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  1. Ram 50 starion Raider montero mighty max d50 plymouth arrow shifter bushing NOS | eBay
  2. My car setup is with the 2 low temp thermosensors installed with a jumper wire connected to each for added security that they both come on at the same time. I've never ran hot in the Texas heat since.
  3. Pioneer Cables Carburetor Accelerator Cable for Conquest, Starion CA-8867 | eBay
  4. Crazy. We had about 10-12 inches in 24 hrs here in DFW a few weeks ago.
  5. Thanks for the kind words Cal.
  6. I just dropped a set off to be refinished here in DFW. $580 out the door for all four.
  7. Welcome fellow Texan! There are a couple of guys down there with cars, Ivan and Burton.
  8. NOS- OEM Mitsubishi MB489447 Steering Center Link 1986-1989 Starion Conquest | eBay
  9. I'm running the CX Racing aluminum radiator and dual fans/shroud kit. I'm not sure on the cfm ratings but they appear close to the Mishimoto fans.
  10. The only difference in factory Mitsubishi compressor housings I'm aware of is the non-intercooled to intercooled housings.
  11. Mookeeh 35+1 Teeth EDIS Trigger Wheel For Starion Conquest Stock Crank Pulley | eBay
  12. I've always wanted a sand rail. Those are a blast to drive!
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