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  1. That is kind of the range I was hoping for. I'll get it cleaned up and get some pictures on here. I have got to get rid of some of this stuff. I did not imagine when I got back into the Conquest game that I would have two cars and three engines within 6 months of purchase.
  2. I have a stock head with jet valves, it has no visible cracks and it came off my parts car motor and it ran for 45 minutes with no issues before I pulled it from the car and swapped it with a head I had inspected further. Does this thing have any value with the cam and caps? I had to mix and match rocker parts to get a real nice set so they aren't with it. I hate to just toss stuff but I am also busy enough that I won't make the effort to go to UPS unless I can at least get a little bit of scratch out of the deal lol. I have a two car garage, my Barracuda, my Conquest, Jeep, my work truck, and my wife's Grand Cherokee . The Jeep or the Conquest isn't going to make it to the end of the year I am tired of moving cars.
  3. I had a CNM Super 16G on my 87 conquest in the late 90s. I have another 87 conquest exactly the same and would love to find one of those turbos. Dude had my turbo forever when I had it upgraded!
  4. If it comes down to thinking it might be the ECU I have an 87 one as a spare I could ship you to try out if you don't have any close. I would be afraid to sell it though lol.
  5. Nice, what engine management do you have?
  6. I read right over the injectors being swapped oops. Have you put a timing light on it and kept an eye on it while it idles and maybe while you rev it a little? If you mark the balancer every 90 degrees of rotation you could check timing on each cylinder if you really wanted to drill into it. It sounds like you have been through the distributor but it might be worth another go, it might be worth checking the air gap between the reluctor and the pickup for each cylinder, just to make sure things are true. For what is worth mine does a similar thing at idle, sometimes it just has a little rough spot. I think it happens from the ECU chasing its tail trying to keep a certain air fuel target. I have a wideband and you can see it working to keep a target but the ECU isn't fast enough to really hold a target so it seems to keep the target in the middle and bounces across it. Mine normally idles at 13.8-14.0 but sometimes as rich as 13.0. I would probably have no idea this was going on if it had stock exhaust and no wideband.
  7. If you have another primary injector to try you might try that. It could have a bad spray pattern or dribble from either a slight leak or being dirty.
  8. Bold that you took the good spoiler off first! Looks like it went OK. Would heating up the blade help with the tape?
  9. Good info on the clutch switch, thank you! I haven't had it out much lately but I will check on the clutch switch and take it out this weekend.
  10. I haven't had to go down this road yet but I have two sets that are clogged I need to clean up so this is good info! My car although it came in pieces did come with a receipt in the glove box for injector cleaning from RC injection, those injectors work great so I will use them again if I need to send some off.
  11. Hopefully that ring centers real easy from that raised portion, would make welding pretty simple. If it doesn't fit snug getting runout right etc might be fun. I have never seen those called a 35+1 I have always referred to them as 36-1. Either way that is a good price! My billet 36-1 wheel on my other car would have been like $250 had I not been given it to test out.
  12. In the search for a good podcast I came across "Spikes car audio" Who has Spik(former Seinfeld writer), Zuckerman no idea(not facebook guy) Johnny Lieberman who I follow from Motortrend, and Jerry Seinfeld seems to be a regular guest. Its mostly snooty car talk from rich guys but it is interesting and funny. On the June 29th Episode about 35 minutes in a listener has a question in the chat or something and asks about the Starion from Seinfeld. Jerry and this Spike guy remember it, Jerry said he was certain it belonged to a crew member. That was all that was said but it was interesting Spike and Jerry both knew the car but were wrong about the color.
  13. The Jury is still out on the subaru fan motor and blade upgrade. It for sure didn't make anything worse, but its hard to say if it made anything better. My truck said it was 104 when I came home and hopped in the conquest to run some parts around this evening. It wasn't uncomfortably hot but it was over the halfway mark on the gauge. I have done lots of flushes on this coolant system but I have yet to have the radiator rodded out. I will get around to that eventually.
  14. I have used some summit stuff with good luck in the past. I try to use Fragola when I have a choice.
  15. Is there a parts list out there for what is needed to use AN lines for the oil cooler? In like 1999 when I had my first conquest I had started to gather parts to make them AN lines but the car got smoked before I finished and I used the line on another project.
  16. The subaru motor and 7 blade fan couldn't have been any easier. I had a spare fan so I was able to put it all together on the bench and then swap out the one on the car. I didn't drive it yet but I don't see how it couldn't make things at least a little bit better. My condenser fan apparently died sometime in the last week. It was working the other day when I was messing with the AC and now it isn't. Its getting power but not working. I have one from my parts car that I assume is good.
  17. I am swapping the primary fan with the Subaru fan motor and the 7 blade fan. If I get time I am also going to look into upgrading the power wire to the ignition. Both those projects are because I finally got my AC working well and the volt gauge and borderline cooling system struggles are very real now. I am also pulling the engine out of my Barracuda to swap cams and get it ready for Hot Rod Drag Week in September. I didn't think this project would happen due to the parts shortages out there but after months of back orders I believe I have all the parts. This would normally have been a winter project but I made the smart decision of getting back into the conquest game and that took %100 of my winter car energy lol. Now that it is 100* on the weekends is a great time to start taking a car apart that is 100% fine. This place has been slower than normal even so I wanted to start something.
  18. AC computer output was dead, i swapped it with the unit from the parts car and it works. Uncovered another issue of the compressor relay being weak. I wasn't with the parts car so I had no spare relays. I setup a temporary 5 pin relay triggered off of the clutch power wire just to get it going and its working great. A test drive reveals I need to upgrade the alternator and chase some other demons down because it charges with the lights and everything on but its not near where it should be. I really needed to get it working this weekend so I am glad I did. I have Jury duty next week and the conquest will be a much nicer car to navigate parking garages with, way better than my crew cab dually lol. Plus I just enjoy driving it.
  19. Any ideas? I already cut Caliber308 off at the pass because I already looked in the manual haha. I will go wrangle the control unit from my parts car sometime this week and try it out.
  20. I got my AC working today, but I have to force the compressor to run for it to do so. It is not getting power from the green-yellow wire. According to the FSM it looks like this comes right from the control unit. Is there anything else to check before I change the control unit? Control unit works fine otherwise.
  21. I don't know what your MS setup is but they usually have several small ground wires, you can bundle them all together to a point and run a single larger wire to your battery. I run one of these for my grounds https://www.amazon.com/Fastronix-Black-Single-Ground-Junction/dp/B015EJR20C/ref=asc_df_B015EJR20C/?tag=&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312681740304&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10637167458811486275&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9026561&hvtargid=pla-570056196959&ref=&adgrpid=61040318086&th=1 That way it is insulated from your cars body, and you can easily run a clean ground to the battery. Go ahead and ground your 02 sensor controller to the same ground as your MS.
  22. Ok so your battery is relocated, make sure it is grounded well to the body in the back, make sure there is no paint or anything on the connection. Now go double check to make sure the engine has a good ground, the factory ground wire goes directly to the engine block and then to the chassis if I remember right so if it has been removed that is an opportunity for someone to have missed a proper engine ground.
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