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  1. Coldscrip is my other son. He did buy a red one, had 2 cars built 1 later he did restore the red one. I know we picked one up in indiana, thought the other one was from ohio
  2. Airdam was red, cars was and is black. Dad
  3. Yeah he parked, moved to couple storage areas, plan now is get it back up running and driveable, Dad
  4. Dad

    BaT 87 Quest

    I sold that back in 2021 owned it 10 years Dad
  5. Check it out Starquest on youtube Dad
  6. Oil runs thru the rocker shafts, so it may not be the head, was the block resurfaced without the front cover attached? Dad Dads Engine Parts
  7. You can remove oil pan, valve cover. Pressure test cooling system, Is there any oil in the coolant? Is it burning coolant out exhaust also?. Was block magnafluxed for cracks? Front cover area can be suspect, the throttle body/ intake has coolant running through it. only a few areas where coolant can leak into oil. Dad
  8. Thank you all for your support this year! We wish you a Happy new year ! Free shipping to US 48 states on orders over $100.00 till Sunday Jan 7 2024 ( In stock items only) Dads Engine Parts LLC
  9. I can't tell you if the fan location is the same. Dad
  10. I stock the pads, https://www.dadsengineparts.com Dad
  11. I have them hosted on my website, just can't get them showing on here unless you click the link, I got them to show but this sites limits to 500k Dad
  12. Exceeding the 500K limit on pics, any way around that?
  13. Hello Gang, I still have my photos and m trying to get them to show up in my write up on Engine rebuild. Changed to https but they only show if you click on the picture. What am I doing wrong.? Here is the Topic Dad
  14. Throttle body rebuild kits have new regulator parts in it if you want to stay stock, If you overhaul the throttle body, you may want to consider replacing throttle body shaft seals. I stock both @ Dads Engine Parts
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