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A StarQuest EV Conversion?

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Some of you probably do major overhauls on StarQuests. I'm curious how difficult it would be to convert one to EV. Not necessarily something I'd want to have done right now but as parts get more difficult to source and (hopefully) crate motors (like Ford's) and batteries come down in cost, it might be a cool way to keep them going?

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EV conversions can be relatively straightforward. Assuming you are starting w a manual transmission car. 

I've helped with a couple of VW Beetles over the years. 

2 biggest hurdles are fabricating the motor to trans adaptor parts and finding room for batteries. 

The StarQuest platform is definitely short on battery space. I think you'd end up w some under the hood next to the motor and some in the hatch area. 

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GM EV specialist here. You "could" use a Bolt battery pack but it takes up the entire undercarriage of the car. The motor is in the front but you could fab it up to be in the rear like a Tesla. 

Another option is to just use a Tesla motor/battery pack. The pack can be configured vertically or horizontally depending on space limitations. So if you wanted to use the former engine bay for the battery pack you can. 

GM uses batteries that are broken down into sections within the packs. Each cell has about 3.2V but when put in series makes a much higher rating. 

You'd need a controller to monitor battery heat, charge, and regenerative braking. Not too difficult but it is possible to wire up. You will also need to run a coolant pump for the charging port if you decide to use a GM charge adapter. Coolant is circulated through the battery pack on GMs as it is a sealed unit. We can open them up to service certain cells but it's a very specific procedure you don't want to get wrong.

I only suggest going with a big manufacturer of EV cars cause they have it figured out. Makes it the best option for charge distance, parts service etc. 

Someone on the interwebs did a Tesla swap to an old BMW 3 series. I'll try and find the link to give you an idea of what they did. 

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53 minutes ago, nc_beagle said:

Thanks for all the information everyone. It's not something I would do anytime soon and even then likely only if all ICE options were gone and I wanted a big project. 

I don't even have a StarQuest yet so it's all hypothetical. 

Nothing wrong with hypotheticals. EVs have come a long way since they first began. There is a lot more to them now than there was before. 

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As everyone knows the EV cars have almost zero drivetrain noise.  I can't imagine that with an older car, even a starquest is going to have lots of noise that is normally covered up by drivetrain noise.  I think it would be miserable to drive without the ICE powerplant.  I totally get the need for EVs in certain applications but I just can't imagine converting a classic to an EV.  

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You just add in noise. I'm thinking the sound the Vipers in Battlestar Galactica made. LOL.

I guess for me it was a case of parts dwindling and what do you do if you want to keep the body on the road. I guess another ICE swap would work though.

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