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  1. Mind = BLOWN! I've been out of the scene for a while but this is the most facinating thing I've seen since Convette built his car. I just stumbled on to this build and read it from page 1. I'll be honset several pages ago when I read that you bought a new Vette I thought well this project is over, another half finished build, but you're still plugging away and doing an awesome job. I think it's ironic you commented on how much extra metal the factory put in these cars and then your planning on keeping everything but floor pans and adding a cage to boot. :-) keep up the great work.
  2. It's true there are 2 sides to every story. If you want info on the car before it was finished contact PC85, if you would like to know the current condition of the car the info is in my first post. Please don't litter this post with opinions as there is a BS section for that.
  3. tsi_tom, thanks for providing a link to the build thread. I knew a lot had been done to it but no idea there was that much.
  4. THIS IS NOT MY CAR I'm listing this car for sale for Mt.Airy Motors Total Performance. www.totalperf.com 85 quest freshly built MPI, Haltech EMS, large turbo, FMIC 3" exhaust, boost controlerwith 110k miles on odometer for $8300 Blue with silver strip black custom interior 5spd a/c turbo timer boost controler MPI etc. Nothing about this car is stock I don't know much about the car except from the pics but if somone is interested I can go take a look as I'm about 30 mins away. To find out more about the car contect Fred at mtam@fed.net The back story, the car was brought to the shop to have work done and as problems were found they were addressed. Unfortunetly the owner could not pay the bill so a mechanics lien was filed for and granted. The shop now owns the car with title in hand. They are just trying to get the money back that they have invested in parts and labor. I'm told the previous owner had spend nearly $14k on the car before it arived at the shop. Pics attached below. More photos in my gallery 85 quest. Any quetions please ask.
  5. heefner

    85 quest

  6. Hey, I'm doing well. Don't frequent the boards as often as I'd like to with family and work getting in the way. Still have the quest but it dosen't get the love it once did. Funny how priorites change. Good luck on the sale of your car.
  7. Sorry to see this thing up on the block.
  8. Bill this is some awesome work. I've spent the last hour drooling over your fab work. I just rebuilt my W58 this past summer. I got a newer W58 from a lexus but it wasn't a direct swap. I ended up cannibalizing the 2 to make one good one. If I would have done a little more research here first I would have loved to have used the 154. Thanks for supporting our community.
  9. Wow, Must say for a 16g those are great numbers. I'm surprised to see your clutch holding up. I think your clutch will start to slip before the trans will grenade unless you have already had trans problems in the past. Good work.
  10. its a krank vent. www.krankvent.com I think. If not do a search here and it will come up. One way only allows air out. Guarantied not to suck.
  11. Gt35r turbo with 93 octane I don't go much over 25 psi with 21 deg timing. I'll add half 104 octane and run up to 28-30 psi with the same 21 degrees. I use the same method when I dyno'd my car. Slowly increase timing until I start to loose power or hear detonation. I run water injection too but only as a safety measure. I can run the same tune with or with out the water. My static compression is around 7.5:1 right now.
  12. I renewed my subscription last Feb and have yet to receive anything. I've been reading it since it came out on news paper with articles written by Buschar. Its a good mag though. I still buy it at the news stand. :confused0024:
  13. How much will the plate and flange run? I've got a the G54b and would like to be able to run some sort of auto with a trans break... over drive too but we'll see.
  14. They told me 2k for a set also. A little too salty for me. I'll just stuff another stocker back in. I've got an 00 GT vortech super charger intercooled with Steeda stage 3 suspension parts I'll trade you. http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.p...age&img=654 pics are in my gallery :confused0024:
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