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  1. My advice is to fix the engine and turn around and sell the car to break even. There is no investment in it. You'll find parts supply is dwindling and even if you swap it you'll never get all the money invested back out. Sorry it happened to you.
  2. When installing the rear cam plug be sure to give it a good coating of RTV. I prefer using Three Bond 1217H RTV. We use it on GM vehicles where I work. Good stuff and very oil resistant.
  3. Nice car! GLWS. Would you be interested in trades at all or is it just a cash only situation?
  4. You need to go over and check all of your grounds. Every single one on the car. Get yourself a 9004 headlamp bulb, a socket for it and some test leads. Solder it up to make a heavy duty test light. I also highly recommend buying a power probe tool. Then go over and test every 12V power into the trouble components and see if they can light the bulb. Test it between the components power and ground and also the battery negative itself. If the bulb is dim or not lit between the components power and ground then it could be high resistance causing the lack of full function.
  5. It really does suck you lost your thread about your car. The amount of good pictures during the build process was awesome.
  6. Ideal swap? Inline 6 such as 1JZ or 2JZ. Car was basically made to fit something like that. The G54 is a good engine but has it's drawbacks. Going MPI really opens it up. The bottleneck of an intake system on these cars robs it of power. A good tubular manifold and big turbo you can make some serious power on the G54. Even with a TD06 16G turbo on TBI I made 300hp 400tq at 18 psi. That isn't even a large turbo. Joe's conquest with MPI and a big turbo was insane to drive. I did some tuning with the Haltech before he went to MS and I had that thing flying.
  7. Good how have you been?
  8. Fwiw I had a similar issue where a windshield company had not put the trim back in well and it came off. They actually paid me money to go find a parts car and get the trim! In any case the clips were broken and they said something about using clips from a Jeep which worked.. I don't know what year or model but maybe that can help someone in the future when looking.
  9. 2200 is a decent price. Especially if they are good quality coilovers.
  10. Nothing wrong with hypotheticals. EVs have come a long way since they first began. There is a lot more to them now than there was before.
  11. GM EV specialist here. You "could" use a Bolt battery pack but it takes up the entire undercarriage of the car. The motor is in the front but you could fab it up to be in the rear like a Tesla. Another option is to just use a Tesla motor/battery pack. The pack can be configured vertically or horizontally depending on space limitations. So if you wanted to use the former engine bay for the battery pack you can. GM uses batteries that are broken down into sections within the packs. Each cell has about 3.2V but when put in series makes a much higher rating. You'd need a controller to monitor battery heat, charge, and regenerative braking. Not too difficult but it is possible to wire up. You will also need to run a coolant pump for the charging port if you decide to use a GM charge adapter. Coolant is circulated through the battery pack on GMs as it is a sealed unit. We can open them up to service certain cells but it's a very specific procedure you don't want to get wrong. I only suggest going with a big manufacturer of EV cars cause they have it figured out. Makes it the best option for charge distance, parts service etc. Someone on the interwebs did a Tesla swap to an old BMW 3 series. I'll try and find the link to give you an idea of what they did.
  12. Realistically the only option is to change the whole front suspension to 240SX setup with coilovers etc. That would be the most cost effective swap as I think the 300ZX calipers bolt right to them. Nissan's are a lot like Honda where the parts are interchangeable between models. if someone with a Conquest parts car knew someone with a 240 to do a quick mock up of the factory 240 parts as a comparison it would help confirm fitment.
  13. I know I'm going to get slammed for this but consider a K Series swap. 4 cylinder and a company makes a RWD kit that can be paired with a Mazda Miata or BMW transmission.
  14. I'm gonna need to take a drive up your way to see this thing
  15. I had to go with the plastic rear window because of my roll bar setup. The Hard Dog Double Diagonal doesn't allow for a glass rear window. I don't mind it actually cause it will last longer than the glass window. The weight of the glass causes the seams to tear over time. My only gripe is that I can't tint the plastic. In the summer whenever I do drive it I usually have the top down. Do you still have the old top? If so I could use it to make a bikini top for my Miata. Such as this
  16. Are you saying it was difficult to get the fresh top secured to the body? When I replaced my Miata top I had to really push hard to get it to latch. Make sure to keep it latches for a week or so. It also helps to let it sit in the sun to soften the top fabric. If he is ever looking for a decent set of coilovers for the Miata I currently run the Flyin Miata coilovers. They ride very well.
  17. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and hope they're having a good weekend!
  18. Just get a 3.6 V6 from a Camaro. Easy swap. Light weight and makes about 300-350hp out of the box. Plus more room to work on
  19. I don't know. S13, S14, 300ZX, Skyline. They're all interchangeable.
  20. No but they're larger Brembo calipers and more readily available than Wilwoods. They can be found on rock auto for about 200 each. 6 pot calipers
  21. Why not use CTS-V brake calipers instead?
  22. A Traverse uses a 3.6 V6 with some newer models approaching 300hp or more. I doubt a SQ could break one. I see them break mostly due to poor maintenance and poor electronics. If you eliminated the electronics you could have a solid system.
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