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  1. The only difference in factory Mitsubishi compressor housings I'm aware of is the non-intercooled to intercooled housings.
  2. Mookeeh 35+1 Teeth EDIS Trigger Wheel For Starion Conquest Stock Crank Pulley | eBay
  3. I've always wanted a sand rail. Those are a blast to drive!
  4. Definitely Suspension Techniques. I wanna say they were 1.5" drop front & rear, but the rear was more like 1.7-1.8" drop.
  5. What injector size are you running? Adjustable fpr? Wideband o2 sensor to monitor afr's? These are crucial items needed before raising the boost pressure.
  6. Amazing work! Removing everything really is the best way to do all of it at once.
  7. I have the SPA regulator and have been very pleased with it. No issues at all.
  8. WHITELINE W11594 Whiteline Idler Arm Bushings | Summit Racing
  9. NLA new from Mitsubishi. You can get good used ones from people parting out cars like mentioned above. Some people have retrofitted bicycle brake cable to work as well.
  10. Start by checking the track rail for debris. Clean all the gunk and dried grease and apply new grease. I like using WD-40 white lithium spray grease.
  11. Thank you. That doesn't sound bad at all!
  12. Very nice man! If you don't mind me asking, how much did the machine shop charge you? I have a short block I'm looking to get the same thing done as you did and would like a ballpark idea of cost. You can pm me the price if you'd feel more comfortable.
  13. You'll probably have to remove the radio and/or the ash tray.
  14. First year widebody and it's a plymouth, nice! Welcome to the club, any questions just ask away.
  15. You might have to get behind it and unclip it from the dash.
  16. Pretty cool. I have one of the reproduction ones from the group buy years ago.
  17. Won't be an issue. They are valved a little stiffer if you want to use a lowering spring with them.
  18. I highly recommend performing the TPS/ISC reset.
  19. Welcome. Any questions just ask away.
  20. I might have some spares let me look around.
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