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  1. Thanks, I'll continue on. and Follow up too.
  2. Cheers, well done. Now Enjoy!!! Hope to see it one day,
  3. motocam360 sells his stuff now, but I only see rails. but he may know how to get a full setup
  4. newb, told check out Harbour Freight. I did but does it fit? Seen You Tubes vids on belt tricks. Any advice , thanks
  5. Just adding a bit more info, I put a timing light on it, and when cranking the engine and its trying to fire or it does its right at TDC, and when it stops firing but cranking the engine still it moves +/- 5 from TDC. I am at this point moving to the trigger 60-1 on the crank. Have instructions on how to so that's probably the way to go. Seems pretty clean but I'll keep ya posted.
  6. Generally I take the plugs out after static logs or firing only happening on first crank. I'll pull them out and visually inspect and smell for gas. I used NGK Titanium plugs for the first time and they fire hard but stop after, pull and spray some carb cleaner on them and repeat, like new again. I went back to the stock plugs and they seem to fire with-in each log multiple times (maybe better for getting her running). I have about 6 batches of new plugs I swap in/out at this point. It's been about a month since I did a wet compression test so I think there's still some oil that atleast on the titanum they get slight black so carb cleaner returns them back to new. I'll try some more air going forward.
  7. Well that helps, thanks!. I'm working with Tim on some of the MS stuff, but haven't talked to him in months. Also I check his website and seen this but it was "not available" in the summer time. I even checked Ebay this morning and 1 mk1 trigger wheel and Ford Mounting bracket for sale still. I have both of those currently. Went ahead and purchased this new crankpulley/tooth setup from MC360. On a side note spent a couple of hours today troubleshooting the locked distributor MS setup, and its cranking harder then ever (firing). Just won't turn over. I moved to your suggestion of connecting all neg sources to the negative side of the battery. See the pic if anyone has mor suggestions. Spiking is minimum too.
  8. So, as another plan as its not running yet, I was advised to move to a Trigger tooth setup with a Ford pick up sensor. For the heck of it I bought another crank pulley and Trigger tooth wheel. So now I have to get it pinned? or welded on. Great, well all I'm hearing is that the engine with this change has to be re-balanced. Pulled and rebuilt???? What's that, 1-3k? I just put 4k into a rebuild. Or if welded on the pulley is there no problem to run it once on (plug n play - not pulling the engine)
  9. Folllowing up, so I'm seeing (hearing) some progress here. I've hardwire the Controller Box (CPU? - MS/Microtech) and just the MAP Sensor (supplied from the kit)/Signal directly to the Negative Terminal. The car turned over more than ever and almost fired up a couple of times. I still have some quick spikes but steady 275 rpm's which probably fires the coil more than before. What I don't get is that the other components to the project don't have a ground, more shielding etc... (Distributor, o2). The only thing left to do is to ground the 02 sensor?, Ground the TPS?, and Knock Box? the same way. I ran out of time today but open for comments.
  10. 55 and working hard at home, but to many excuses to go through.
  11. The VR Cable ohm fine pt 2 pt, no breaks except where it was soldered to the connectors (where it doesn't wrap around anymore). I'm going this route next: I don't know what your MS setup is but they usually have several small ground wires, you can bundle them all together to a point and run a single larger wire to your battery. will follow up later how its progressing. (still have the MK1 wheel/trigger setup as last option)
  12. Did not know I have to weld the 35 tooth wheel, oh boy. the journey continues.
  13. I was able to get pics from MK1 ill post as a follow up, just to re add it I bet
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