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  1. The problem with that style is that you need a manual box or rack. A hydraulic assist box or rack doesn't do well without fluid running through it.
  2. Being that the traverse is all wheel drive that axle never sees all the power, and it is getting its power from a automatic trans that is heavily held back from any hard loads. Modern cars make it real hard to tear up drivetrain parts with all the torque limiting and timing management, not to mention the drive by wire throttle never lets you just send it.
  3. I have an idea for a torque tube eliminator but haven't been under the car to see if it would really work or not. If my idea worked it wouldn't be all that complicated. It would require a custom driveshaft but that's easy.
  4. Yeah that would be a great option for big power. I assume a custom axle setup would be needed and that would be pretty pricey but would land you with a pretty bullet proof setup.
  5. Do you have a good foam recommendation? I have used Chemical guys, and 1320 Street shine foam. I have been happy with the results but if there is a better option I would like to try it. I really hate washing cars, but I hate a dirty car more. I don't trust the tunnel washes with my Barracuda or Conquest lol.
  6. I have found that when the AC and the fans and the headlights are on the volt meter looks pretty rough. However in my case the voltage at the battery is just fine at 14 volts. Any mods needed to the headlight area to bold up the hella housings and bulbs?
  7. I assume there was some kind of promotion deal involved with this detailing. Otherwise I couldn't imagine spending the money for that kind of detail. and then having to send it to a mechanic to get it running with it being so clean! Amazing job, although I did kind of cringe a little when he soaked down that mint cardboard on the cargo cover lol. Now we need a video of someone getting it road worthy. Likely not a terrible job beyond the fuel system work that is likely needed.
  8. I'm 6'3 240 and feel your pain. I have an autocross deal I want to try in a few weeks and I have yet to try and sit in the car with my helmet on. I am going to have to lean way back I think!
  9. I'd say that has for sure been welded on, its unlikely that much heat could generate from a splined coupling. My car has the same gear whine you have mentioned. The odometer reads 194K so some gear whine would not be out of question. My car appears to have been abused at one point in its life and despite that the diff fluid was clean and clear. Changing it did nothing for the gear whine. I have another assembly from a car with 116K on the odometer that I am going to go through and swap in.
  10. When I got my car on the road I put in a thermostat I got from rockauto. Supposed to be factory temp, seemed to work fine. I had never put coolant in the car just water and Redline water wetter because I had planned on having the radiator rodded out. We had a cold snap the other night that had mid 20s predicted so I drained the water out and put antifreeze in. I noticed when I started the car that the water immediately started flowing so I knew the thermostat was stuck open. I went and bought a replacement at AutoZone. When I pulled the old thermostat out I noticed they were both made by Motorad. The one from rock auto was a 180* and the one from AutoZone was a 188. The 180 degree one was the style that fails open, and that's what had happened it was wide open cold. The big difference I noticed was that the 188* one from AutoZone had a much larger larger flow area. Maybe the flow area difference isn't enough to matter but it was immediately obvious when I laid to the two side by side. Nothing to add beyond that, just an FYI. Totally forgot to take pictures.
  11. I just used some 3/8 rubber line for that short hose going to the turbo cooling pipe.
  12. I agree it does look like a great value.
  13. He won't say its megasquirt, I had asked on a facebook post awhile back. But I am real sure its Megasquirt. Megasquirt is good stuff though, I have a MS3X+Microsquirt on my other car. It has been rock solid for 7 years now.
  14. I have run the lucas stop leak stuff for about 1600 miles now. Not even a drip and it all works great. I have never run anything else in it but it looked like at one point this car had a massive leak so I just started with the Lucas when I swapped the G54 out and got this car running.
  15. I have suspected mine leak a little. If my car has been driven already for the day it barely even cranks, it fires on the first compression stroke. For a car that doesn't pre prime the pump it feels like the injector has dripped just enough fuel in it to fire off. It start normal on a cold start of if it has sat for several days.
  16. I have a Delta Pag 18" 4000CFM Brushless on my Barracuda. I just recently removed the controller and I am running it off the Megasquirt EFI Controller with PWM control.
  17. There was an 87 Conquest in Austin Texas I came across when I was shopping for another Conquest in spring 2021. It had been sitting for a few years but looked in great condition and was running and driving. The only thing that really kept me from flying out and driving home was that someone had put a mechanical fan on it. It's funny I was prepared to put new tires on it and change all the fluids but I wasn't prepared to deal with a fan that was likely more reliable than the stock setup lol. I still think I made a good call to stay home.
  18. When using two fans I wonder if the CFM calculates the same? Or will they try to rob air from each other and reduce the overall CFM vs just adding the CFM of two fans together?
  19. That is a good point! The fan I use on my Barracuda and the fan I use on my conquest are brushless and failure is very uncommon. The little ECU that controls it can fail and I carry a spare of those.
  20. I have a friend of mine who has made me a real nice shroud for my Electric fan on my Barracuda. I run a single 18" 4000CFM fan on it. We started to discuss about going to a single electric fan and custom shroud on my Conquest. So when I get done with some stuff with my other car I am going to move onto doing a new setup on my Conquest. Has anyone used a large shrouded single fan and what were your results? I have seen several dual fan setups but can't recall seeing a large single. A large single clears up some wiring and in the end likely draws less power for the CFM but I haven't done the research on that yet.
  21. I ran into that trying a few different home brew boost controllers back on my first car in the 90s. It seemed adjustments made either no difference, or you got ALL the boost. I think I finally ended up with a regulator from an air compressor that got me about 12PSI on a super 16G. My first 87 wouldn't cut fuel or spark no matter the boost, I have no idea how it didn't die. I haven't pushed my current one past stock yet because I enjoy how trouble free it has been.
  22. That is kind of the range I was hoping for. I'll get it cleaned up and get some pictures on here. I have got to get rid of some of this stuff. I did not imagine when I got back into the Conquest game that I would have two cars and three engines within 6 months of purchase.
  23. I have a stock head with jet valves, it has no visible cracks and it came off my parts car motor and it ran for 45 minutes with no issues before I pulled it from the car and swapped it with a head I had inspected further. Does this thing have any value with the cam and caps? I had to mix and match rocker parts to get a real nice set so they aren't with it. I hate to just toss stuff but I am also busy enough that I won't make the effort to go to UPS unless I can at least get a little bit of scratch out of the deal lol. I have a two car garage, my Barracuda, my Conquest, Jeep, my work truck, and my wife's Grand Cherokee . The Jeep or the Conquest isn't going to make it to the end of the year I am tired of moving cars.
  24. I had a CNM Super 16G on my 87 conquest in the late 90s. I have another 87 conquest exactly the same and would love to find one of those turbos. Dude had my turbo forever when I had it upgraded!
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