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  1. This is dead. The vendor didn't see any commitment or serious interest in their products, so they bowed out.
  2. 22hz may be inaudible, but you can feel it which helps to reinforce the lowend response.
  3. Whether it's one port or two, the equation would still be the same, as the port displacement will be identical. Instead of 1 port at 13 ¼" it would be a pair of ports at 6 5/8" or there abouts.
  4. http://www.tristarion.com/forums/index.php...7&st=0& Please read the full quote and cast your vote. We need only 10 members to get this up and going, prices are also listed in the quote.
  5. http://www.tristarion.com/forums/index.php...=13&t=14417 I couldn't start a poll here, so please read and vote over on Tristarion. We need 10 commited buyers for a hood and whichever hood style is the most popular would be the one to go into production.
  6. Like I stated, this isn't me simply just trying to get a group purchase started with a certain think in mind. This is an appeal to a company for them to start building products for our car. I'm not doing any negotiating with the company, they are monitoring this thread and one on Tristarion to see if their is any interest in their services
  7. Under spoiler? Like an air splitter? Before and after pic, it's the extension on the front airdam: http://bluegtzhome.com/pics/installs/craigs944s2.jpg http://bluegtzhome.com/pics/installs/po4.jpg Or are you talking about a rear air diffuser that mounts under the rear bumper? Something I'd like to see is a new style of wrap around wing. Similar to this, but still utilizing the side panels that our wing currently has, just remolded to the contours of the new wing. http://bluegtzhome.com/pics/installs/wing3_1.jpg Sorry about the Porsche pictures 8)
  8. 1 item I'd like to see would be an '83 style hood with a slightly more pronounced hood scoop. Anyone else with suggestions, want's? I should also note, we won't be dealing with me, we'd be dealing directly with the company. It's the company that I have monitoring these threads to see if there is interest in their products.
  9. I agree, price will be a huge factor. But, Carbon Fiber isn't the only option available either, they do work with Carbon Kevlar(dunno if that's any cheaper or not ???) and Fiberglass too. And if enough interest is drummed up they did mention Group Purchase potential(the reason I posted in this forum). The biggest thing is to show enough interest in this thread and the thread I have on Tristarion, as they are monitoring the progress of these 2 threads, and also giving ideas of what you'd like to see. Another issue that will come up, if this all does get set into motion, we might need an L.A. member to make contact, and probably supply parts for the mold(s), or at least for measurements. I'm sure that Jacob will let us know what's needed to get this started, if we can show enough interest. A little information about the company, copied from my Porsche forum:
  10. I know this isn't 'technically' a group purchase as of yet. The reason I posted here is due to a new member that might register that I have invited, and I know how you guys can be towards a 'newbie' offering a new product to the community, due to past experiences with some new users. With that said..... Let's show some interest in what kind of Carbon Fiber products we'd like to see available for our car. I've invited a member to Tristarion and SQC so that he can gauge interest in products, and hopefully give us a new service for the communities. Products I stated that we'd likely be interested in include : Hood, Fenders, Headerpanel, Spoilers and dash kits. Anything you guys can think of, post up, and we'll see what he says. This member, if he does choose to visit us, will be coming from the Porsche board that I frequent, and he's all about getting our input on what products we'd like to see.
  11. My fault here, can you update my email addy for your list? jack@bluegtzhome.com I don't check that old email that was in my profile, too much spam Thanks Oscar!
  12. Oscar, I would be in on this if it does happen. I drive mostly highway, and it does get a little annoying to be turning 3krpms at 70mph.
  13. Depending on the extent of the rust damage, what you see may only be the tip of the iceberg I probably wouldn't go with brand new parts/skin, I'd try to find a rust free doner in which you can cut off more than you think you'll need. As when you get your body skinned, you may realize there is more than meets the eye to your damage. Check out my repair, I never expected to see so much metal eaten up. http://www.starquestclub.com/index.pl?boar...;num=1048725478
  14. I don't know, if you can pull of the Dragon style, and it won't look out of place, it could be cool, especially if the vents will suck out the heat(once modified to be functional). I'd personally like to see a slightly more aggresive looking '83 style. Maybe a slightly larger intake scoop, and more pronounced hood bulge. Almost like a Cowl induction hood, with an inlet, and some exhaust vents.
  15. I saw your reply to me in the other similar topic. Keep us posted, I'm in need of doing something. Also if you could find a good source for the molded foam that goes on the seat frame, that would be great. I'm sure most of us have a bad driver's seat side bolster, that'll need new foam before being recovered.
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