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  1. I was surprised when i was googling around Toyota 4 pot calipers to see them on a parts sheet. Later googling lead to 944 forum where they were fitting them behind 15" rims. I'm hopeful to see what happens.
  2. I'm gonna see about using Lexis ls430 sumitomo calipers. Radial mount, not terribly huge, 4 pot, dirt cheap, potentially be able to keep in same location as stock brakes and possibility of using standard rotors. I came across a loaded pair for $95 on eBay and it seems to be the going rate. Googling around it seems that some brackets are available for Porsche 944 and it's a somewhat common upgrade for them.
  3. Could always pop the tacs unit open and see if any caps need replacing or any damage to circuit
  4. I just bought one last night after speaking w/ Joel over there. He said he's in the middle of making a batch. The tie rods and coupler aren't included in the cost which the website but he said additional cost is around $100 for those parts. He mentioned when you order to add a note saying you need them.
  5. There's slim pickings (4 vendors) and we be paying the Porsche tax.. https://m.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?zip-code=08753&width=245/&ratio=45&diameter=16&rearWidth=255/&rearRatio=40&rearDiameter=17#0
  6. I'm not going to be able to find much, unfortunately. RX7's aren't terribly common in these parts and too expensive to buy a caliper just to measure it. I've started designing a caliper bracket for the 3kgt VR4/300zx calipers I currently have. Will just be 3d printing some test pieces and see if I can get those calipers in there and retain the stock wheels. If not, I might look to some more common 4 pot Toyota/Sumitomo calipers.
  7. This is from an email with them: Whenever you buy the steering rack through us it will come with everything you need to do that Get BlueMail for Android On Nov 17, 2022, at 6:28 PM, Contact Form <sales@nddmotorsports.com> wrote: '' submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page A user has submitted the contact form on your store. Here are their details: Hey curious about the starion front cross member rack options. For the ndd power rack option, what is involved in getting your rack mated to the stock steering column and knuckles?
  8. I'd assume that also. Wondering if someone has done the legwork over there and have some guidance on the other fab work. Or if they'll do it
  9. I'm going to pull the trigger their subframe w/ rack kit, since they claim it comes with everything needed to convert and i have a 1500$ credit on my amex thanks to Revolution Brake not delivering on the bbk
  10. Ya that's where I saw it. But missing details like what we can use for axels and driveshaft
  11. Don't throw out that relay rod! I'd put that on eBay or see about sell it to mks motorsport for his core charge
  12. to untighten, i usually lean a breaker against the floor and gently bump the starter to loosen the bolt, then slide right off. I've also always needed to move the radiator up a smidge to get the crank pulley bolt out. Pulley then comes off with a gentle tug from your hand.
  13. It looks based on their website they have a Group Buy for a Ford 8.8 irs rear subframe Anyone have any details on it?
  14. check your crusty old vacuum lines. also check all the stuff those lines plug into. some of the vacuum switches on the engine like to shed their nipples
  15. If it was an 88 you could tell quickly from the rear axles, no?
  16. All good, it was definitely worth a shot. I know mounting holes are in same spot but the rest who knows
  17. Doesn't say anything else but other rx7's are compatible. But then the 300zx calipers don't say they are compatible with the vr4.
  18. welcome. Dad's got the goods, good his site came back. Good luck w/ the intake conversion!
  19. Turbos generally like lighter weight oil, from what i've read.
  20. definitely a more headache free way to do it if you've got a good shop you can trust
  21. $600+ a set. Undrstood the WRX calipers would likely be different, but they are a decade apart
  22. I posted before about the rx7 caliper bracket I found on a Japanese site. Since revolution brakes doesn't seem to be interested in delivering a brake kit, I'm looking for an alternative. RX7 calipers are very expensive but I'm curious if they are the same as vr4 and 300zx calipers. The mounting hole width appears to be the the same based on my measurements of the vr4 calipers I have and comparing to this drawing for adapters https://www.aeu86.org/forum/Thread-HOWTO-Mazda-FC3S-4pot-Calipers?page=3 The Rx7 calipers are made by sumitomo. Anyone know if they are compatible parts across all three makes?
  23. I'd start by verifying all vacuum connections are good and no vacuum leaks. Starquestgarage.com has manuals available with test procedures for the various components. You can use a test light on the ECI diag connector, but usually that has never helped me much.
  24. Way off topic, but I feel the same about contractors working on my house. They always underwhelm, so I just do the work myself and if it's not up to my standards, I can either do it again or live with it knowing I didn't pay for a poor quality job. I do the same w/ my car though, except for when it's way above my level, such as machining or bodywork/paint.
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