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  1. Looks like this will be an excellent example for someone, should be fun to watch https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1987-chrysler-conquest-tsi-17/
  2. Does anyone have an OEM key blank they’d be willing to sell? (I’ve seen them offered here in the past but that was ages ago). I currently have a generic ILCO key but would prefer to get an OEM blank that says “Mitsubishi” on it to match my OEM key fob, if possible. Thanks!
  3. Same here, I’d be happy with some quality repros, seeing as how nice OEM ones might take years to find. I reached out to NikoFab awhile ago on the off chance he still had some laying around, but never heard back. Guess I was about a decade late on that group buy haha
  4. Hey guys, just bumping my original post above looking for a nice set of maroon Starion floor mats – unsurprisingly, I haven’t found any available. I figure if I bump this once a year, I might get lucky! I’m willing to pay for the right set and would happily take just the fronts.
  5. Steve has a very nice example for sale - https://starquestparts.net/products/oem-starion-conquest-83-hood
  6. Hey guys, my '87 Starion has hit a bit of a brick wall and I'm hoping someone on the forum might be able to shed some light. A local shop has been meticulously going through the car, replacing and servicing everything as needed with no real issues to date. However, just as things were wrapping up, it suddenly won’t start for no obvious reason. Here are some basics that I know: 1. The car will crank, but won't start 2. It has compression, fuel and spark (compression is great across all cylinders, it was just re-tested) 3. The following items that might be associated with this problem have already been replaced: - Spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor - Injector clips - Ignition coil - Alternator 4. The fuel injectors have been cleaned and serviced, fuel filter has been replaced 5. The leaking throttle body has also been serviced, the gaskets replaced, etc. 6. A complete new timing kit was also installed. The firing order is correct, there seem to be no issues here either 7. The battery is good Any help or ideas would really be appreciated!
  7. Hey guys, I had posted awhile back on the old forum looking for a 1987 Starion owner’s manual in good condition. It would be another one of those nice finishing touches for my car. If anyone has one they’re willing to part with, let me know.
  8. Hey guys, I had posted awhile back on the old forum looking for a nice set of maroon/burgundy Starion floor mats for a manual transmission car. I know it’s a real long shot, but I figured I’d post it again just in case I get lucky or someone comes across this in the future. I think they’d be the perfect finishing touch to my mint ‘87 Starion. I’m willing to pay good money for the right set.
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