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  1. thanks for all the detail so far...great supplement to projectzerog! I'll be starting on a 4g64/3 swap come spring so I'll be checking in frequently on this thread. Great start and good luck!
  2. Doode...missed it this year but looks awesome! Ever been to SnoDrift in January?
  3. Is your setup stock or close to it? Also have you had any issues with them in the past? Possibly I'm over-looking something simple?
  4. Idle is a bit rough but no codes to show for it. Partial throttle is fine to redline if I stay out of boost. WOT is quite strong and smooth until around 4k to 4.5k (depending on if the car is heat soaked and what the ambient air temp is), then it stumbles. There's also gas finding it's way into my crankcase. From my understanding, the trilogy injectors are just 2 sizes of Delphi injectors made for MPI applications. The spray pattern is very narrow (20 to 30 deg fan) as compared to the stock injectors (70 to 80 deg) which results in crummy atomization, incomplete burning, then gas puddles around the intake valves and subsequently finds its way down to the bottom end. Word of warning...I'm no expert and this is all a regurgitation of my own research.
  5. Looking for a pair of stock injectors for an '88. I have a set of Trilogy injectors if anyone wants those but they don't seem to like my otherwise stock setup.
  6. I would be very interested in some stock injectors if available!
  7. I work in Plymouth and live in Livonia. Not super close but not too bad. Once I get running again I may reach out to ya.
  8. I work in Plymouth and live in Livonia. Not super close but not too bad. Once I get running again I may reach out to ya.
  9. So I got back from Germany and could finally drive and work on the Starion! Made respectable boost (all 10psi) and pulled surprisingly well until about 3k, then it would run out of gas and fall on its face. While looking into it I found out I have Trilogy injectors, went to inspect the wiring and it literally just fell apart. Re-wired it all and then she pulled hard until about 4k but still went nasty lean and stumbled under full load. Decided I needed to dig deeper so I went to pull the plugs and do a leak down test...that's when I found cylinder 3 plug had been cross-threaded. Slowly got it out while weeping quietly with each turn. I guess at this point I think I'll pull the head, replace with a non jet valve head, and go from there...assuming that's the only damage. Thoughts? This explains why I got it cheap...you can't accidentally cross thread a spark plug...
  10. A young me botched up my first scandy flick attempt, hit a curb, and ended up in a ditch with the the right front corner exploded...nickname ensued And it's a black and tan cloth interior. Unfortunately no more pictures since there's a big ocean between the car and me
  11. Hey folks, I purchased a 1988 ESI-R with 117k in Minnesota last November while on a work assignment there. A month later work took me to Germany so I got to drive her around a few times before trailering her back to Michigan for storage (thanks Grandpa!). I've been meaning to get around to introducing myself on here since I moved to the land of sausage, kraut, and beer, so here goes. Anyway...the car... In my opinion, not a bad example...rust free with a 'good from far, but far from good' paintjob. Has been in what appears to be a minor front passenger side collision but repaired well. Tapped my ring around the typical trouble spots and couldn't discern any signs of bondo abuse or painted over rust and frame rails are good, so I'm quite content with the body. The bad: slippy clutch needs to be replaced, jank wiring of the cooling fans to toggle switches in the dash failed = no fans (I was assured the needle never made it to the red and that the car was parked since that happened, but I guess only time will tell), power steering is weeping from the gearbox and unfortunately I know the previous owner topped it off with PS fluid so we'll see how the pump fairs in the near future. The good: its an '88, other than the cooling fans all other electronics seem well sorted, diff was rebuilt, starts right up, runs smooth, drives smooth, trans seems strong, makes stockish boost (unless the stock guage is off), only mod appears to be an aluminum radiotor and those fan switches . Target: when I get back to MI...fix cooling immediately, then replace clutch (lighten flywheel while I'm there), address PS depending on how bad it is, then go through her with a fine tooth comb (newbie checklist) and make a reliable 3-season runner. When I get bored with that, we'll see, but I reckon I'll be kept plenty busy for a while just getting her on the road strong and care-free. Sorry for being a bit long-winded...additional pictures are in the gallery (all of them are shotty cell phone pics taken at night tho)
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