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  1. 87” Picked this car up at the beginning of march, pretty much a barn find when it comes to how long it had been sitting. Wiring is a little bit of a rats nest from previous owner. I get a slow crank like it wants to bite but then speeds up. 100% sure it’s spark, spark plugs are wet, injectors clicking, and good fuel pressure. Heres a drive with pics of the points of interest. I don’t see that hub over by the intake like there’s supposed to be. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-DmDdjCOBzPOBzVbWUM8a7KZDHBe4LMN Appreciate the help a lot, wanna get this girl back on the road, wether she likes it or not 😂
  2. Hey Guys, so I've ben troubleshooting an issue with my starion. It runs for 20 mins, gets up to operating temps, dies due to no spark. I assume its due to the fact that there is no wiring connected to these two sensors. I'm not great when it comes to electrical diagrams or anything so I was hoping to find some help when it comes to, what I should do to hook these back up.
  3. Yes, I cleaned the grounds on the coil, It reads a solid 3.8 Ohms now, but turning the key doesn’t work now and the battery is fine. I think it’s a grounding issue or something. But I have no Idea where to start when it comes to grounding.
  4. Thanks! I’m 17 and this is my first real project car. So I appreciate yall baring with me 😅
  5. Okay so I was reading around the forums and decided to check the sub fusible link 1, and only got less than 1 DCV when I should be getting 12. How do I remove/Inspect It I can’t find how in the service manual. Like i said i’m a noob so i very well could just be dumb.
  6. Much Appreciated! Im gonna do a deep dive this weekend checking grounds, fuses, wiring harness etc. I will keep y'all updated Again thanks for the help! gavin
  7. Just checked, It has a MSD Timing Computer, MSD 6BTM, and Mcliory Ignition Promaster Coil. There’s an MSD Blaster 2 That seems to have been used in the trunk of the car (not plugged in) I went ahead and replaced Distributor Cap and Rotor, Still no Luck. Very much a newbie so thanks for baring with me. Edit: There’s also another used looking distributor in the trunk, not sure if it’s a good one that was bought and not installed or if the previous owner installed a fresh one and that’s the old one. Edit #2: I checked the coil with a multimeter on the positive and negative terminal and only read a steady 00.2 could that be a bad coil/ground?
  8. Towed my Starion just last month just fine and had no rub on the air dam!
  9. Yup, Checked Spark again with an in-line tester and wouldn’t you know it no spark on any of the cylinders after it dies. I got back from vacation and it decided to start (yesterday) but today It tried to start but had a really rough idle for a couple seconds and then killed itself, even when trying to give it gas. This car had a msd ignition system installed by the previous owner and there’s an ignition hub in the trunk that the owner had when I bought it. What do yall think? Thanks!
  10. Honestly I would if I had the time to! haha, but i'll double check spark for sure!
  11. No Increased noise, I heard the injectors clicking when I used the screwdriver trick. But would it be worth taking them out and inspecting? The AFR that the previous owner has in the car shows the car as running Lean when it ran (Halmeter Af30), though i’m not sure how accurate it is. I don’t think i’m well versed enough to spot a leak, but when it ran I think the vacuum showed about 20 psi I’ll attach a vid. Definitely no check engine light but I will check the ECU if I can figure out how, haha. Sorry if it’s a bit difficult helping me out, but I really do appreciate it! Not a lot of mitsu experts in my area. For some reason it doesn’t turn over even when cold now so this is the closest I have to a video of it running. If I can find a vid of it idling i’ll upload that aswell Thanks!
  12. Honestly dies to fast too try I'll try to diag. the coolant sensors and such, also further test spark. I'm pretty new to the scene, I bought this car as my first REAL project so hopefully i'll figure it out haha. Thanks, I'll update whenever I try to diagnose coolant sensors. Update: Had my friend check fuel pressure on crank, he said it looked good. I don’t think it does but idk what to look for. here’s the vid of pressure on crank
  13. Yeah, went out today to check spark and swapped out spark plugs for new ones (all good on that front). The car now has a slow crank still but wont start anymore leading me to believe that it is an issue with the alternator. I also checked for fuel, fuel pressure is as it should be and both injectors are firing. fuel pressure and spark are good, i get a slow crank when trying to start now and tried a jump but fast crank no start aswell.
  14. Nope, Just like someone turned off the key! Went out today and it was a pretty cold day and wouldn't start all the same (40F weather)
  15. (Vid of Crank no start when hot) Hey Guys! Sorry for posting in newbie, still don't have access to virtual mechanic, haha. So down to the meat and potato's, My 87 Starion has been having an issue where about 20-ish minutes after turning the car on and just letting it sit on idle it randomly dies, but when attempting to start again I get a crank but no start (happy to provide video). I looked around for a similar issue, and I looked at the tach when cranking and dont get a jump associated with a good igniter, BUT I have an MSD igniter and my tach is slow and doesnt 1:1 match the actual revs without a little delay. I'm thinking fuel pump might be having issues at operating temps but in all honesty this is my first project so im kind of a noob. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!! Note: after waiting for about 15 mins the car starts right back up, thus the idea about something with temps. -Gavin
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