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  1. From the photos, the driver side color looks a little richer.
  2. I've ordered parts from japan before that are NLA here. Nengun and Amayama are good sites. Buy Genuine Mitsubishi MB350395 Seal Kit,p/s Oil Pump. Prices, fast shipping, photos, weight - Amayama
  3. Buy yourself a factory service manual (starquest bible) and try to meet other locals near you with starquests.
  4. Interesting. Some night shots of them lit up would be nice also.
  5. These are a game changer for these cars. Very much needed.
  6. I've been here since 06. The forum crashed a couple of years ago and we lost alot of valuable info. It's slowly getting built back up.
  7. Definitely needs the air bled out of it. Make sure to use dexron transmission fluid and NOT power steering fluid.
  8. Man those are wild. Post pics of them on your car after you install them.
  9. Yep still available new: MD703280 Genuine Mitsubishi BOOT,CLUTCH RELEASE FORK | eBay
  10. My Hella housings fit fine with no modification needed.
  11. I have Hella E-Code H4 housings on my car now. The cutoff line is fantastic and perfectly aimed. I've heard good things about the new Holley RetroBrights.
  12. I believe it's a #74
  13. Nice. I may just pick a set up to have
  14. A wiper arm conversion kit would be a nice option
  15. NOS Mitsubishi MD172895 Engine Balance Shaft Chain & Crankshaft Gear MD021170 | eBay
  16. Welcome. I remember seeing that car on this forum years ago.
  17. Doubtful. Even these are a once in a blue moon opportunity to find.
  18. NOS 1985-1987 Mitsubishi Starion Outer CV Joint MB160978 Mitsubishi MB160978 | eBay
  19. Mitsubishi STARION&CONQEST Rear Visor genuine type | eBay
  20. That carbon fiber looks good on that grey.
  21. Very nice looking car. GLWS https://photos.app.goo.gl/41a2DVYgw21YmsXu7
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