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  1. This is the link to my ad. http://wichita.craigslist.org/cto/5178949813.html im trying to see what i can get out of this. I originally took it in on a trade for an s10 that i built and a few days after i got it the oil pump blew and i discovered the thrust bearing was done for. Please ask anything you want to know i need to get rid of this as soon as possible
  2. dang this cant be used with a block or gasket that doesnt have rings can it?
  3. ok awesome. do you happen to know what the 2/87 3/87 stuff is all about? because from my understanding they look a little different from one another on their website
  4. ok so im having a little trouble here. every time i search anything about gasket sets all i can find is recommendations for fel pro and i have found myself in need some direct assistance on the subject i have here a DNJ FGS1017 full gasket kit that was given to me when i bought the car. my first issue is that on the DNJ engine components inc website i find two different applicable gasket kits, one labeled FGS1001, and one labeled FGS1017. for the comments on the parts the 1001 kit has (to 2/87) and the 1017 has (from 3/87). i searched on here and found a thread that asked the same question that i am about to because there was no answer. so what is the difference in the "to2/87" and the "from3/87" ? what does it all mean and how do i know which one i "should" have my next question is, does anybody know anything about DNJ or if the gasket kits they make are at all usable for our cars or any cars for that matter? are they any good whatsoever? or am i asking for trouble using it i know that the fel pro gasket kits are the best way to go but im just looking for some insight on these specific DNJ ones. has anyone even heard of these? the website is www.enginecomponents.com pick e-catalog and if you just enter -1987 - chrysler - conquest - gaskets and sealing systems - the list will come up and you should be able to see what im talking about
  5. in search of a known good cylinder head without the jet valves in it
  6. That thing is gorgeous lol. Are these still in production?
  7. Like while the chain is on it sags at the top. Feels like its a whole link to big or something -__-
  8. Also, my oil pump drive chain on my BSEK that was pre installed seems quite loose. Even with the tensioner piece on the bottom. Id say like... maybe a whole inch of play lol idk. Maybe a visual example of what to loose would look like? I cant find any info on this. Idk if its normal for some to be a little more loose than others or if mine just stretched like crazy or something
  9. Thanks guys! How bad of a rear main seal groove in the crank should be considered aaceptable? I have a crank available locally for a good price thats .010 and its got what i feel like is quite a grove there but i hear its common and somewhat tolerable but need a little insight on how much so. Maybe pictures of too much next to pictures of an acceptable amount or something?
  10. How do I check if someone is OK to buy from? I'm looking into buying a crank and oil pump for my car from "MarkHansenconquest" for $175 and I just want to make sure its all kosher
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