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  1. Sounds like the hatch is out of whack. They can be adjusted.
  2. Nice. Looks like the Montero's used the same gasket.
  3. I might have some. Let me dig around in my stash.
  4. Do you need just the motor or the whole thing with the blades and shroud?
  5. I have my wideband located at the bottom of the downpipe just before it goes under the car. Been there for years with no issues.
  6. I'm using factory Mitsubishi radio from an early 3000GT with an Aux cord port built in. Lights up orange to match the rest of the interior lighting.
  7. Bought an Apexi SAFC from him. Great communication and prompt shipping. Great guy to do buisness with!
  8. Wouldn't a rotary technically be a 1 cylinder?
  9. This may not have much relevance to your situation but I've heard in the past that TBI cars usually have an excessive amount of wideband gauge movement.
  10. Best of luck to ya. Shops often do more bad than good on these cars.
  11. Yes thank you to all the guys and gals past and present.
  12. Happy Birthday!!! OOOORRRRAAAHH!!!
  13. From what I've gathered thru research is the 83-86 cars had an auto-manual option 8 tooth starter, transmission specific. Starting in 87 until 89 all transmissons used the 9 tooth starter.
  14. I think there is a difference in auto and manual cars. It gets even more confusing in earlier years with different engine VIN's.
  15. No adapter plates for a KM132 for any motor that I know of. I think the widebody SQ is one of the sexiest looking cars ever made. Also I like having something unique and the challenge of finding parts and keeping her going.
  16. They came on the 84-86 cars. You can find them for sale here from time to time.
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