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  1. My cargo light wouldnt come on. The problem was that switch that techboy showed a pic of. I sprayed it with electronics contact cleaner while working the switch back and forth and now the light works, yay!
  2. I ordered it from dad. Thanks everyone.
  3. how can i embed the google photo image on the thread? moderators please help.
  4. Looking through the FSM, it seems like this frayed wire coming off of the positive battery terminal is referred to as the "main fusible link"? Wondering why this happened to it, and if I can just replace it with a normal same gauge wire? Just bought the car a few days ago, and i noticed someone had put some tape on it. Also, recently noticed the volts charging gauge on the dash acting weird, wonder if this is related? https://photos.app.goo.gl/unNAkaRw1dZ6fZaX9
  5. 84 plymouth conquest for sale https://www.ebay.com/itm/266674787081?itmmeta=01HPQMFVC0YJJ6J7B19P18YF3D&hash=item3e170e5309:g:~jAAAOSwIQRlzQ6u
  6. Mech

    ECI Checker

    This video covers everything you need to know
  7. I was going to post some pics of my install, but it says max total file size 163kB?? i can only post 1 low res pic. Why?
  8. how is this guy still in business?
  9. After going through some inspections with the DMV to make sure its road worthy, you get a salvage title. This applies to every car sold by a junkyard.
  10. I'm not really understanding when you talk about spring rates and shock travel. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but maybe you are over complicating it? Are you going seriously track the car? Maybe all of that matters then, but for the street, probably not. I have the D2's, and on my car, i can barely push the front or back of the car down, its really stiff. So i think 4 inches of shock travel is fine. Its not going to bottom out. For the springs, again i am not an expert on suspension tuning...but for mine, i tightened the bottom spring perch nut/collar by hand, until i couldnt tighten it anymore. Just hand tight basically. That will give me a "0" preload. A lot of people make the mistake of compressing the spring to lower the car, but actually you are supposed to adjust the threaded shock body itself. It says that in the instrctions. I think this is why some people complain that the car is too bouncy. And from what I have read, compressing the spring does not change the spring rate at all. So i guess the spring rate is preset and cant be changed? Maybe someone knowledgable can chime in. Not 100 percent sure if you are talking about the bearing betwen the top plate and upper spring perch, but that piece of plastic is actually a bearing. its plastic, but still a bearing. I recently disassembled both my fronts completely after 6k miles to clean everything and check for knocking noise (turned out I had not tightned the lower locking collar enough, or somehow it worked loose over time). I am happy to report everything looks great. Regardless, if we are talking about the same bearing (i think there is only one anyways), all the components have no issues. i installed my coilvers in 2019, so unless D2 has changed something since, you should be fine. After welding, I had the spindles/hubs powdercoated, and installed new bearings, races and seals. Rattle can would work, but nothing beats the longevity of powder coating. I know i took some pics, but I cant seem to find them... Since I just had everything apart, I wish i had noted some measurements, really kicking my self about that. Its been 5 years, trying to remember, but when cutting off the old shock from the spindle, I left 3 inches. I think most people were saying leave an inch and a half. But with 3 inches, that still allow plenty of adjustment for the threaded shock body to go into the spindle/hub when lowering the vehicle. Unless you wanted to really slam the car, then maybe do 2.5 or 2 inches. I also did 3 large button welds, 9, 12, and 3 o clock positions. Honestly i havent even adjusted the dampening on the shock yet. The car rides great, no complaints. I think you will be happy, just keep going and take more pics.
  11. ok, guess that had been a rumour floating around years ago. Thanks for the clarification . 😁
  12. Facebook is horrible when it comes to write ups. And looking for cars to buy on the marketplace is really bad too. Who owns starquestclub these days? Is it ctill Chad?
  13. lol, I agree. seems to be the general consensus on the starion facebook groups as well.
  14. 84 flatty for sale at a pick n pull near my house Rancho Cordova Sacramento CA area. 133,000 miles I guess even junkyards are seeing the value in these cars? Guy said they were pretty firm on 2,300 asking price. Been sitting there for 3 months though. Has rat turds all in it, looks like its been sitting in a field. Too rough of condition for me to be interested in it. https://www.picknpull.com/we-sell-cars/vehicle-details/52903
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