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  1. Glad to hear you're keeping it. Sorry to hear you have to replace so much brand new stuff. The flywheel was a brand new Fidanza before Mt Airy butchered it, the MSD coil pack was just installed. Good luck, keep me posted on the progress.
  2. The steering pump was replaced with a remaned one 4-5 years ago. These are notorious for leaking, that's about as good as it gets.
  3. That is a one of a kind, custom built MPI, designed for me by maxboost87. I didn't want to loose the A/C so we came up with an OVC intake also keeps the plumbing stock. This did not come from Australia.
  4. No way, just when I thought she was going to a good home. Lyons say it aint so.
  5. Any updates, what's the status?
  6. lyons8821, just pmed you.
  7. You have no idea how much passion I had for the car and yes it was like a child. I bought it new in 1985 and have really been mourning the loss. I've been checking the forum regularly hoping to read some news of my lost ride and get some answers as to the actual condition. From what you said about it running rough, that's how it was when I tried to pick it up the first time. So you've answered that question; the engine is still not right and is going to need some work. I look forward to seeing how this gets resolved and hope she landed in good hands. Take good care of her!
  8. Could not agree with you more! Fred didn't have a clue what he was doing. According to Paul, Fred's business partner, the hesitation issues had more to do with too large of injectors (1000 cc). On sudden decel, they weren't getting enough fuel thus causing the stalling. He replaced them for 750 cc injectors and was able to achieve a better tune, but at this time the actual condition of the internals is a complete guess and all the crap Fred threw at it to try and solve the problem; not even necessary.
  9. Total BS Heefner. If you want to know the real back story, pm me. When I went to pick up the car last May, the engine was totally butchered, it started smoking from an electrical short, then it wouldn't even start. After being in the shop for 7 months it was way worse than when I dropped it off. Fred's business partner had to rebuild the engine because of all the internal damage caused by Fred. The reason I didn't pick up the car has nothing to do with being able to afford it, that is the biggest pile of horse manure! I was going to pick up the car last Sept! Fred through me a last minute curve ball that pissed me off so I decided to let her go, save me the additional expense and move on. And yes, the $14,000 I put it into it before I took it to that joke of a shop is just the tip of the iceberg. Not knowing what they did to car and what condition its in, I would stay as far away from this can of worms as possible And before anyone from this club gets screwed over by Fred with this lemon, I would remove this thread ASAP.
  10. I just posted a review on Google. You and your buddy should do the same. You could comment on what you have heard about his questionable reputation and your buddy could comment on his experience working there. The more people know the better.
  11. PM me if you really want to know what's been done to it. Problem is Mt. Fairy motors totaled the engine so nobody really knows what condition its in and I wouldn't believe anything the moron, Fred nor his side kick, Paul have to say. I can tell you it ran better before I took it down there and it wouldn't even start last May. Realistically, I doubt anyone would pay $3,000 for it. Just check the "For Sale" thread and compare what cars are really SELLING for; not asking for.
  12. He put a mechanic's lien on it. I had a lawyer friend of mine prepare a release, had Fred sign it, then sent him the title. GOOD RIDDENS. Fred also jacked up the bill for repairs from $5,300 (original tune plus all the repairs at no charge) to over $8 K including all the repairs that were supposed to be done at no charge. Total A$% W@$e. That's why he's selling for $8,300. Trying to get his money back on the parts and labor. I hope it rots in his garage.
  13. Probably at Paul's house (partner who tried to fix it) or Fred's (owner who messed it up).
  14. My long tortures journey to have the dream 'quest has come to an end. I felt like I was chasing the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Once again, I can't stress this enough these cars are strictly DIY projects. Good luck with all the restos and rebuilds out there, it was fun while it lasted, so long.
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