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  1. And probably a proxy in between the sale.
  2. Will do. He’s a good guy, that’s a shame to hear.
  3. I came across these myself! I was beside myself. But they are costly
  4. I've got the HKS intake plumbing and bypass valve, but not really looking to get rid of it at the moment. I do have period correct Greddy/Trust parts that I don't mind getting rid of I have: Greddy Profec-A (fuzzy logic) boost controller, all wiring, sensors, manual Greddy Rebic III auxillary fuel controller with wiring, manual Greddy fuel injectors, bosses welded into an over valve cover pipe Greddy Rebic III simulator with connector cable to connect to rebic III, manual Greddy Turbo Timer The Greddy parts were pulled from my car, working when I moved to MPFI with AEM
  5. Only thing that remotely makes sense would be to try and retrofit Tesla motors and load up batteries anywhere you can, trunk, trans tunnel, under hood
  6. It is. I'd prefer to find alternate arms or get some of the hook ones welded onto the end.
  7. Found one on Amazon, posted it in the other vac advance thread
  8. Nice find. The wipers themselves are getting hard to come by too. I found an adapter on Amazon for using newer style blades.
  9. Looking for a climate control panel. In good condition. Thanks
  10. Amazon has it Standard Motor Products VC269 Vacuum Control https://a.co/d/6A8h4PN
  11. I forget the first guy that made them, but i was in that group buy and never got my hood, then i was poor while mookeeh was making them. I found out boosted diamonds made them after i already acquired an oem hood, but everything else I've gotten from Jan has been extremely good (scoop, vents, headlight covers). I wanted to see if he could mold and make my Godzilla Louvers in CF, but I got them shipped courier from Japan for a whopping total of 3g's brand new old stock. He's across the country from me, and I've had too many parts lost or damaged by shipping companies recently to risk it. Most recently USPS managed to damage a Starion taillight i bought that was in excellent condition.
  12. They weren't common when i bought mine in 99. Took a while to find one that wasn't in a junkyard.
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