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  1. 86/87 widebody have 4-bolt axles. Not as strong as 6-bolt. 86 has manual seatbelts. 87 has auto belts. 88/89 widebody has 6-bolt axles. Auto belts. The SHP trim came with adjustable suspension (non-functional 34years later) and wider wheels. if you’re going for a swap and plan on launching it often, you can upgrade to DSS axles made for 800whp. (Driveshaft Shop) if you aren’t launching; the 4-bolt and 6-bolt will hold up to a lot of power with no issues.
  2. This forum is struggling to stay alive with extremely limited membership, and we still have this silliness…. Surely the 9 people who frequent here can all get along. 😁
  3. Had mine done at Innovative Wheel Solutions Easley, SC It’s an hour away from me. I dropped them off and they were done in 3 days. I’d be happy to assist if you wanted to ship them to me.
  4. I just had a set of Honda wheels fully refinished for $160/wheel… Cost $640 for all 4 wheels. People are raping you on price.
  5. City and State would help. Pictures also. And ultimately, Facebook will net you the most views and attention…
  6. Maybe you’re referring to me. I gave up on the cold cranking rpm noise issue and went 1JZ. While I was removing everything for the 1JZ swap, I pulled the MS ECU from the passenger side kick panel and saw the shield wire was broken on the VR cable coming out the back of the ECU (that goes to the dizzy). I assume this broken ground was where all my rpm spiking was coming from. This was a plug-n-play MS ECU from Scott.
  7. I’ll be there with my wife and 2 boys like always. After they get settled in at the cabin each evening, I’ll drive on over to the Vacation Lodge and hang out.
  8. This is an informative thread:
  9. Jeff….thought you had forsaken us. welcome back.
  10. Sorry. It sold last month.
  11. I didn’t know this. How did you confirm this? I see the interior is all 88-89 but I didnt know about 87 widebodies not being auto
  12. Gotta host my images somewhere dependable and user friendly. I’ve never been able to embed pictures here. Always too big....
  13. Rear calipers are gone. Fronts are available on RockAuto Oreillys doesn’t have front or rear in stock. I just looked. Not sure what you saw...
  14. This annoys me. Someone post a WTB ad on 12/17 and then never comes back after 12/19.....last visit was 12/19.....
  15. 1988 Conquest SHP. Yellow. No engine. No original wheels. Has Honda Steelies on it. Has 5spd trans. Black interior. NO TITLE. Missing oem wheels, taillights, engine, and front seats. $550. Gaffney SC 29341
  16. That car is Scott’s. It’s on YouTube. I’m sure you’ve seen his channel since you’re buying the actual car. Should give you a lot of history on the car. S&R Motoring is the channel. Look it up
  17. Good grief. Do people look at dates when they are searching old threads?
  18. Thats exactly what mine does...Its only a problem because my Ebrake doesnt work..Cable must have slack..There is no tension whatsoever when I set the ebrake.
  19. I know of another member here whose car slips backwards when parked on a hill. With a manual tranny, even when in gear, the car will slip gradually...Like its gears/teeth slipping gradually.. Anyone else have this problem? My Ebrake cable dont work, and prolly needs adjusting or replacing..So in otherwards, I cannot park on a hill at all... Curious if this is a common problem...
  20. I see this guy listing MULTIPLE TPS...Everytime 1 sells, he just lists another... I dont know how he has that many...Is this someone here? Either way, I guess $34 shipped is a decent price for a good used one that has been sweep tested. Figured Id post it here for people to see... http://www.ebay.com/itm/STARION-CONQUEST-TPS-TH249-MD614078-ADAPT-TO-TH315-3510232801-EWTD6Y-/272040290829?hash=item3f56dd6a0d:g:eToAAOSwu4BV1Mwn&vxp=mtr
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