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  1. I doubt it will have found a home. When's the next time you'd be coming down?
  2. Balance shafts are to reduce the vibrations that 4 cylinders naturally have. Not all engines have them though. My old Honda didn't, my Miata doesn't. It really depends on displacement. I'd say that anything over 2.0L usually has them as the Ecotec engines have them. I removed them on my old Conquest. It revved up easier, had better oil pressure, and made the timing chain system simpler. There is also the weight loss you can do on the block itself by using a freeze plug and cutting off the balance shaft chamber under the intake manifold. It isn't required but it does free up room to work.
  3. Come pick it up. Better to have a spare for future issues. Especially considering how hard are to find these days.
  4. Located in Charleston SC. I found an old short block in the shed. Free to anyone willing to come pick it up. Don't ask me the condition. I didn't look hard enough at it. I'm pretty sure the crank is there along with the main caps and maybe pistons/rods
  5. Been a while since I've posted. For my winter projects I have a few. Getting my RHD Miata painted in a few weeks. Gotta strip the interior out and remove panels for my dealerships body shop to do the paint. I'll be Alcantara wrapping part of the dash and door panels while also replacing the carpet. It's really expensive to get a carpet set since it's gotta be ordered from a UK company. I also got my uncle's 07 GT500 Cobra last year in September after he passed away. Had to cash one of my 401ks in but this car had 3k miles on it when I got it. Now it's at 7k after driving it back from California to South Carolina and some misc in town driving. Installed a CAI and muffler delete. I have HPTuners so I'll unlock it's ECU and tune it soon. Haven't done anything with my DA Integra with a turbo B20 swap. I'll probably sell it soon. Installed a train horn and some other misc stuff to my Silverado. Finally got my Pro Features cable from HPTuners so I can find tune that truck. Other than that it's just home improvements and spending time with the family.
  6. My advice is to fix the engine and turn around and sell the car to break even. There is no investment in it. You'll find parts supply is dwindling and even if you swap it you'll never get all the money invested back out. Sorry it happened to you.
  7. When installing the rear cam plug be sure to give it a good coating of RTV. I prefer using Three Bond 1217H RTV. We use it on GM vehicles where I work. Good stuff and very oil resistant.
  8. Nice car! GLWS. Would you be interested in trades at all or is it just a cash only situation?
  9. You need to go over and check all of your grounds. Every single one on the car. Get yourself a 9004 headlamp bulb, a socket for it and some test leads. Solder it up to make a heavy duty test light. I also highly recommend buying a power probe tool. Then go over and test every 12V power into the trouble components and see if they can light the bulb. Test it between the components power and ground and also the battery negative itself. If the bulb is dim or not lit between the components power and ground then it could be high resistance causing the lack of full function.
  10. It really does suck you lost your thread about your car. The amount of good pictures during the build process was awesome.
  11. Ideal swap? Inline 6 such as 1JZ or 2JZ. Car was basically made to fit something like that. The G54 is a good engine but has it's drawbacks. Going MPI really opens it up. The bottleneck of an intake system on these cars robs it of power. A good tubular manifold and big turbo you can make some serious power on the G54. Even with a TD06 16G turbo on TBI I made 300hp 400tq at 18 psi. That isn't even a large turbo. Joe's conquest with MPI and a big turbo was insane to drive. I did some tuning with the Haltech before he went to MS and I had that thing flying.
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