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  1. I have read the entire post as well ....ok so as far as specifics the l shapes that ya cut out of the mounts how big were they will the stock n/a headers work im not turboing right now
  2. ok i was jus given a 302 and t5 what do ya need to do this swap i have engine harness ecu trans factory headers
  3. ild be interested in the cross member and headers tranny mount and intake illl call ya today for some pricing if thats cool
  4. i will check the shipping on that hopefully saturday and get back to ya
  5. they came from a black interior car and they do lock
  6. will get pics of front seats on thurs been real busy at work and dont get home till late
  7. ok lets start over i have A black rear hatch w/ turbo accrossed the top from a starion 50.00 A set of black leather 89 front seats 150.00 4 working distributors 10.00 each 2 good 88 maf's 30.00 each A set of non-shp wheels w/ 2 good tires 150.00 A 85 starion 5 speed 100.00 A black center console 35.00 A set of front seat belt retracters w/ turbo on them 10.00 A flip up sunroof w/ hardware 35.00 A set of red velour seat front and rear. great condition 200.00 non starquest: A rebuilt 01 zo6 t56 1800.00 was gonna use in my swap but will take to much to convert cause the vettes mount in rear ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AND PLUS SHIPPING U NEED TO ADD 2.9% PLUS 30 CENTS FOR PAYPAL
  8. if u still have this at end of month i will be down for it
  9. it is exactly like that this guy is worthless a waste of skin and the precious air we breath.
  10. You didn't buy a stolen turbo. It was bought for me by my wife as a Christmas gift a few years ago. As you can see from my other posts, this is my ex-brother in law who is trying to start trouble because he wrecked a motorcycle and I was stuck fixing it with my money because he is a lazy, jobless pill head who does not take care of his responsibilities in life. Again I will say if anyone has any questions, my phone number is published many times on post and will be published again (443)760-1298. If I had anything to hide, why would I invite everyone to call me and being publishing my number.
  11. Thanks in advance John for the good words. THese parts did come off of my car. As for him owning me money, he did. He wrecked a motorcycle that was not his and I was stuck paying for the repairs. Thats why his car went to the junk yard. As for anyone else on here that would like to question the legitamacy of this situation, my phone number is (443) 760-1298 and a formal complaint has been filed on here against fastenough87 for his slander. As far as time and money and effort put into this, I was the one who got the car running for him, I was the one who took him to buy the car, I was the one who found the motor and trans out of my car for him that were in his car and fixed everytime he blowed his car up. So if there was time, effort and money (because of the trans that was given to him free of charge with a brand new 240 mm flywheel and clutch), it was MY time, effort and money.
  12. john this dont seem like fuel cut but i dunno ive tried a couple diff. ecu's in car and still the same ...indiana on my 88 i deleted vac adv and it ran fine 21 lbs 17 deg. of timing ran 13.7 at track no hickups and it was there w/ the vac adv hooked up also
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