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    OH NO!!!

    The data center where the site was housed on a Virtual Machine was shut down. The person who was in charge of the VM never saw the emails about migrating because it was flagged as spam and went to his junk folder. Long story short, they turned off the lights and locked the door without SQC being migrated to a new server.

    Unfortunately the most viable backup to use is from Nov. 2015 so we lost numerous posts and registered members. If you joined after that date you will need to register again.

    The new site requires you to use the email address in your profile to log into SQC and whatever password you had back in 2015. If you don’t remember your password there is a “Forgot your password?” option at the bottom of the Sign In block. If you don’t remember the email you used in your profile contact one of the Moderators for assistance or email loginhelp@starquestclub.com 

    how about..

    By Terry_W,
    An area for StarQuest regional clubs.. in the site menu, or as a forum maybe ? Topics set up in regions like by states or Southeast, Midwest,ect. Have all existing clubs listed including contact info, club website urls, membership dues, meet info, number of members, etc. etc.   And   Sort members by region...make it easier for everyone to find other StarQuesters in their area. This would catch the people who don't have a club near them or can't join a club for whatever reason.. Maybe simila

    Three Piece Rear Hatch Flair?

    By Dangerous_Dr._Dave,
    Anybody have info about putting a late model three piece rear hatch flair on a Flatsider? I'm lookin' for those little problems you only run into when it's too late to stop! LOL   How about power antenna issues?   How about Cyclops Brake Light issues?   How about attachenment and alignment issues?

    Product review forum

    By Boosted_One,
    I don't know what you all think but I think a product review forum would be great. We could post reviews of products. We could keep it simple and start all the actual reviews with "REVIEW: XXXXX" This way it would keep it easy to scroll down and check out products you may be interested in. It would also sift thru off topic things people may have posted.   What do you guys think?   Mike K

    Tim C's Mods

    By Tim_C.,
    These mods are working new as of 10/28/02. RRFPR added 02/02/03 '87 TSi Bored .075 over, BS Elim, #3 cyl case area removed, KrankVent, decked .004, Line honed mains, plateau honed cylinders TEP Race Prepped Crank, Shaved/lightened Rods 7grams ea., JE Forged 8:1 CR, TS Rings, entire rotating assy balanced TEP Hi-Volume Oil Pump- Raised the pressure from just below half to about 5/8 at idle on the gauge w/Gastrol 10/30 oil for break-in. [*]Head: Marnal, 284 Roller Cam, dual springs, SST Valv

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