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  1. I'm 6'1" i sit with quite a gangster lean, so i can fit with a helmet. My knees are a bit of an issue hitting the wheel. But eh
  2. Yep. You can thank the blue ties mostly for this one
  3. Thanks! If i can get my hand in there, shouldn't be too hard
  4. Or spend more and get solid state relays and fuses
  5. A quick Google shows some suppliers "build to order"
  6. Not helpful, but you may be able to contact one of the manufactures of Belleville springs to purchase some. If you know the size you need
  7. That may be helpful! If it's not too much trouble
  8. I didn't use time delay fuses when I tried a fuse box. I was constantly blowing fuses and switched back. If I was to do it all again, I would probably use something like this https://ecumasterusa.com/collections/power-management/products/ecumaster-pmu16-autosport-power-management-unit?variant=35809114751140 But it's very unlikely I'll have such a fried wire harness ever again.
  9. tux

    One big rim!

    oh man... i didn't think they'ed fit right, so i spent money on front SHPs. I wouldn't have bothered if I knew!
  10. with the cups extended, I should be able to if I take it at the insane same angle as I did with my wrx
  11. To get the rear subframe front bushings in, i had to use ratchet straps.
  12. air cups are cheaper than a new driveway apron! my suv scrapes coming into the driveway!
  13. Yeah, USB is definitely a good idea. I'm thinking to put a button there for my air cups. That or get Bluetooth controlled relays and use an app on my phone or headunit to activate.
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