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  1. Ok so I got the tank, but it was missing fittings, so I haven't been able to test yet. Ordered some fittings from Amazon... I also ordered a half gallon air tank as well, since the one for the air cup kit is 1 gallon. I will test first with the 1 gallon tank, then see if I can get away with a half gallon, as I don't want to take up that much trunk space.
  2. Ah, meta is the new name for the company that owns Instagram/Facebook/occulus/etc
  3. Be cool if he came over here for us non-meta users
  4. The fact that the secondary is dead could be the reason for your issue. The coils in the motor could be shorted, causing the fan to be dead, but also causing high amperage draw.
  5. Could be a couple things causing the links to smoke. Likely you need to clean up your grounds. Alternately, fan motors may need to be refreshed (can bring to a DC motor or alternator repair shop).
  6. Ohh check the EGR solenoid. Those vacuum nipples on it end up cracking often. I removed EGR solely because of that issue on two cars.
  7. For pictures see this link. https://www.racetep.com/starbg.html
  8. Used. Free to good home. just pay shipping and box cost.
  9. That would be hard to get a pic of. I did send video to D2 and Vera. They say they've had similar issues with heavy front end cars and offered to send the tank components gratis. So we will see if that makes it work. However, back of the napkin math pretending the air cup is a hydraulic cylinder, each cup should be able to life like 11,000lbs, using 200psi. Which leads me to believe, the CFM rating of the compressor isn't enough.
  10. Hey all. I've purchased two air cup kits to try out. Both the stanceparts kit and the D2 kit (really a vera kit). Both kits are front end only, no tank. Just wanted to toss this info out there. Both of the kits are 100% identical, except for the branding on the cups. Stanceparts lists a weight limit for their kit, whereas D2/Vera do not. The weight limit for stanceparts is 4400lbs total weight. I would assume for D2/Vera it to be the same. Both kits have same lines, compressor (Vera Air 444c), solenoid, etc. I've installed both kits components to be sure there wasn't a bad part. Turns out, the Station's front end exceeds the weight limit for both kits. If you disable one cup and cap the line, it will lift one corner of the car fine. Tested both corners this way, and no issue. Problem arises when you attempt to lift both corners at the same time, there just either isn't enough pressure or airflow. One cup will leak from the center of the cup. Lifting the car with a jack to remove weight will allow the cups to function, but this isn't desired. I did hook up the air lines to my shop compressor, and it does lift. But the shop compressor is a 60 gal tank. It flows more CFM than the Vera Air compressor can flow, but cannot reach the same pressure (shop is 125 psi and the Vera Air is rated at 200 psi). Vera is shipping me a kit to try with their tank. I'll update then, but I'm shipping back the Stanceparts kit, as it's doesn't work as advertised. I'll update when the kit comes and is installed, in case anyone was thinking about one of these kits. The tank isn't an ideal solution, and maybe I'll have to get more cf front end bits from @Boosted Diamondsto cut the weight, though I'm not sure it would even shave enough weight having cf fenders and hood.
  11. @Preludedudethank you for your recommendation, i have received extremely good pricing and am working out shipping with them @TexasQuestalso thank you for including the shop. The shipping will be less for me to send to the shop in SC. @techboyif i wasn't starting a new job Monday and finishing out my current one this week your option would be the best, but can't make the drive
  12. Rather than call everyone on earth or worse have to drive around for hours to get pricing, i would rather use shops people have had experience with and are happy. Also to know where they were quoted reasonable prices.
  13. Please let me know the shops doing the work for these prices! I have no problem shipping them
  14. Hence why i asked what the skip is DFW was. I'll happily ship them
  15. Wow. Just refinish or repair as well? I've visited more shops today, everyone is 2000-2500 on their quotes. Also what's the name of the place, shipping to them might be worthwhile for me
  16. I tried tinkercad, SketchUp, and autocad. Not sure why i stink
  17. Btw not a knock on anyone that sold me the wheels. I knew they were all kind of rough going in.
  18. The problem is that years ago part! The same guy did my non-shp's like 15 or 20 years ago for about 75$ I was expecting around that ballpark of pricing
  19. I took the set of wheels I managed to piecemeal together from various members and unfortunately all need some straightening or cracks welded. Got quoted $400 a wheel to refinish them Another $900 in repairs. on top of a spend of $750 to acquire the wheels. For a would be total of $3250. I think i'm going to just cut my losses at the $750 and just buy these https://www.airtekk.com/product-p/at-starquest.htm ugh.
  20. Makes sense then. All i ever managed to glean from my narrowband meter was that the light moved around like i was driving Kitt from nightrider. If it helped point to an issue great! Mine was more like an indiscernible light show.
  21. I have a 3d printer, but I'm garbage at cad. So many things i wanted to make but just can't wrap my head around cad
  22. Narrowband is kind of worthless for anything. I had one and it was impossible to tell what was going on.
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