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  1. Been around a long time, been banned a long time for saying god #$%^ in the old chat by a member no longer on this earth, apparently im not banned. I promise to be a good good boy. I also ran nwstarquest while there was still a decent group in the nw. it's mostly a defunct website these days
  2. no kits, all cusom, have fun
  3. Phoenix gold XS2300, one of the best mid ranged amps ever built. Class A amp, 2 channel 300w. You can find all specifications on the phoenix gold website, this is a xs gold. I've ran this on a few different boxes, and it really hits hard, very clear, and is all around a awesome sub amp. Has subsonic filter, etc.. The box is decent, nothing real great, has a single 10" MTX Blue Thunder wooder.Not sure on the specifications. I want to say 800w max, but I cant get into the box anymore as its basically glued together. 120 for both local pickup Or 85 plus shipping for the amp
  4. they did but narrow bolt pattern, maybe this gpo should be cleaned up..
  5. calm down children, good stuff doesn't come overnight
  6. my only concern i with daily driving, as I hear aluminum rods had a tendancy to stretch fairly fast. I'd tsay these would be geared more torwards race engines
  7. bump for 300+shipping Need money for my top secret project.
  8. make me an offer people, someone has to want this. msns uses 12x12 maps, and has a plethora of other features not in the normal ms 2.2 firmware.
  9. you dont need the squirters with forged pistons.
  10. you guys shouldnt be thread jacking like this....
  11. I think I am just going to sell this and share The haltech I have between my cars. Anyhow, I have a ms 1 version 2.2 msns extra modified for edis and also upgraded to a 4 bar map sensor, good for 45lbs of boost roughly. System also comes with the relay board and db37 cable. I also have all the edis hardware "edis module, coil pack, vr sensor and trigger wheels, plug wires" required to run edis with the ecu, and also a 83 solid crank pulley, without the a/c pulley. Looking for 300 + shipping Plenty of people running 2.2 edis on the board righty now, shouldnt be any problem finding a decent map to start out with. Also, system is 100% working, rodney at rs motorsports checked out the system before he upgraded it to edis and a 4 bar map, everything is 100% I've had it powered up and semi wired to my 1jz for a while, and everything worked just fine. This is everything you need to go mpi, or even tbi.
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