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  1. I'm in Youhgstown, My son Bill (Coldscrip) is in Twinsburg.
  2. My mistake, it looked like only pin end was balanced. Carry on! Dad
  3. You need to balance both ends of the rod, pin end and crank pin end, Each ends weight will change when balancing the other.
  4. Most times I see the small plug missing on the brake or clutch pedal for the switch to turn off cruise when pedal is pushed in . it gets brittle and breaks apart, I think we used a plastic body pin like type to hold interior door panels on. Take a look and see if yours is missing. Dad
  5. Man, that's Brutal, I know you are younger than I am but that is way too many hours. I start next week at another dealership looking at less hours.
  6. Be sure they have front cover installed when they deck it. Dad
  7. I put in 96 hours in two weeks , so I don't get on much, hoping yo move on to something with less hours. Dad
  8. Look very close, in my experience oil in the coolant can be cracked cylinder wall or a crack in cylinder head just under cam, rare but have seen it so don't just assume it was a head gasket and not look closer at head and block. Dad
  9. Most of you know that I closed the machine shop in October 2020. Still in process of dissolving the coproration, The parts sales all ran thru my machine shop parts department. Wife and I have been kicking around starting up again just selling Quest parts and even spoke with the Attorney handling the corporation closing. It appears that it may cost about $500.00 to get set up to buy and sell legit. I still have my supplier contacts but of course need a vendors license, federal tax id etc The new IRS regulations are pushing us this direction. There really isn't a lot of income derived from selling Quest parts, but the new regs are forcing people to not fly under the radar. I'll keep you all posted. In the meantime I need to come up with a name..... Suggestions? Dad
  10. I have about 20 in tank filters due in this week. Dad
  11. Hey, went to check you site since you had the best price on the NJV heads and saw the site was down, are you still open for business?

    1. Dad


      Not yet, been trying but hitting obstacles.  what are you looking for?

  12. Only thing I have seen is slight buzz in shifter near 3k with shafts deleted, is there a chance one or more of the rods have been replaced? is the pilot bushing installed into rear of crank? these are 2 possible causes, I have seen rod weight differences between engines of close to 40 grams. The pilot bushing will center the converter much like a clutch pilot shaft bearing.
  13. http://www.clutchcityonline.com/ Is where I got mine, can't remember, might have been a luk. Dad
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