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  1. I've removed a few G54 crank pullies and never needed to use a puller tool on them.
  2. I'd assume with the factory choice it's the factory diff with torque tube, axles and struts. The Ford 8.8 choice may require other fab work.
  3. Keep the steering center link for a rebuild core.
  4. Conquest/Starion Rear Subframe (mybigcommerce.com)
  5. Definitely. I'm sure their plan is to hang onto it for a while and hope it gains more value than they paid for it lol.
  6. Most likely the buyer has a collection of several vehicles they buy and sell often. It's probably just an investment to them.
  7. Engine Machine Service, Inc. - Conquest
  8. What month and year does the door tag say?
  9. What year is your car? If I remember correctly only the 87 models had the ETACS unit that drained the battery. The 88-89 models were corrected by Mitsubishi.
  10. If all the fuse links are good, then I would suspect loss of power with the ETACS unit.
  11. The owner's manual says you can use 20W-20, 20W-40 & 10W-30 in 32 degrees or above. 5W30 in 60 degrees or lower. I've personally used Castrol GTX 10W-40 in mine for years without issues.
  12. Like kev mentioned, it seems to be the bushing failure causing the rebuild leaks.
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