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  1. Prayers for his family in this difficult time.
  2. It was a black and green unit about 4" X 4" by 1" had a direct plug in harness for my quest . I couldnt tell ya what generation.. I bought it used back in 2001 - 2005 at some point.
  3. StarionTroy I had an HKS turbo timer if I can find it I'll let ya know .. Tux how much you want for the boost controller and Timer ?
  4. if its not the last one its one of the last ones.. though seems odd he also has a bunch of other used 83 parts up for sale and found this as well .... but there is no image https://www.mitsubishiwholesaleautoparts.com/oem-parts/mitsubishi-hood-mb270052
  5. I had seen one right here in my town last year, as well as another down near my work . Ahh well guess i'll wai and see if any of them happen to pop in here
  6. Wow I thought the CF hoods were out in circulation already .. And @bruno_TSI did you sell your hood to a guy from Michign who came down and met you in ohio ?
  7. 38 views and not a single reply .. ouch..
  8. So catching myself up on the site since i havent been here in forever and reading over this build.. this project is coming along very nice .. That is some serious dedication . Sorry to hear about your father. loast mine 5 years ago this month as well . Looking forward to seeing this as it goes together .
  9. Any chance of the old SQ stalker map coming back .. need to know who's close so i can hide my parts LMAO
  10. Curious of updates on this.. Pics etc.. sorry this guy has been outta the loop for a long time but someone reignited the spark in me
  11. No worries I ended up picking up a different one at the moment .. but may still end up grabbing this as a core to rebuild in a pinch
  12. I may use this plan as I have a flatty hatch as well but also have a spare widebody hatch with spoiler. I didnt realize there was a difference between the hatches until now .. thought I had to remove the flatty metal and move widie body version to it. worst case I will still have my original hatch with spoiler to put back on the car
  13. Welcome back .. just returned to the forums and groups myself . kind of went radio silent mid 2000's. As far as the diff I would think a standard good cleaning and some silicone should handle it but i'll b watching or those whom have actually tackled it to pipe in. Check with MKS, Dads, Motocam 360 and or other vendors down in the list maybe one of them has a gasket .
  14. Huh I remember Greenstar from way back somehow didnt realize he wasin michigan as well .
  15. Any idea what the turbo is ? stock unit? decent shape ?? hit me with a price to 48062 .
  16. Kev I debated that years ago but this motor isnt worth that kind of investment to me .. personally I think the car should come with the 6g72 anyway. LOL Preludedude. If I had the funds to just skip to that this moment I would.. but I want a chance to drive her this summer . And gives me a chance to research into the 1 JZ as I know nada about that motor. I've rebuilt Ford and Chevy v 8's Helped out on several honda motors and did my own work on my own $500 Honda beater I drove for 3 years and sold for 500 after hitting a deer with it . LOL I gotta do the swap myself.
  17. I honestly despise the 2.6 LMAO.. And yeah I looked over his thread.. years back I had wanted the 6G72 motor on a manual trans in my car but gave that up due to trans tunnel width .. Once i bring her back to running condition she will stay with the stock motor until i find the pieces i need to do the swap or I decide im selling it .. I think the 1 JZ may put the car where I want it to be power wise and hopefully reliablity as well .
  18. So I have been off the forums and pretty silent in the FB groups for nearly 20 years now.. My poor girl has been moved from one garage to another as I have moved since yanking and selling the G54 out of frustration back 2005 ish i think.. Well as it turns out I have a new co worker who as it turned out was also a SQ owner.. and a few conversations ignited the spark i needed to do something I guess.. so now I have a stock G54 to put in her for this summer so maybe I'll get a chance to drive her a bit .. The current debate is do I sell her once shes running or do I move forward and go ahead with a 1 JZ swap. I have told myself that I will get her running on the stock heart and take her for a drive and see what she says to me and we will go from there.. 1989 Fiji Original SHP Car, according to paperwork I foun in the car it was a demo car and looked like a woman bought it and owned it till she blew the motor.. i purchased it with a blown motor from a small hole of a dealership that bought it at auction. The good SHP car and still has her 8's and 9's.. Also still has the 8 way adjustable shocks on her <yeah they are probably done now>, I added Ground control coil over s to her back around 2003 - 2005 somewhere in there. Also have an 83 hood in primer at the moment. Nice "Trust" strut bar with red powdercoated ends purchased from Howard D. The most recent pics of her are from 2014/2015 when I moved up to the town I currently live in. Any informational resources anyone wouldnt mind tossing at me for 1JZ swaps would be GREATLY apreciated https://photos.app.goo.gl/6RjNEGzzhBueapw2A https://photos.app.goo.gl/LvNW4Y5MDJdjfiUo7
  19. Mr_pat


    Thanks.. yeah didnt think about that .. I just got some bits rom Steve
  20. Curious to see how many of you guys still out there . I'm up in Richmond MIchigan now. and currently know of at est 1 other SQ owner within an hour of me , and I have seen a red 86 - 89 running around my town last year.
  21. Might be interested in a rear for my 89 .
  22. Mr_pat


    I used to have one on the car but it was too long. Scrapped it when I sold the motor I had in the car 15+ years ago.. now im putting a stock motor back in the car and need something to reconnect the exhaust, I'd settle for a oem hollowed precat if i can find it .
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