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  1. From what I have seen the ECU has changed throughout the years along with the sensors. I would stick to your year up to 86 I would think you would be safe. The aftermarket is not there for these cars, so there is no luck finding a painless wiring harness like you could for a mustang or corvette.
  2. Check with Steve over here StarQuest Parts - Electrical - Conquest & Starion parts for sale. Anytime I have sent an email to him he answers so darn quickly I cannot wait to spend my money with him.
  3. I am, unfortunately, writing this request / post a lot sooner than planned. I was driving my recent purchase on the back roads this weekend after checking my fluids. Apparently, the fuel gauge was not the only thing that was inaccurate. I pulled over when I saw the temp get about halfway and let the car sit but I guess too late. Just before I noticed this the car died on me while driving down the road at 3K RPM I did not think too much of that, thinking the alternator needed some help. After the 3rd time this occurred, I was able to safely pull off to check things out, and just before I was able to get over, I noticed something coming out of my AC vents while the system was off. While it sat there the smoke started to come out profusely from the engine bay. I let her sit for about an hour while I huffed it in the Texas heat to get some radiator fluid and water. When everything was safe and cooled off, I checked the overflow it was bone dry, and the radiator took one of the two 50/50 solutions I bought. I could not accelerate past 30ish, and a loud knocking sound was heard, but was able to get her back to the garage. I am pretty confident I know the answer but anyone reading this and wants to confirm my suspicions please do so! If my worst fears are there, I suppose the Title explains what I am looking for now. I have been watching YouTube and reading anything and everything I can find, but still not sure what direction I should go. I have a Shelby now that makes 1000 HP, so I am not afraid to have power, but was not looking for that much, but I always welcome options to add something. The budget is the one thing that most people I am sure play a factor. I have exactly 8,200.00 invested into the car now including the recent front dam purchase and cosmetic parts I have purchased. I am ready to invest more to get her running, but I also want this to be a rewarding investment in the event I want to flip for another pristine one that comes along the way. Thanks in advance for any advice suggestions and or directions to get started on the new path I have been given.
  4. I'm going through these places now, looks like Japan direct is only active one. https://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/150163-power-steering-pump-options/
  5. She made it home and a bit rougher than expected. I've been searching for a power steering pump or rebuild kit foot the past hour. Any advice on where to get a pump or rebuild kit? Didn't expect that to be something that was broke but I'm sure there's more to come. https://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/8019-20230912_205707jpg/
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  7. Sound advice and I will go over everything before doing any upgrades or mods. I know the fuel gauge not working will be the first thing on my list. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  8. I owned one for a few years as my first car right out of high school and it was a love-hate relationship, but I am back to loving this car again. I just bought an 87 wide body red TSI on BAT and will have it delivered here this week. I wanted to get a car that my teenager and I can work on as a project car and would love to know what tips and tricks are suggested to get the best power out of these cars. I like to drive fast and currently have a Ford Shelby SS and GR86 so would love to have power between those two machines. Look forward to becoming part of the community again.
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    Hello, I was the one who just bought this car and would appreciate any guidance to get this in good condition. I know there is an issue with the fuel gauge so that is the first thing I would like to tackle. If anyone has a good starting point to isolate the issue with it not reading the fuel it would be appreciated. Once I have things working, I am interested in getting this to run the 350-450 HP range with either engine rebuild or swap. I had one of these cars, but that was 20+ years ago so I am a little out of the loop with where to start.
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