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  1. Unfortunately, this is the only option now if keeping the factory style mass airflow sensor. Air intake Adapter Starion/Conquest Cold Filter 1G OEM Mass Flow Meter Adapter | eBay
  2. Be prepared to pay big.... 1983 Mitsubishi Starion Hood NOS New | eBay
  3. Grabbed a set. Thanks for the link.
  4. Awesome find. Definitely sticky this part number for future reference.
  5. Got a steal on that man. They are getting really hard to find now.
  6. Door Panel Rubber Weather Seal Strip Weatherstrip For STARION CONQUEST | eBay
  7. Have you tested the coolant temp sensor for the ecu that's on the intake manifold?
  8. More than likely the suppliers here have non left in stock. Ordering from Japan is also a crap shoot, but I've never had issues ordering from Nengun or Amayama. If you do place an order from one of them, make sure to put every part you want in the same order. They will not bill you until they locate the part(s) are available. Shipping will take a while going thru customs so expect a little bit of a wait.
  9. That's disappointing to hear. Why would the rotors even need to be machined if they're brand new?
  10. Has anyone used the Revolution Big Brake Kit on their car? If so, how do you like it? They have 2 sizes, 330mm & 302mm. I'm assuming the smaller one is to fit the factory wheels? Mitsubishi Starion Big Brake Kit - Sport (revolutionbrake.com) Mitsubishi Starion Big Brake Kit - Sport (revolutionbrake.com)
  11. MOOKEEH 2 Rear Threaded Top Empty Strut Housings For Widebody Starion Conquest | eBay
  12. It definitely sounds like a fuel pump issue. I would verify by checking the pump pressure.
  13. I've removed a few G54 crank pullies and never needed to use a puller tool on them.
  14. I'd assume with the factory choice it's the factory diff with torque tube, axles and struts. The Ford 8.8 choice may require other fab work.
  15. Keep the steering center link for a rebuild core.
  16. Conquest/Starion Rear Subframe (mybigcommerce.com)
  17. Definitely. I'm sure their plan is to hang onto it for a while and hope it gains more value than they paid for it lol.
  18. Most likely the buyer has a collection of several vehicles they buy and sell often. It's probably just an investment to them.
  19. Engine Machine Service, Inc. - Conquest
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