliot just let it sit after the rebuild? Was there an issue? And what's the plan now? πŸ™‚
  3. That is the kicker. I'm sure if someone got creative enough you could come up with a mount/link system to hold it in place and run a driveshaft the whole way. Never been done to my knowledge though.
  4. It is a pretty cool "truck" ... but not $200k cool 😎
  5. Looks great! Welcome back to the addiction. Sounds like it never really left you though πŸ˜„
  6. Looks good! I have a couple of these in a bag that someone else 3D printed a couple years back. Time to pull them out and compare πŸ˜„
  7. I would look very close at the block where that stud threads in. There is a known issue where some blocks will crack. It usually starts at the threads. Magnaflux 100% should have caught that though. Also possible that it could be the head. I have never seen that before, but possible. When it was ported you didn't happen to get into a cooling jacket did you?
  8. In for updates. Sounds like Tony is all over it though. If you were on the other coast I would be on my way this weekend!
  9. That sounds like it's not running on all cylinders. What do the plugs look like? When you set the timing did you have the vacuum advance disconnected? Said you replaced the "ignition temp sensor" I don't know what you are referencing there.
  10. I think I saw someone on the FB groups selling a MAS recently.
  11. Hello! I wish more people would come back here too. Especially the new guys/gals. FB doesn't always give good advice and a lot of what people are asking is already documented here.
  12. Funny how that works. slow and steady wins the race πŸ˜„ I'm 4 years into a "paint job" at the moment I don't have any leads on a turbo for you though. Usually Ebay is packed with stuff like that. I'm not seeing a lot now. I had a TD06 18G years back and I wish I would have kept it. Great turbo setup
  13. I am always on the lookout here too.
  14. What kind of lift do you have there? I'll be installing one this summer and still in the shopping around phase. If my shop didn't have 4 x 10' roll up doors with zero insulation, that would be a game changer. I have some thoughts before next winter's cold hits.
  15. Hindsight is 20/20. Can't even find a shortblock wideblock now for what I sold it all for ... but I'm always on the lookout. It was originally supposed to go in the valencia car. Then i got a steal on a gen 3 LS1. So decided to let the 64/63 stuff go. Now it think that would be a good option for the white car down the road.
  16. What coil overs are on the silver car? Since going with D2s on my car I say there really is no other option. MPI on a stock engine with exhaust manifold and turbo upgrade can make 250-300.
  17. I had everything to do the 64/63 engine swap. Bought it all from John. Ended up selling it dirt cheap (plus my billet holset w BEP hotside) to a local DSM guy when I moved south. I regret that decision
  18. I thought it was just me and broken links from days gone by. Glad to see I'm not alone. I would usually be in the garage right now, but even with the heat cranking it's only 42 out there. Happy Saturday all! I
  19. I did not know that! I'll stock cluttering this thread now.
  20. There is a LOT of information here on builds. Just search around. My $0.02 MPI, standalone and a tune. Huge improvements in drivability no matter what other upgrades
  21. Once you get past the noob threshold you can post pics. Then just host them somewhere. Good Luck with the sale, $3k sounds like a great price. Pics are needed though
  22. Still working on body work here too. It till be done this spring! The cold temps are killing any paint progress lately. Debating starting on the Valencia LS swap while I wait for warmer days. I just have enough catastrophe going on with one project TechBoy, i didn't know you ended up with Joe's VR4!? I knew he sold it, but never asked who it went to. I can also confirm that was an engine from John. Other than that, the house projects always keep me busier than I'd like!
  23. Thanks for all you do Randy! Fortunately for me, i don't currently need any parts
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