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  1. I would highly recommend anyone in the DC area check out the Old Town Festival of Speed next year, May 19th, it was an amazing event and free to the public. Apparently almost 50K people showed up this year. It’s not often you can get up close and personal with a Ferrari F40 and many more amazing cars. Some dude shot video of most of the cars there this year:
  2. Thanks guys! I recently had some paint work done on the front to correct a few rock chips and discoloration on the driver side headlight and such, but most of the paint is original. I’m only the 2nd owner, the original owner kept the car in amazing cosmetic condition over 72K miles, it just took about 2 years to sort out all the mechanical issues haha. Other than the recent paint work, all I’ve done is condition the leather and do a few clay bar sessions. If I can ever find a set of OEM Mitsubishi floor mats in burgundy it will be complete!
  3. Haha yes, I actually came to the same conclusion after giving it a bit more thought. I’m sure it was just a “fan/pan” typo. Thanks as always guys!
  4. Below are a couple photos from the Old Town Festival of Speed in Alexandria, VA this past weekend. I've attended in the past as a spectator but submitted my Starion this year and it was accepted by the judging committee in the vintage Japanese category. There were 150+ cars this time, many were seriously impressive by any measure (a F40 showed up), and they were expecting 40,000 people to attend the event, so it was cool to be included. It was great to see how interested people of all ages were in the Starion, I must have talked to nearly 100 people throughout the day and saw countless people taking pictures. Many were old school Mitsubishi fans (one dude had a Galant VR-4 he's owned since new!), some remembered loving it as a kid, most had no clue what the car was and a lot of people were just into the 80's look. I was parked next to a midnight purple R32 GT-R and the Starion got significantly more attention. It was great to be able to share the car with so many enthusiasts and spread the Starion gospel.
  5. Hey guys, bit of a random question here. I was organizing all of my Starion invoices and noticed on one from a recent oil change that the shop noted a "trans fan leak." There was no further detail added, they didn't mention it when I picked the car up and I didn't see the note as I was in rush. I'm not familar with the term "trans fan," haven't noticed any leaks and the car is running great, zero issues. I called the shop but the guy who last worked on my car is on vacation for 2 weeks. For reference I have an 87 with a 5-speed. Any ideas what this is referencing?
  6. Factory SHP tire sizes were: 225/50/16 front 245/45/16 rear Those were some pretty wide rear tires for 1988/1989
  7. Totally agree. There are so few resources for StarQuest owners today, I’m glad this forum exists but it’s time to move on from that event and encourage new members.
  8. Pretty rare to see one in this color, overall it appears to be in good condition with a long term, 17-year ownership history with the seller (still has the window sticker, owner’s manual, dealer brochure, etc). I think the flat black painted wheels do it a disservice, but that’s an easy fix. There are some other flaws, but this one should do pretty well and there won’t be any complaints about it being an automatic like the last few listed on BaT. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1987-chrysler-conquest-3/
  9. Hey guys, my factory stereo functions just fine, except for the tape deck, which doesn’t work, like most of them at this point. From reading old threads, it seems like this is usually caused by a rubber belt drying out and breaking after 30+ years. Even though it might be an easy fix if you know what you’re doing, I don’t trust myself to disassemble electronics. Does anyone know if this belt is still available? Or of a company/individual that has repaired their tape deck in the past? Thanks!
  10. Just thought I’d post a couple pictures of my ‘87 Starion from a local Cars and Coffee the other weekend. This C&C (Great Falls, VA) brings out some awesome cars, this time there was a F40 and a 190E Evo II, both of which were really cool to see in the wild. Every time I take the Starion out, I’m amazed at how much attention it gets, especially in that kind of company. At one point there was a bright green Aventador parked next to me and my brother and I watched as multiple people walked by taking pictures of the Starion, ignoring the Lambo. It’s fun to see these cars get so much love from other enthusiasts
  11. Looks like this will be an excellent example for someone, should be fun to watch https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1987-chrysler-conquest-tsi-17/
  12. Does anyone have an OEM key blank they’d be willing to sell? (I’ve seen them offered here in the past but that was ages ago). I currently have a generic ILCO key but would prefer to get an OEM blank that says “Mitsubishi” on it to match my OEM key fob, if possible. Thanks!
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