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  1. Hi, looking for the following: A good non rusted set of door window "Sashes" (Rubber trims) both driver & passenger. A good set of long Philip head screws that hold in the turn signal and driver lamps on the front bumper. A set of non rusted fender corner brackets. Dollars paid though paypal. If anyone can help, please contact.
  2. Sweet, that's exactly what my plans are Two roads to go down, keep it stock or modify. I understand the dudes that modify, fair play but I like keeping it stock. Right down to the little things, steering wheel, radio/cassette etc. Which radio/cassette is it, the one with the equalizer. Your car looks mint, love the grey interior.
  3. Hey mate, kinda in a similar situation to yourself. My problem is parts, it really ticks me off sometimes and I think about throwing the towel in. You want a top class job and don't see the point in settling for less, I agree. Everyone has a different idea of what is expectable. All I can say is stay true to what you want but most of all stay positive! You have had some nice reply's which shows people care and sympathise. By the way, she looks awesome . . . . . . .just think what she will be like when FINISHED
  4. Remember this from Top Gear, not for the faint hearted. Wonder who was the test driver
  5. That is one SWEET motor, looks beautiful. If I was over there I would make you an offer. I'm sure you wont have a problem shifting her best of luck.
  6. Very tidy, what are your plans for her, are planning on keeping her original stock or are you going down the modification route?
  7. wow, some impact, the other car that ran into the starion must have been travelling some. Looking at the pic, I would say the guy was more than lucky, the way it came apart was almost clinical. Shame about the car, I know it's one less on the road but he has walked away from what seems like the impossible!
  8. Hi I'm looking for some good window sashes for both drivers and passengers side door, (the rubber coated seals that frame the window on the doors) if anyone can help, would be much appreciated. Cheers Al
  9. http://s1160.photobucket.com/user/Clearwater65/library/Starion_Stripped_Jan_14
  10. Trying to upload some more pics from photo bucket that would give a better idea of the tin worm issues. Hopefully this link will work Thanks for all the comments guys, I don't think she is too bad myself but this being my first Starion it's hard for me to say. That's where this site and you guys come in, cause you have all had more experience with them and know whether she is a peach or rotten as a pair. The biggest issues I think are:- Scuttle panel Passenger outer / inner cill There are some holes throught both inner wings (fenders) but not to bad Have'nt taken the paint of the rear arches yet so time will tell with them. Underneath seems pretty good, solid in fact, chassis legs are good, have been told they can go at the front. Early stages yet but doesn't seem to bad, could be a lot worse I think
  11. not a sidewalk, front garden lol, not mine though, was chap that I bought it off. The rust is: passenger outer & inner cill (rail), scuttle panel (panel under windscreen), rusted at seem where it meets bulkhead and also inner wings (fenders). As I mentioned will try to load up some pics but will not let me, maybe because im the other side of the pond
  12. ok tried uploading pics of car stripped and having no luck, will try later.
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