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  1. Glad you are getting fuel now. You really should install a inline filter between the pick up tube and the fuel pump. Getting the car started and having the proper fuel pressure are two completely different things. There is a write up in the FAQ section on how to install a fuel pressure gauge on the top hat. It is not that hard and may save you headaches down the road, especially on boosting. Just for some future reference. If your car has sat as long as Helterbots did.... don"t try to start it until you clean the "disconnected" fuel lines out and replace all the fuel filters. Then, after you drain the fuel tank, fill it with 5 gallons of 100 octane racing fuel, start it and let it run for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Bill
  2. Thanks for the post. Bill
  3. Thanks. I will do all I can to help. Bill
  4. Sounds like it is time for some new fuel injector clips 😉 Wiring instructions are in the FAQ section on this site. Bill
  5. Good advice, Either that. or buy some thin rubber sheets or cork gasket material and make your own. Their is always a way to get around parts that are NLA. Bill
  6. Get rid of your stock set up and install a MAF-T GM MAF set up. You will be much happier in the end. Bill
  7. I had my flywheel lightened, installed a stock Mitsubishi clutch and did a total engine rebuild that was zero balanced with a BSE kit and never experienced any hard vibration. But I did experience a slight vibration in the shifter knob accelerating at lower RPMS. You screw with these cars......You get what you get. Been dealing with many different issues when doing modifications on these cars since 2002. Bill
  8. I was looking at your picture. Where is the fuel inlet hose? Never mind, i saw it in the vinegar bottle. Just out curiousity, where exactly are you blowing compressed air through the lines, is it before or after the fuel pump.
  9. Let us know if that worked. I would still make sure that the fuel pump is pumping out the correct fuel pressure. And the only way to tell is to install a fuel pressure gauge on the top hat of the injector housing. Just for my curiosity, is the stock fuel pump still installed? If so, I would replace it with a Walbro GSL-392 fuel pump and installation kit 400-952. If you have any questions post back, Bill
  10. Thanks. I am thinking about changing my username to "Zombie". Dead and buried... but coming back to life. Bill
  11. It is pretty easy to get to the fuel pick up and the hose that goes to the fuel pump from the small access panel. A few screws and some plastic keepers. You can install a inline fuel filter after that. I cut out the sheet metal in that area and installed a cover. Now I have access to the fuel pump without having to drop the fuel tank. Bill
  12. If your Aeromotive 13105 stops working properly. don"t go out and buy a new one at $220.00. Most likely it is a bad diaphram cost $36.53 shipped from aeromotiveinc.com. Hope this helps someone, Bill
  13. Hi Tim, No, I moved to Arizona in 2015 when I retired. Got too cold in Montana for my old bones. Nice to get a post from you. The camshaft I purchased from you yeeeeears ago is still running strong and I recommend your cams to every member on this website looking to upgrade. I still have my Starion with a few more upgrades than before. It is funny to see some of us "old timers" listed as rookies or newbies.... Nice to hear from you, Bill
  14. Hi. Thanks to Jimmy Ainsworth, I am here again to try to help Starquest owners with their questions. I really miss the old timers who have passed away ( Shelby and Professor Quest) Hopefully, their posts will be on here forever even thought we lost everything prior to 2015. For you new members, I have in the past help countless new owners to the Starquest world with their questions about troubleshooting. I know in the past some members did not like the way I came off with my answers to questions for help. I will try to be a little more civil with my answers. When you have this amount of people on one website you are going to have conflicting opinions. I will consider every opinion even if I think the advice is wrong, I will still respect the poster, but I will give a opposing opinion if I think that is bad advice. After all, that is what it is all about in helping others. Bill
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