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  1. clicking the topics just brings it back to the homepage?
  2. figured out the issue, but now i have another issue thats related
  3. Really starquestclub needs to be updated and improved to compete with facebook and social media sites, to bring people back. I'd be willing to donate for that. Jimmy, can you ask ryddler how much he would need to do that? Would be good to know a dollar amount.
  4. Facebook is responsible for this, and I'ts a horrible platform. all the knowledgeable old timers aren't on social media, so all the younger guys asking questions ask on facebook don't get quality answers. Theres no more group buys anymore...i really miss the old days on SQC.
  5. When running the A/C, The highest fan setting seems a little weak. When i put the fan on the feet setting, it blows much harder, when I put it back to face/body setting it blows hard for a few seconds, then goes back down to half speed again. It does this consistently when switching back and forth from face to feet. What is causing this?
  6. its on offer up https://offerup.com/item/detail/7bc58db8-b6ca-3d1c-9c6e-b499360e79f8?q=mitsubishi+starion&cid=5.1
  7. Looking for the large heavy bracket that holds the AC compressor and the alternator to the engine. Also need the AC tensioner pulley that bolts to the left side of the head.
  8. Looking for 87 front Seats black in good condition. I am in Sacramento California. Willing to travel up 3 hours in any direction.
  9. what about the tubing diameter?
  10. Boought KYB 365060 front cartidges. When i tighten the nut that comes with the shock, the shock still has about a half of play in it. Why? I see nothing from the old shock that I could use, unless something was missing from the kyb box? This is an SHP strut, and I cut off the adjuster so the shock could go in . Is the strut body itself a little taller on SHP?
  11. Just out of curiosity i sent an email to them a week ago asking how long the wait times were for the subframes, havent received a response yet.
  12. The extension shaft cup splines, and the pinion coupler spline mesh together very precisly when they don't have wear. I pulled them out of my 88 140k miles on it, that was never beat on, and there is zero play.
  13. Is the torque assembly the same for all widebodies 86-89? for example can i take the torque tube from an 86 and pop it into an 89 and vice versa? and all are the components the same/ interchangable? extension shaft, companion flange, bearing, etc Also, what grease are people using to grease the toque tube and the extension shaft to spline coupler/pinion coupler?
  14. Tux, what diameter tubing is used for the subframe? And do you know the tubing thickness?
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