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  1. Cool, keep us updated on how it works.
  2. This is the guy who does the hatch bushings: https://www.facebook.com/Schiemann-Composites-1044728035562051/ They are great quality, highly recommended.
  3. Neat, I didn't know these were available. I've seen plenty of cars that people have put a lot of work into still running around with old ratty-looking throttle cables on them. Looks like Summit will drop ship you one cheaper: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/pio-ca-8867
  4. Did the car sit for a while before you got it? I agree, looks like rust pitting.
  5. Yep, I think you've got the meaning right. Look at picture 10, see how the key is off-center toward the uninstalled bearing? I believe that's what kev means by the bottom of the caliper. It's been a while since I've done this, but if I recall correctly, you can use the pin as a lever against the key/screw to compress the belleville washers a little bit, which will allow you to get the pin started in the installed bearing. Just be careful you don't gouge the pin/key by pressing them together too aggressively after doing this. Good luck.
  6. That's odd, even without a tank, I would still expect the compressor to be able to lift the front end with the air cups, just slower. Got any pictures to illustrate the "one cup will leak from the center of the cup" issue? I agree it would work better with a tank, that will give you a larger volume of 200psi air ready to slam into the cups when the valves open.
  7. Dang, that's purdy. When I get to that point with mine, I am thinking of rolling on paint instead of spraying.
  8. That's what I would do instead of risking drilling through the glass. Instead of tape, I would use this, 3M 8001: https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/3m/3m-5-ounce-weatherstrip-adhesive/mmm0/08001?q=3m+8001&pos=0. The only compromise is that the spoiler will probably never come off the hatch again.
  9. Thank you for this write-up! I need to do this on my car someday. My rear spoiler is bulging from rust underneath and I have a clean one to put on, I've just been scared...
  10. Some people get hung up on having a rare color, but the reason red quests are the most common is because they look great
  11. It's hard to do a color change right...unless you do a ton of prep work, there's always somewhere where the original color peeks through. I'd get it redone in factory red.
  12. I've had Summit AN fittings with scratches on the sealing surfaces brand new in the packaging, I had an Aeroquip pre-made braided hose that was only crimped on one end, and then there was the whole issue with Russell quick disconnect fittings coming apart and burning down cars. Aftermarket stuff is always a mixed bag.
  13. 100% do the MKS kit. It's a high quality product.
  14. Okay, sorry, don't have anything then. Good luck.
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