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  1. If the above doesn't work, there could be bad o-rings in the hydraulic cylinder. you can take the cylinder out and clean it up. but if that's the case, you may have brake fluid in the vacuum reservoir area.
  2. Did you follow the correct procedure to bleed? It's this order Passenger Rear, Driver Rear, Brake Module, Passenger Front, Driver Front
  3. I used the pcb from below link and soldered to the pins inside radio and on the edge of the pcb, i removed the mini jacks and dc barrel from the board to make it smaller -https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013S7TWWS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I did it a while ago, so it's likely that there's a newer module that works w/ 12v input and has bluetooth 5/5.1 or newer bluetooth audio profile.
  4. I'm doing the same, except that I also added a bluetooth receiver pcb to the aux in port, inside the radio.
  5. It's pretty easy The solenoids are those wonky things sticking off the top. I just removed them, disassembled, cleaned the hardened grease out with brake cleaner, added new grease and reassembled.
  6. Hi old thread, they did, i have them on the car. But i bought them in 2000. I still have material on them, but I have driven the car like 20 miles since installed.
  7. I didn't need to do anything when I swapped in LED's. I had my ABS light on before the swap, however, when I took apart the abs solenoids and cleaned out/regreased them, the light went off.
  8. yep, worked on my 87 and my 86. Not sure if the thread is still available for wiring. If not, you gotta refer to 1g manual and starion manual to wire it up
  9. i was able to get gaskets through my local dealer 5 years ago... when i went back for the other car, NLA. reused the gaskets.
  10. i kind of find it odd they can't just power up the old box and copy the vm files over...
  11. tux


    I did, same for Aussiemagna. No dices
  12. tux


    Foolishly I may ask... does anyone know where a stock magna roller cam can be had? I've been fruitless in my searches except for a few junkyards I called in AUS... but they won't sell just the cam, only the whole block with head and cam.
  13. I have one and it's a great. Don't trust these picks though https://www.quickjack.com/accessories/pinch-weld-pucks/ they don't stack and they slide around, don't ask me how i know. These are a better buy, but they touch parts of the body https://www.quickjack.com/accessories/pinch-weld-blocks/
  14. it'd be so cool if we could get a manufacturer to make the lenses again. I think koyo made the housings... doubtful they'd have original tooling or we'd have the qty needed to get a small run made.
  15. tux

    2 rear shp

    looking for 2 rear shp's. all dm's and replies to my thread are gone. so looking again!
  16. Happy birthday. I have an arm and a couple of legs laying around. Don't ask, but you can have them.
  17. if you lived on the other right coast, we could put our MPI cars next to each other and watch them both fire up and die immediately
  18. Bosch 044 is a great pump. It's really big so you may have to modify mounting brackets a bit.
  19. still interested if you'll ship
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