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  1. I found it easiest to get into the steering box from under the car
  2. You can buy new fusible links from MKS or dad
  3. Edited* 2/28 I received my front subframe today! It looks to be of good quality. I was refunded for the rack and we agreed he will contact me when he has a rack in hand I will purchase the rack from him. If the time comes to install the subframe before he has one ready, I might reach out to flamingriver and have them make one for me. I am also willing to purchase additional parts from him like I planned, if they are in stock and ready to ship within a day or two. Tomorrow is our court date so I will let the courts know I have been made whole.
  4. When you click on them from the home page? They all load blank on mobile and desktop
  5. I have the email with metadata proving I placed my order
  6. @RB25SQdid you dispute the charge yet? Don't wait too long or your credit card company won't do it and you'll be going to court like me
  7. If you do notice that there is a certain website selling a subframe for the starion to hold a Ford 8.8. stay away from it
  8. I wasn't able to get them to respond to inquiries
  9. It's there to essentially just tie the rear to the car. Without it the diff would be rocking up and down and break things
  10. Now his order status page doesn't have any order history for me anymore
  11. Looks like someone else got screwed and is mad https://www.ndd-motorsports.com/ I just filed papers in small claims court
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