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  1. Some Dodge caravans, probably the pickups, maybe Colt
  2. A problem left from when these engines had mechanical fuel pumps.
  3. Good riddance, they didn't participate in their part of conducting business anyway.
  4. These cars like to up and break for no reason, out of nowhere. They are electronics heavy and the electronics are now like 40 years old.
  5. You can always trace back to the cuts and splice in new pigtails. For most of the stuff on the car I have been able to 'painfully' source manufacturers of connectors I didn't keep a list, unfortunately Where I could, I have replaced connectors with Deutsch connectors.
  6. it's 2 wire harnesses, a clip for the speedo, and maybe 8 bolts. you can pull it in about 10 minutes
  7. Nope just promises of soon and excuses as to why it hasn't shipped.
  8. I did it with a large buffing wheel on a stationary buffer, then used a Dremel with buffer for finer detail. Make sure to clear after otherwise you'll end up doing it again.
  9. tux


    Why roll your eyes, they do know it all
  10. I wanted to avoid dremeling them out. I cant see how they got it in there to begin with, unless the plastic was formed around the PCB, which seems unlikely. The back came off pretty easy using a hot air station. Hot air station helped separating the two boards. but I'm just perplexed as to how to get the PCB out of there! Thanks for the offer Scott. I'll give you a ping. Maybe I can cobble something together that works. I'm sure some of these components I may not be able to find on mouser.
  11. I was considering it, they sell kits and I've watched videos. looks to be easy. I wanted a less noisy coin tray and glove box, but was lazy and glued some black velvet fabric to some sheet metal cut to size and dropped them in with some double sided tape.
  12. Does anyone know how to get the circuit board out of the plastic casing? I was able to get the cover off and the entire thing was filled with some clear sticky substance. But I'm in need of removing the board to fix a blown capacitor and some visibly broken traces.
  13. Mechanics want to replace parts, not rebuild. I don't blame them, but you got no real options other than rebuild yourself
  14. Do you have a good power steering pump?
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