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  1. Lucas' was easy to find and resolved/fixed the issue. No more sticking on squeaky clean windshield. Thanks to all
  2. Thanks for all the info. I always thought I had a good ground but when I pulled the motor I realized it wasn't as good (read clean). Used a dremal (spelling?) and polished the pieces real good. put it back together and wala, all is working as it should, but (and there's always a but) my windshield is squeaky clean or there is still a problem. when I spray the windshield the wipers work perfectly its when the windshield no longer has any water or moisture the wipers drag and stop (read stuck). As soon as I spray they free up. I mean its not a big deal, I mean, who uses wipers when your not cleaning or raining right? Again I want to say thanks, this what I like about this site, there's always some one or more than one who has input leading to a solution or the solution itself.
  3. This has been a long running problem. Before the site went down I had read a post about this situation and the poster basically said pull the motor clean out 30+ year old grease slather dielectric grease and it should be all good. Now some history. They wipers (a long time ago) started doing an incomplete sweeps during interment setting, including no park (no difference speed sensitive or not) as the car heated up the sweep got better until after about 10min the sweep was back to normal. During that incomplete situation regular low or high speed did the same with no park., again when the car warmed up it got better. Fast forward to today, pulled the motor, cleaned out the gunk (holy sh%t what a ton or crap). loaded in the dielectric grease, closed it all up re-installed and boom (no real sound). The wipers now run up and stop (engine not warmed up) not returning to park. So I'm guessing I missed something. I can't find the original post. I'm hoping you guys and girls have some helpful information TIA
  4. If its not one thing its another. The main fusible link has broken its connector on the hot side. It snapped off the connection not burned off. I'm assuming that a new end can be crimped on but the tab it connects to seems to be bigger than what i'd call standard. Anyone know what the size of the connector is, or who might be selling the red fusible link? TIA
  5. loose wasn't the case. A long time ago I added a bus bar to reduce the number of wires running off the battery. Each line was fused, so in a sense it was an auxiliary fuse box. Never bothered to look at it, so when I figured I needed to run a fresh wire and replace my dedicated 12v feed to the tac unit, there it was, a glaring red light showing a blown fuse. Ugh! after all this time and pulling my hair out (not that I have that much left) I replaced the fuse and tada its all working Thanks to everyone who chimed in, I really apricate all the feedback.
  6. I recently got my rears 225/50 16s at Pepboys seems like they were able to get just about any size.
  7. Update: Took the car out for a short errand and low and behold I had windows and door locks. A real wt.... moment. Ran around a bit on my errand got home rolled up the windows and boom (no real sound) without any warning suddenly no more windows and door locks. Another wt.... moment. Really what the hell. I know intermittent issues are very hard to track down. But I've done nothing since the sanding down of the mounting screw holes in hopes of creating a better ground. I swear it seems like car is possessed.
  8. Don't have that level of skill with electronics
  9. Stupid error on my part. No longer need to replace. I have an '87 Starion ESI-R and swapped out the ECU with an '88 some years ago. Having issues with my '87 TAC so it's probably time to replace with an '88 to match the ECU. Anybody have one for sale? If so, Please PM me with price and shipping. TIA
  10. I could use the MAS I don't have many things to swap happy to pay shipping
  11. Happen to have the tac unit, the piece that's under the driver's seat running an '88 ECU and I believe the '87 TAC has gone belly up.
  12. Any other ideas, I'm at a loss at this point
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