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  1. Yep. I have had it called a DeLorean 3 times already. (It's silver.)
  2. I've got Falkens on my truck and a previous Grand Cherokee and like them. Haven't thought about their car tires but might be worth a look.
  3. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it for many years.
  4. Looking ahead a little bit at tires for the Conquest and I'm curious what are the popular choices among this community. Can you answer with what you like and your reason for choosing that tire? Tire rack is pretty good for doing research and they have reviews by buyers but very few, if any, of those have a Conquest/Starion Thanks, Mark
  5. They are about 46 minutes from me. Wonder if I could go pick up and save the $40 shipping.
  6. I just looked and they have that JWL stamp. Like I said, it's sort of a 1987/88/89 hybrid. It's a 1987 but the seats are 88/89 and some parts of the engine are too. Then, some parts of the engine are much more modern. There may be a few other 88/89 pieces that I'm forgetting. I made the "mistake" of putting my wife's name on the title we transferred and now I can't find a time when we can both go to the tag office together. So, it's still tagless and parked at the house. ☹️
  7. I'm the king of tangents. We've got a travel trailer and I've thought about putting in a detached garage for it and the tow vehicle, which would free up space for this car. But my wife isn't keen on a metal building and I'm not keen on the price of anything else. Silver was its original color but they did do a good job on the paint. I think I got a nick in the front fender when I towed it home, but it's only noticeable close up. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know about the wheels being SHP. Is there something I can look for to find out? There wasn't a window sticker, though the original bill of sale was still in the glove box. The NC Foothills are at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's about six hours from here to the Outer Banks. I'm really glad this site exists. Not only would I have not have found this car, I would have been hesitant to get into owning a vehicle 30+ years old without a community of knowledge and support out there.
  8. I'll get in line behind Alpina_Blue if two people have a blank!
  9. I got it from a member of these forums--ssblast20. He had three he's selling and this one was the Goldilocks version. I really liked his red one but wasn't sure if I wanted to go through an automatic-manual swap. He also has a rare Valencia gold one. The outside was recently repainted. THe interior is in good shape, but I've gotten motivated to try to take it as close as I can to the original look (while remaining reasonably financially responsible.) So, I'm going to look for replacement odds and ends, putting the original radio (which I got from the seller) back in, and just freshening it up. Oh, and getting new window tint. It's had a lot of work done under the hood (improvements) and is currently lowered into go-kart mode, but I have the OEM suspension should I (or my wife) decide something a little more compliant is in order. We emailed/texted back and forth for a couple months and I finally made the 6 hour drive to go get it last Friday. Now I have to get a tag and title and I'll get it out on the road. I haven't gotten to really drive it (he gave me a test ride while I was there) except around my house. The biggest problem is I am out of garage space and I'm not sure which vehicle has to sleep outside.
  10. Now I am officially in the club! 1987 with some 1988 and 1989 parts. Like the Johnny Cash song, "One Piece at a Time!"
  11. I mean when you have no other options.
  12. Thought I'd toss this poll up to get some discussion.
  13. Congratulations! I was really tempted. Glad you found a new home for your car!
  14. You just add in noise. I'm thinking the sound the Vipers in Battlestar Galactica made. LOL. I guess for me it was a case of parts dwindling and what do you do if you want to keep the body on the road. I guess another ICE swap would work though.
  15. I'd be glad to buy it, damaged tail light and all. 😁 But seriously have you checked www.starquestparts.net?
  16. Thanks for all the information everyone. It's not something I would do anytime soon and even then likely only if all ICE options were gone and I wanted a big project. I don't even have a StarQuest yet so it's all hypothetical.
  17. I wondered about battery location. This is out of my wheelhouse, that's why I asked. And I wasn't sure what sort of range you'd end up with. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. Some of you probably do major overhauls on StarQuests. I'm curious how difficult it would be to convert one to EV. Not necessarily something I'd want to have done right now but as parts get more difficult to source and (hopefully) crate motors (like Ford's) and batteries come down in cost, it might be a cool way to keep them going?
  19. Thanks guys. You confirmed my suspicions.
  20. I remember when these were selling new, there was an optional digital gauge package called Technica or something. Digital gauges were relatively new so it certainly seemed pretty cool to me at the time. Now, browsing around auctions and pics on the internet, I have yet to see a car equipped with this package. Did it have a very low take rate or did those dash clusters just not last and they've all been replaced with the standard gauges? I'm not really hoping to find a car equipped with the package, just curious why I haven't run across one.
  21. Thanks all. Didn't mean to compare my LeBaron GTS, that was just the car I had at the time. I did like it though, especially that it was a hatchback. I think I'm looking to have something I'd drive around the area and on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. I wouldn't want one more than lightly modified. I'm definitely not looking for a major project car. They are extremely rare in our area. I can't think of the last time I saw one. There was a nice one that sold for about $15K in an auction a couple hours from me. Probably should have taken a shot on that one.
  22. The Conquest (I think it was built as a Dodge at the time) first came onto my radar in college in the late 80s/early 90s. It was the best looking car I'd ever seen. There was a woman in our apartments in Raleigh, NC that had one--in red, of course--that tempted me (the car, not the woman) every time I saw it. At the time, I had a LeBaron GTS that probably only those of you who are longtime MOPAR enthusiasts might remember. I loved my car, but the Conquest was just drop-dead gorgeous. The woman eventually moved, I eventually graduated, and a Conquest would never find my driveway. In fact, I never even sat or rode in one. But it's stuck with me ever since. Now I'm at the age where you get nostalgic for the cars you loved but never had in your younger days. This one remains at the top of my list. The "Bring a Trailer" website really brought it back into the forefront of my mind because there I discovered people were selling these cars in, sometimes, pretty good condition and relatively low miles. So, now I'm here to lurk and learn, and keep watching for an opportunity to find a late-model Conquest to recapture a little of my youth. Thanks to all of you who keep these cars on the road and keep the community alive.
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