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  1. I've got a low mileage mint one, and a couple others...feel free to text or call if you'd like at 540-379-8951 -Steve
  2. @K_Schutte I messaged you on Facebook - check your "message requests" - I'll private message you on here as well. -Steve
  3. Sent you a private message…
  4. Message sent, I have a full set.
  5. Hi Paul, I have everything on your list. I sent you a private message. Steve
  6. @JohnnyRacer can you text me call me at 540-379-8951 as I might have a guy local to you who is interested.
  7. Glad the SQC website is back....although it's back from 2015, at least it should have the bulk of the valuable answers we all need! -Steve
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