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  1. My dad had one of those MGBS. He always said he wanted it to be my first car, but my mom made him sell it for garage space
  2. Just the bushing, for now. If that doesn't fix the rattle, then fulcrum
  3. Anyone know where to get replacement sts bushing. I forget which shifter i have, but i think it's same bushing for the gnt and stedebani.
  4. Eh TBH, probably better to just change flanges and use something else instead of hunting down one of those old turbos I already have it, only reason why I'd invest any more into potential wheel changes
  5. I know someone posted this before for me, hopefully will again! I can't find the thread so it may have been before the site lost a few years of content. Looking for data on the CNM 20g-1a turbo. I have one and don't have original paperwork. Not sure if it's worth it for me to swap out wheels or just upgrade to a Garret or holset.
  6. Found a tuner willing to touch my car. Asked to not make crazy power out of the gate. I'll be returning to the shop after i get some time on the road with her 185 hp / 234 tq @ 14psi of boost More power available, but been so long i wanted to stay conservative. https://photos.app.goo.gl/9JGYY2vRU5YcaPe3A
  7. I've had st springs, legion elite coil overs, and D2. The D2 are worth the money. St was also work it. The third one not so much
  8. Those manuals are helpful but need to be translated into English
  9. If it doesn't reach, you could always make a bracket
  10. Yep. Figured I'd post it just in case. I have an ultrasonic cleaner already, so one day i will probably do this
  11. Haven't tried this yet, but might be worth trying. Looks like you just need a trigger, cleaning agent, and ultrasonic cleaner https://youtu.be/QmG7YVCOmcY
  12. You getting rid of the control panel as well?
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