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    My intake tube. A how-to...

    By 88BlueTSiquest,
    I've already been asked about this, so I'll make a thread of it.   How I made my intake.   I had aquired(somehow) a 3" mandrel bent tube for an 88-91 Civic, and it had been in my garage for some time. I decided to cut it up and fit it to the MAS. It really didn't take any exact science, in fact I did no measuring at all til I chose to make this post.   http://bluegtzhome.com/pics/starquest/intakecuts.jpg   That is the exact tube I had. My measurements are a close approximate, as I really jus

    Adjustable Camshaft Timing

    By DAW,
    Hi, I'm a new member and joined looking for a power steering fix but I thought I'd pass along an engine mod I did a couple of years ago on my '87 Starion.  The cam sprocket is indexed to the cam with a rolled steel pin and there is no provision for adjustment to account for timing chain stretch over time or sprocket/chain wear.  I wanted to put my cam timing a little advanced and compensate for the retarding effects of wear, and I was looking for crisper throttle response off boost. It was a si

    New forum

    By Lidoidol,
    I dont know why you guys havent done this yet because I think just about every car enthusiast site has one: A Tip's & Trick's forum. you know, a place for us to exchange our self learned wisdom on how to make our cars better. Anyways just an idea.

    foot/face actuator

    By Ernie88TSi,
    Anyone got any ideas on how to remove the foot/face actuator without removing the entire freakin' dash.  My actuator is leaking off vacuum so no matter what it's pushing a good amount of air out of the foot vents.  This causes the annoying problem of my poor little footsies getting frostbite thru my shoes when I have the A/C cranked.  Also, it's not a vac line problem... already tried that.  It is definately leaking out of the rod side of the acuator.  

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