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  1. No need for a special tool. I use a long punch and hammer to drive them out. Be careful not to gouge the metal inside the hub. I use a seal and race driver set to install the new races and grease seal.
  2. FWD vehicles using the G54B had a pulley running off the back of the camshaft.
  3. You do not need to remove the entire dash, just the gauge cluster assembly.
  4. Check the bulb that illuminates the high beam light behind the gauge cluster.
  5. TexasQuest


    The 2.6L can get you to those goals with a healthy built motor and multi-port fuel injection conversion. It has been done may times and is well documented.
  6. Congrats on the purchase and welcome. Any questions, just ask away.
  7. Probably not the best forum to ask this question on. We didn't get that engine in our cars here in the states, only the 2.6L G54B. www.austarion.com would be a better source for your issue.
  8. The front semi-circular or "half moon" comes in the valve cover kit, just not the rear cam bore plug gasket for some strange reason...
  9. Dang that thing cooked itself 😳
  10. A word from the wise, the rear cam bore plug gasket does not come in the valve cover gasket set. It is sold separately. 1987 CHRYSLER CONQUEST 2.6L 156cid L4 Turbocharged Camshaft Plug | RockAuto
  11. You should be able to remove it from underneath the car.
  12. Mookeeh Front Air Struts Starion Conquest | eBay Mookeeh Rear Air Struts Starion Conquest | eBay
  13. Great work, the cloth interior is beautiful!
  14. I've pondered reflocking the a-pillars in my car. They're pretty sun beat even though the car stays in a garage now.
  15. Amazing to think what might have been if Mitsubishi did take over Honda...
  16. Definitely check the torque tube and rear differential mount bushings. I'm sure the torque tube grease is dried and needs re-greasing as well.
  17. This is a shame to hear. They looked like a very promising company.
  18. Welcome back, I'm still here.
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