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  1. Better oil pressure & less moving parts to fail.
  2. I believe the SHP strut housings are a little taller than the non-SHP housings since they weren't designed to be replaced with a cartridge.
  3. Well at least you got it fixed along with some new parts. 😏
  4. Welcome. A good rule of thumb is get the car running good before increasing performance. Maintenance before modifications.
  5. Usually when a vehicle dies only when turning in one direction it is a grounding issue. I would start with the ignition switch and work your way down.
  6. Welcome. Great to see that car is still around.
  7. The only way to know for sure if the car is running too rich is installing a wideband 02 sensor.
  8. I have a set of metric crowfoot flare wrenches. I'm replacing it with a braided steel flex line so I'm not too worried about the re-install, mainly getting to the fitting on top of the steering box. I'll probably just cut the old line out in sections to remove it easier. Wish me luck guys!
  9. I'm looking at tackling my leaky power steering pressure line soon. Do I have to remove the master cylinder to gain better access to the fitting where it goes into the steering gearbox? It's a tight fit in there and I definitely do not want to round the fitting out.
  10. Dads Engine Parts llc. - Conquest (enginemachineservice.com)
  11. Great video. It's so satisfying to watch them clean cars like that!
  12. Not enough demand, like most Starquest stuff.
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